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In mid-January we got back from nearly four months of travel. There have been numerous updates and posts on Facebook and Instagram for all our travel tours, but I know many of you rely on my newsletters. My newsletter program had a bad glitch and stopped working last November and now after two months, the problem has been solved and I will be sending out newsletters on a regularly basis again. If you are not interested, please unsubscribe at the bottom of the page. Otherwise, I will keep you posted on all the latest tours and travels in Olympic National Park and around the world. Happy Travels!
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First Topic: Snow...and more snow
In Port Angeles, the average winter snowfall is about 4 - inches in the downtown area, which is just above sea level. At the marina, where Ed and I live, because we are literally on the water, it rarely snows. Over the last week we have had about 15 -inches of accumulation at the marina and in town there has been 2 - 3 feet and up at the edges of town some people have 5 - feet, no joking, and it is still snowing. You will also be surprised to know that we have Anna's Hummingbirds here year round, including the winter. The photos are of an area which got 5 - feet. Ed has been feeding the birds and he has many new feathered friends surviving this snow storm, which might last another week. We are wondering what kind of snow totals are up on Mount Olympus at 6 - 8 thousand feet?
It is a great time to visit Olympic for Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. We should have good snow for a few months. Winter is also one of the best times for birding. Give us a call.
Second Topic: New Website
Check it out!
I have upgraded and improved the technology behind my website; all sorts of new stuff. The new website makes it easier for navigating on a cell phone and travels faster! I have added many new pages and it will be a work a progress for a few months to come.

Third Topic: Travel
We are expanding our tours in Asia, Africa and Europe
New Tours for 2019, 2020 and 2021
  • Uganda: Birds, African wildlife and a chance to see the Mountain Gorillas and chimpanzees.
  • Sarawak and Northern Borneo: Birding and wildlife viewing, including orangutans
  • Sri Lanka: The best and most relaxing bird tour you will ever experience
  • Nepal: Birding the fantastic Himalayas and a great cultural experience
  • Mongolia: Birding the high steppes and staying in traditional "Gers" for lodging
  • Korea: Winter birding to view cranes and migrants
  • India: Birding for vegetarians, great culture and great food
  • Cambodia: Birding and cultural tour

Our favorite places and tours that will continue to be on the schedule
  • Iceland: Three great tours in May, the best New Year's Eve trip ever, and a special winter tour
  • Sweden: Christmas tour, Southwest Sweden in June and the Åland Islands for mid-summers'
  • Nicaragua: Our all time favorite place for birding and traveling anytime of year
  • Taiwan: A very special place for birding and one of our favorites
  • Colombia: Birding the Andes and having a lot of fun
  • Argentina: Birds and butterflies, more than you can count

In the United States
  • Santa Fe Birding and Opera Festival
  • Chicago Lyric Opera and urban birding
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Final Topic: Olympic National Park
Time to Make Reservations
If you are considering a visit to Olympic National park, now is the time to make a reservation. We are already booking up for summer, especially for backpacking.

Your Dedicated Guides
Kaiyote & Ed
Photo: Here we are in Leavenworth, Washington, the "Little Bavaria" in the Cascade Mountains. In between tours we took a break to celebrate Thanksgiving 2018. We look forward to meeting and showing you all the great birds and wildlife and adventures that can be found around the world, the United States and in Washington state. Call us anytime! See you soon!
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