F ire Island Pines Property Owners Association

 Photo Courtesy of Jeff Staadt

The picture above was taken by my friend Jeff and I think it perfectly captures the particular charm of Fire Island.  

The status of the FIMI project remains the same as reported in Newsletter Vol 10 No 7 of September.   Construction of the project in Phase 3A west of Ocean Bay Park is well underway.  The Pines is part of the next Phase.  Suffolk County continues to sort out the real estate issues in the Pines.  They expect to have them completed by the end of the fall.  The Army Corps of Engineers has strongly committed to having sand in the Pines in September of 2017.  

The Erosion at Nautilus continues to be a hot spot, and not a good one!  We are advise d by our consultant that there are not many solutions that we can implement to address the problem in the near future.  We have examined the following options: a second row of trap bags, the DEC will not permit; sand cube placement, we are told will not help, and placement of sand will wash away. We have alerted various government agencies of the erosion and have requested immediate assistance if it gets worse.  

Our harbor reconstruction project is out for contractor bidding.  We expect a contract to be awarded by the first week of November and the project will begin soon after.  We will have more information on the construction schedule once the contract is awarded.  Everything will be done to protect the existing mature trees in the harbor while construction is underway.  The bid package requires the contractor to protect the trees or bear the expense of replacing the mature trees.  This is a very large project for FIPPOA to undertake. Many thanks to all involved for their hard and dedicated work.

Work i s expected to begin shortly installing the new dolphins at the mouth of the harbor.  They replace dolphins that were damaged in previous winters and storms.  In the winter, the dolphins stop the flow of ice towards the west hook and therefore stop the buildup of ice.  

The Fall Annual Meeting and Elections were held on September 17th. Congratulations to Gary Clinton, Garry Korr and Eric Sawyer who were elected to four year terms as FIPPOA Directors.  The incumbent officers were also elected to two year terms.  

We are in talks with Sayville Ferry about adding boats on Thursday and Friday through October.  We hope to resolve this issue shortly.

To make it more convenient for the readers in the community, the lending library has been moved from Whyte Hall to the Post Office.  We hope most of you will find this location easier to access.  The Post Office is open daily from 10 am to 4 pm (or whenever the flag is flying).

Hope to see you at the closing party this Saturday, October 15 from 5 to 7 pm at Whyte Hall.  It is a wonderful Pines' tradition offering an opportunity to say goodbye to friends and neighbors for the season.  


Jay Pagano



Fire Island Pines Property Owners Association Officers & Directors

Jay Pagano, President 
Ed Schulhafer, Vice President
Rodman (Tad) Paul, Secretary
Henry Robin, Treasurer

Allan Baum, Alan Brodherson, Gary Clinton, Hal Hayes, Mike Hartstein,  
Greg Henniger, Garry Korr,  Chris Lovito, Russell Saray, 
Eric Sawyer, Bob Tortora, Jim Vandernoth