F ire Island Pines Property Owners Association
Photo Courtesy of Jay Pagano

The above picture was taken at the rise of the super moon in early October and depicts the high tide associated with that moon. Please note who took the picture. My husband, Mark, always tells me I don't know how to take a picture.

Our community closing party occurred on October 15th. Attendance was over 200 people. It was a very warm day and the Kalwall doors to the Fradd Theater at Whyte Hall were open allowing all to watch the sunset from the party. The community closing party is a lovely Pines tradition allowing people to say goodbye to their neighbors and friends and reminisce about the summer that just passed.

Our beach erosion project, FIMI, is on track. We are advised that we can expect sand on the beach next September. This is a large government project with many moving parts that can create delays. However, the Army Corps seems committed to this date. Applications for building permits for ocean front homeowners who need to make changes to their homes, decks and pools to accommodate the project have been filed with the Town. Review is expected to be completed shortly. The important news on the project is that the National Seashore has agreed to project tapers into the wilderness area. This is something that we sought on all previous projects and were denied. Tapers will permit the new dune to gradually diminish at the eastern and western ends of the community rather than coming to an abrupt end. We believe that tapers will help the project to withstand future erosion.

The harbor reconstruction project is nearing its start date. Chesterfield was the low bidder and within the budget and we expect them to be awarded the contract. Chesterfield did the two previous large harbor projects. We have always had a good relationship with Chesterfield. They have helped us dredge the harbor when we have been in a pinch.

At the closing party, I alerted everyone that the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) has made an award of $4.5 Million for the damage caused to our previous 2008-2009 beach erosion project. Two storms shortly after the completion of the project washed away 40% of the sand. The FEMA grant is to compensate the community for damage to an engineered beach. A claim was filed after the storms and the grant is a result of that process. The problem, and it is a big one, is the many restrictions attached to recovering the money. Any project for which we would seek to use the money, must go through an environmental review. This is daunting. The harbor project did complete an environmental review. We are attempting to get FEMA reimbursement for this project. The Town is resisting our approach, seeking to use the money for other purposes. The result is not certain, but we are trying.

I have been in talks with the Town regarding community input into the issuance of Special Events Permits. I believe that I have arrived at a mechanism for the community to be informed of these applications and have input. I have asked Steve Norring, a former board member and a resident on the east end, to chair a group to come up with recommended guidelines.

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Jay Pagano


Fire Island Pines Property Owners Association Officers & Directors

Jay Pagano, President 
Ed Schulhafer, Vice President
Rodman (Tad) Paul, Secretary
Henry Robin, Treasurer

Allan Baum, Alan Brodherson, Gary Clinton, Hal Hayes, Mike Hartstein,  
Greg Henniger, Garry Korr,  Chris Lovito, Russell Saray, 
Eric Sawyer, Bob Tortora, Jim Vandernoth