Volume 2, Issue 2

February, 2024

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Dive into the mesmerizing world of Canadian artist Calvin Nicholls, where flat paper becomes enchanting 3D masterpieces! Born in 1957, Calvin's rural upbringing infuses his art with nature's wonders. From childhood adventures to a graphic design career, he discovered his passion for paper sculpture in 1984. Calvin's artistry thrives on meticulous detail and a play of light, creating illusions that captivate the soul. Family, community, and small-town life inspire his creations. What sets Calvin apart is his embrace of collaboration – a dance between his vision and the client's goals. He cherishes the synergy between artist and client, adding depth to his creations. Each piece becomes a shared masterpiece, weaving stories and connecting hearts. Join us in celebrating the magic of Calvin Nicholls' art and the power of collaboration! In addition to the ARABELLA article the following links provide a captivating journey into Calvin's world:

Wildlife Paper Sculpture Techniques by Calvin Nicholls

Behind the Scenes of the David Yurman Holiday Windows

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Explore the artistic journey of Canadian painter Steven Volpe, from childhood sketches to his evolution as a full-time artist. The article traces his diverse influences, including a detour into graphic design and teaching, emphasizing how these experiences enriched his craft. Volpe's transition to full-time artistry in 2008 marked a turning point, leading him to create figurative paintings with psychological nuances. His unique style blends snapshots and parables, inviting viewers to interpret unseen moments. The narrative delves into his creative process, drawing inspiration from everyday encounters and employing personal photos. Steven's art, described as genre scenes, captures the essence of fleeting instances, encouraging viewers to craft their own narratives beyond the canvas. Overall, Steven Volpe emerges as an artist dedicated to exploring perception, nostalgia, and the creative process through evocative and thought-provoking paintings.

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Carole Freeman, a distinguished Canadian contemporary artist based in Toronto, captivates with her evocative portraits and narrative paintings, exploring cultural, social, and personal themes. Renowned for her ability to render subjects with intense intimacy, Freeman's work encompasses celebrities, artists, historical figures, and everyday individuals. Working in series, she draws inspiration from diverse sources, including personal photographs, film stills, and mass media images. Her paintings, marked by gestural brush marks, reflect a deep understanding of the contemporary era. Freeman's career milestones at the time of the article included the acclaimed "Friend Me: Portraits of Facebook" exhibition, highlighting her seamless integration of traditional portraiture with the digital age. Freeman's art continues to resonate globally, affirming her place in the forefront of contemporary art. 


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In this article, Allison Tunnoch presents a loving portrait of her father. Bob 'Omar' Tunnoch rooted in Ottawa and born in 1953 is a nature surrealist, seamlessly blending Salvador Dali's artistic flair with David Attenborough's passion. Nature is the pulsating heart of his vibrant paintings and music, serving as a response to the urgent issues of climate change and human impact. His masterpiece, "Find the Golden Toad," symbolizes his mission—bringing attention to vanishing or unknown life forms. Influenced by Toronto's cultural hub and mentor Mr. Daniels, the moniker 'Omar' is a playful nod to his distinctive style. Working without a studio and often in unconventional spaces, such as a boiler room, has birthed masterpieces like "Hummingbirds in the Boiler Room." His advice to aspiring artists resonates with his ethos—be true, persevere, and explore. Currently immersed in crafting "The Ultimate Fishing Lure," Bob passionately champions the transformative power of art to educate. Chief Seattle's timeless words encapsulate his philosophy, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all life. Through his creations, Bob leaves an enduring call to preserve and cherish the delicate tapestry of life.

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