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Hello Friends~ 

This is a newsletter of sorts and an update on my new endeavors.

As the end of the year draws near, I want to extend to you my gratitude and thanks for being part of the Green Movement by making purchasing and lifestyle choices that benefit yourself, everyone around you, and Mother Earth herself!

I started Monsoon Nectar intuitively trusting nature’s apothecary, and the results have been nothing short of miraculous! Your positive feedback and testimonials continually reaffirm my mission that caring for ourselves with natural ingredients and aromatherapy brings more happiness, joy, and ease with remedy based formulas that heal, solve skin ailments, and provide everyday health and hygiene.

ECCO ETHICS: How products are sourced, made, packaged, and consumed are the conscious themes in the cosmetic industry today and there is no turning back. On the forefront, the big brands are finally jumping on the Green Movement, which is no longer just an indie company trend, but a driving force ignited by the small indie companies. I am very excited to see what is coming, so look for big innovations in paper and seaweed packaging and products that will be very different from the slick, sudsy, artificially scented chemical concoctions of yore.

Now we know better that conventional skin care, household cleaners, artificially scented anything (think synthetic perfume, candles, room fresheners, car plug-ins) and laundry products are endocrine disrupting, headache producing, skin irritating products that wreak havoc on our health and cognitive function. 

So, a big THANK YOU for all of the LOVE and SUPPORT in understanding water-free, fragrance free, biodegradable, minimal packaged, medicinal, therapeutic, natural and organic products are the only way to go forward in this rapidly changing environment and pollution laden world we live in.
New product development for 2020

Beyond Shampoo Bar (receive a free sample with every order and take the survey!) blog

Real perfume created from essential oils and botanicals only. This will be retailed through the website with an additional offering to make your own bespoke perfume at my home atelier.

Vitamin C Refining Crystals

Less packaging and less plastic! Currently, packaging is mostly reusable, refillable, and all packaging is recyclable.
Happy Holiday Sales thru 1/5/20!

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Three of my favorite products are part of the Dream Trio that harness the power of CBD oil, stem cells, phyto and marine extracts, active ingredients zinc oxide, vitamins A, C, K and E to make instant and accumulative changes to your completion for more a radiant glow! 

That is why I am offering a 20% savings as an incentive for you to put
Dream Trio to the test and see for yourself!

Holiday Gift Ideas:

Limited Edition Aroma Beauty Bar Boxes contain 2 bars per box:
Indochine and Bergmot +Rose * Sassafras and Orange Crush
Monsoon Nectar is available on-line, directly through me, Panterra Gallery, Seven Centers Yoga Arts, ChocolaTree Organic Oasis, and coming soon to Raymond Rodriguez Salon.
Tripadvisor is a powerful tool and your reviews have already ranked Monsoon Nectar at #35 of 88 Spas & Wellness in Sedona. Wow! If you'd like to share a testimonial this is the place!
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