A Message from Rev. Paula+
Beloved Community,

If you were in church on Sunday, you heard me say what I am going to say now, so my apologies for the duplication. 

In our journey around the Anglican Communion, we are using whole liturgies or Eucharistic Prayers from diverse countries, including some with public stances and theological understandings that differ greatly from that of The Episcopal Church and us as individuals.  As I said on Sunday, I owe all of you an explanation, and some of you an apology, about why we using some of the liturgies we are using, e.g. those from Australia and the African countries.  As you likely know, same-sex marriage is now legal in Australia, though the Anglican Church continues to advocate loudly against it.  In many African countries, homosexuality is criminalized, sometimes with execution as the sentence, and the Churches have gone to great lengths to distance themselves from more progressive members of the Anglican Communion.  In many of these same places, the role of women is limited, as well. Given these realities, I was asked why I thought it made sense to use these liturgies and prayers in our worship.

The answer is clear and straightforward, though my previous communication about it was less so.  Just as there were courageous, outspoken bishops willing to ordain 11 women in Philadelphia on July 29, 1974, when the ordination of women was not allowed in The Episcopal Church, and just as my ordaining bishop, The Rt. Rev. M. Thomas Shaw, was willing to marry in the Cathedral his Canon to the Ordinary and her wife, the President & Dean of my seminary, before same-sex marriage was permitted, there are brave, courageous, faithful people fighting the good fight in each of these Churches.  I have a seminary colleague, who was forced to leave her home country because she was placed on a government hit list because of her outspoken advocacy for the rights of LGBTQ+ people and who, last I heard, was still in danger even though she now lives in Canada with a level of security we likely would find stifling.  It is with those people that we pray in unity and solidarity as they continue to fight for equal rights and protection for all of God's beloved children.

Peace & Blessings,

In our journey around the Anglican Communion...
...we are in Africa, using a liturgy written for, but not by, the Anglican Provinces on the continent, though not used by the 16 countries that comprise West Africa.  

Our itinerary...

August 11th
August 18th
August 25th
September 1st
September 8th
Africa (liturgy from North, East, and South African churches)
Church of Nigeria (West Africa)
Anglican Church of Canada
Home again, in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Lima, with the World Council of Churches

Wednesday Morning Prayer is moving...
to noonday worship, beginning September 4th.  Please join us at noon for no more than an hour.  We will worship together using a variety of liturgies.  Some weeks we will have a prayer service, using the options in The Book of Common Prayer and other resources commonly used in The Episcopal Church.  Some weeks we share in the fellowship of the Table, using the same resources.
Prison Ministry Update...
It's not to late to volunteer for DRUMMING CAMP!
Camp is the week of August 18th.  We set up on the 18th and then greet the campers at 3:00 pm on the 19th and bid them goodbye at 7:30 pm, which we will do the 20th-23rd, as well.  There are lots of ways to help, no special skills needed, just a loving heart and a desire to welcome these children again this year.  There are opportunities for an evening or two, or the full-week.  Please talk to Fran Taber, Kim Williams, or Rev. Paula if you know you want to help or if you need encouragement to join the team. 

Volunteers are needed for the week of August 11 at Wyoming Presbyterian. While we were unable to host this year, we have a second chance to continue our long-standing commitment to the Interfaith Hospitality Network for the Homeless,  but it's prime vacation time and they're challenged for volunteers.  

If you are free to make a meal, help with the kids or host overnight,  please sign-up on the volunteer sheets located on the Narthex bulletin board or contact  Margo Greenfield at greenfieldmargo@gmail.com 
or 973-868-9085. THANK YOU!

Reading with the Rector will 
NOT meet in August.  Our next book

discussion will take place on the  second Sunday of September due to the Labor Day holiday weekend.

We will discuss the book Marriage and Other Acts of Charity by Kate Braestrup and will meet Sunday, September 8 at 11:30am.  

We hope to see you there!

The millwheels will be rolling into Millburn on Saturday, September 7th at Taylor ParkThis public art project includes millwheels painted by local businesses, groups, and organizations, including St. Stephen's, expressing the cultural diversity of the Millburn community.

The millwheels will be unveiled at the festival before moving to their final destinations throughout Millburn. 

This cultural fair & food festival will take place from 2-4pm.  Come celebrate Millburn's diversity with us!

Special Fundraiser

California Pizza Kitchen will be hosting a fundraiser for St. Stephen's Church!
Please see the flyer below for details.  Print the flyer from here, our website or Facebook page and bring it to California Pizza Kitchen on the dates stated and 20% of your bill will be donated to St. Stephen's.  ENJOY and THANK YOU!

Giving with Tithe.ly
Tithe.ly is a mobile-friendly app designed by a clergy person and used by thousands of congregations across the country.  With Tithe.ly, you can do one-time or recurring payments, as well as help with the nominal fee of using the service.  You can download the app from the App Store or Play Store, or you can do it online at tithe.ly/give. Enter St. Stephen's Church in the search menu and we should pop up.  You'll know it's  us if you see:

It's also possible to access Tithe.ly through our website - click on the "Give" button in the menu and you will be given the option to use Tithe.ly. 

Don't worry.  If you prefer to use a check or cash, that's fine.  If you are a Vanco user and want to keep it that way, that is good, too.
Wednesday Morning Prayer

Pizza with a Purpose

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Drumming Camp!

Millburn Millwheel Diversity Festival
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September 7, 2-4pm


   This Week:  August 11, 8:00 am

   Reader & Chalicer:  Open
   Altar Guild:  Carole Francis


       This Week:  August 11, 10:00 am

Readers:   Jean James, Fran Young
       Chalicist:  Open
       Ushers:   Steve Moran, Dan
       Altar Guild:  Julia Dorn
       Coffee Hour:  Eugene Foley

Next Week: August 18, 8:00 am

Reader & Chalicer:   Nancy Sieffert
Altar Guild:  Nancy Sieffert


Next Week: August 18, 10:00 am

Readers:  Peter Wick, Ladi Owolabi
Chalicist:  John Soughan
Ushers:  Ladi Owolabi, Heloisa Rooney
Altar Guild:  Jean James  
Coffee Hour:   Open
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