F ire Island Pines Property Owners Association
Photo by Larry Tallamy 


Annual Meeting
Our annual meeting took place Saturday, September 23.  The meeting was very well attended with almost 200 people - Thank you to all who came. One new face was Tommy Esposito's son, also a Tommy. He expressed pride on behalf of his family for serving the community, and informed us that 25% of their garbage/trash collections are recyclable materials, comparable to the best mainland communities.  We should all continue to separate our recyclable materials.  

The Freight Dock
Construction of the new freight dock is to begin today.  A temporary gas storage platform has been installed along the boulevard in front of the Co-ops.  Special thanks to the Co-ops for making this storage space available.  The removal of the gas tank storage platform will permit the construction of a temporary freight dock on the West side while reconstruction advances on the East side of the existing freight dock.  Upon the completion of the East side of the freight dock, work will shift to the West side.   February 1 is the scheduled date for completion, although we hope it will be done earlier in January before ice comes to the bay.  

Other conflicts with the work have hopefully been resolved. SCWA, which is involved in a major pipe laying project, has been trying to move the pipe through the freight dock before the project begins, and  PSEG has decided to delay its major project for a year.

The FIMI dune project is getting close.  Building permits have been issued for the removal of one house, and the moving of several others.  More permits will follow.  This work is necessary before sand placement can begin because the Army Corps has now established the exact parameters of the new dune and no houses decks or pools can intrude into it.
Sand placement is still on track for the first quarter of next year.  Requests for bids for this work will go out in December.  The current plan calls for the dredging to begin in Ocean Bay Park and move east, but this may change depending which company is awarded the contract. As there will be three or four landfalls of materials to support the project in the eastern communities, it is also possible that a second dredging operation might be started to expedite the project.  We have learned that a companion piece of legislation to the FIMI project, the FIMP project, contains money for maintenance of the new dunes as well as money for shoreline management on the bay.  

Sayville Ferry
Sayville Ferry has filed for a rate increase.  They are requesting an increase of 12.5% for round trip tickets - from $16 to $18 - and 15.15% on the 40 Multiple Trip ticket - from $247.50 to $285.  The last increase was in 2012.  The petition for the fare increase has been submitted to the Suffolk County Legislature for approval. The information that we have received can be seen (here). Please forward any comments you have to

The Boulevard Project
The construction of a new fence around the highway yard is underway.  FIPPOA is paying for the materials, and the Highway Department is providing the labor.  We received some comments regarding the design of the new fence at the annual meeting which have now been incorporated into the design.  We also received a generous gift for landscaping at the new fence which we are planning now.   Additional landscaping is underway west of the Post Office with maple trees to better screen the new contractor enclosures.  We will be focused this fall and winter to improving the roadway which has deteriorated in the last few months.

The Closing Party
The FIPPOA closing party is on Saturday, October 21, from 5 to 7 pm.  This is a lovely community tradition going back 50 years, offering an opportunity to say goodbye to friends and neighbors for the season.

The Madison will be hosting their 10th Literary & Theater Weekend Celebrating Falsettos this Saturday, October 7th.

And last, but certainly not least: Good news on Russell Saray's condition.  He is improving and hopes to be on the island this weekend. May we all prove so resilient!

Jay Pagano



Louis Malkin
1919 - 2017

Louis Malkin passed away on Thursday September 28 in Ft. Lauderdale.  Malkin was a prior resident of the Pines at 198 Midway Walk. Over the course of his career, he designed and decorated five homes for Joan Rivers leading his friends to call him "The Decorator to the Stars".  Malkin opened his own firm in 1961.  His re-imagining of the retail spaces at the Plaza Hotel was widely praised in the 1970s.  Malkin is survived by his devoted husband of 57 years, Dino Georgiou, his sister Lee Lobel and nephew Leslie Lobel.


Fire Island Pines Property Owners Association Officers & Directors

Jay Pagano, President 
Ed Schulhafer, Vice President
Rodman (Tad) Paul, Secretary
Henry Robin, Treasurer

Allan Baum, Gary Clinton,  Mike Hartstein, Tami Hausman  
Greg Henniger, Garry Korr,  Chris Lovito, Russell Saray, 
Eric Sawyer, Bob Tortora, Jim Vandernoth