F ire Island Pines Property Owners Association


The fire is over but for the affected homeowners. For them it is just beginning and our sympathy and support goes out to them.  I have seen several of them in the Pines and at the Pier Dance on Sunday following Gay Pride.  All have expressed their appreciation for the response of the Pines community to their misfortune. One thing that I can say with absolute conviction from my many years in the Pines is that we come together in adversity.  FIPPOA will be doing everything that we can to assist the homeowners in their rebuilding.   On the day following the fire, the Fire Marshals from the Town of Brookhaven visited the site and did their investigation.  Their report was that it was not possible to determine the cause of the fire.

I was at the fire at dawn that morning.  It was impressive to see our firemen from the Pines, their faces tired and covered in soot, still working to make sure the fire was out, organizing equipment and securing the site.  It came home to me what it must be like to be awakened soon after going to sleep and then spending the whole night fighting a fire, working so hard.  We are very fortunate in the Pines to have such men and women in our community who are willing to put their lives on the line and make such a sacrifice to protect us.

Recently I attended the Firemen's Annual Dinner and Awards. I am always struck by the camaraderie of our firemen and their respect and affection for their chief.  So, a hearty salute and thank you to the Pines Volunteer Fire Department.  If you know of anyone who would be interested in volunteering please encourage them to reach out to the Fire Department.

Our new harbor plaza was dedicated to our former President Alan Brockman on June 10th.  Many of Alan's friends turned out for the dedication ceremony on a beautiful late spring day.  Brookhaven Supervisor, Ed Romaine participated in the ribbon-cutting.  We are in the process of obtaining permanent signage and the final plantings in the Harbor Plaza are complete.

We have received many comments on the new electrical platform in the harbor and we plan on addressing these concerns in the next phase of the project starting in the fall.   FIPPOA is also in the process of repairing/replacing all broken solar lights on the posts throughout the community. 

Nate Pinsley has been appointed FIPPOA Nominating Chairman for the 2017 elections.  Anyone interested in running for the FIPPOA Board should reach out to Nate at 

The Pines Party is fast approaching!  You can buy your raffle tickets for a brand new 2017 FIAT Lounge Hatchback by clicking on the poster to the right.   Only 1,000 tickets will be sold, so your chances of winning will be increased.  And on Friday, June 30th bidding on the silent auction kicks off.   You can bid early and often by signing on to

FIPPOA is continuing its ceaseless effort to keep the community clean.  The teenage boys that we hired last summer to pick up throughout the community on a weekly basis are returning this week and will be focusing on public areas.  Keeping the community clean is a top priority of FIPPOA.

The Annual Invasion will occur this Fourth of July on Tuesday at 2 o'clock. The producer of the Invasion in the Pines is Ariadne Villarreal.  Many thanks to Ariadne for her volunteerism.  FIPPOA has increased security for the event in response to requests we have received. 

Happy Fourth of July!
Jay Pagano


Tom Rabig

Long time Pines resident and Mobility Cart driver, Tom Rabig passed away on June 21st at 77 years of age. Tom was born in Elizabeth NJ and was a veteran of the Army. Tom loved New York City and to travel and as a car buff, he was proud of his fully restored 1956 Dodge Coronet.  Tom will best be remembered as having spent countless hours driving the Mobility Access Cart.  When Tom was driving, the MAC was known as the SAGE cart and in 2010 was re-christened as the Rabig Cart in honor of his years of service.

Fire Island Pines Property Owners Association Officers & Directors

Jay Pagano, President 
Ed Schulhafer, Vice President
Rodman (Tad) Paul, Secretary
Henry Robin, Treasurer

Allan Baum, Gary Clinton, Hal Hayes, Mike Hartstein,  
Greg Henniger, Garry Korr,  Chris Lovito, Russell Saray, 
Eric Sawyer, Bob Tortora, Jim Vandernoth