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One of the hallmarks of our summer in the Pines is the roster of charitable events that take place from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  These events add glamor and excitement and raise money for many worthy charities.  This past weekend we had two.  Broadway Bares returned to Whyte Hall and Jerry Mitchell and the boys and girls did a bang up job, no pun intended.  The reviews were terrific.  I understand the addition of the Broadway Bares boys and girls at the Sip n Twirl made for a hopping night.  Earlier in the afternoon, SAGE held its annual community service awards at the bay front home of Ed Schulhafer and Crayton Robey.  There was a big turnout of longtime Pines residents.  Linda Gottlieb was honored for the creation of Women's Pride in the Pines, which has become a lovely Pines tradition, and her years of charitable fundraising.  FIPPOA board member Eric Sawyer was honored for his AIDS activism on behalf of all  people afflicted with this terrible disease,  both at home and through out the world.  Mark Cote and Jay Henry were honored for their legendary dedication to the Pines Party. 
I have received a number of expressions of concerns about the Pinesfest event this summer on the beach.    This is not a FIPPOA event.  The Pines Party is our event and we try to focus our energies to make sure that it is a premiere event and that it comes off successfully.  But while Pinesfest is not our event, we seek to provide assistance to ensure that it is compatible with a residential community.  We pride ourselves in being an inclusive community.  We assist others who seek to add something new to our summer at the beach.  I have met with the organizers of Pinesfest.  They are young men who are long time residents, and they have a passion for the Pines and want to add something new.  The event is modeled on European resort beach clubs.  In an effort to harmonize with the community they have agreed to move their event from the Fourth of July.  There was a concern that there was just too much going on that weekend.  I have also discussed with them a number of other issues such as garbage, security and medical needs.  We have also discussed the matter of noise.  I have been assured that this is not a dance party.  While there will be dancing, it will only be for a limited time and at a much lower volume than a typical dance event.  I have recommended that the organizers consider omitting dancing in light of the concerns registered by ocean front homeowners.

I am very pleased to note a very generous donation of $30,000 to The Pines Foundation from Albert Lepage.  Albert is always there for the Pines, a real Pines' treasure.

I did a ride around the community this morning.  It is the cleanest that I have seen it in the 40 years I have been here.  The Pines is considered by many to be the most beautiful of the Fire Island communities.  Today it looks it.  We can all take pride in this.

A few weeks ago, a team of volunteers, along with Tommy's tea
m f r om Tony's Barge Service -  literally swept the Pines clean!  Now it's up to  all o f u s to make sure it stays this clean and beautiful !  What can you do? Keep the following in mind: "To leave the world a better place, sometimes you need to pick up other people's trash." So if you see debris scattered along the walks or on the beach, please pick it up and disp ose of it in a trash can. 

Many thanks to Tommy Esposito, Alan Silverman and Nate Pinsley of Share Gurl for organizing this cleanup !

Planning for the new harbor and passenger ferry dock continues.  The engineers will be in the community on June 17th to present their preliminary plans.  Construction is slated to begin immediately after Columbus Day weekend.


Jay Pagano

Trash Talk
Many people purchased wooden mailboxes for the many flyers distributed each week.   The mailboxes are on sale for $50 and we have ordered more.   Anyone who wants such a mailbox should contact the FIPPOA office.  Boxes are also available at the Post Office.  We will be asking anyone who distributes flyers to use the mailboxes and not randomly leave them at your entrance way.

Angelo Bosica

Long time Pines resident, Angelo Bosica has passed away at 94 years old.  Angelo and Bill Riordan, who were together for 48 years, first rented in Cherry Grove before moving to The Pines.  In the 1960s, they stayed on Tuna Walk before moving to their home on Sky Walk.  Bosica was preceded in death by Riordan.  Most of you will fondly remember Angelo's daily walks to the harbor and for providing the coffee and danish before FIPPOA community meetings. 

Upcoming 2016 Events
Women's Pride in the Pines - June 11
Marilyn Maye - June 18
Fire Island Dance Festival - July 15 thru 17
Pines Party - July 22 thru 24
Lucie Arnaz - July 30
Senator Gillibrand in the Pines - August 5
 Bruce Vilanch and The Skivvies - August 13
Spray Party - August 14
Ann Hampton Callaway & Liz Callaway - August 20
FIPAP Presents: Once On This Island - September 2 thru 4 
Fall Meeting - September 17   
The 2016 Calendar is Shaping Up!

Let us know by return email, if you would like to add an event to the FIPPOA community calendar.

Fire Island Pines Property Owners Association Officers & Directors

Jay Pagano, President 
Ed Schulhafer, Vice President
Rodman (Tad) Paul, Secretary
Henry Robin, Treasurer

Allan Baum, Alan Brodherson, Hal Hayes, Mike Hartstein,   Greg Henniger, Garry Korr,
Nicole LaFountaine, 
Chris Lovito,  Russell Saray ,  Eric Sawyer,
Bob Tortora,  Jim Vandernoth,  Randy Wilson