As we come back into the sanctuary for a worship service this week, I want to remind you of a few things. Not being an early adopter has enabled to talk and listen to friends who have opened earlier and those who have not opened yet. One of the things I have heard from those who have already opened is to start with one in person worship service and build from that. Many of them began with four or five and had to reduce to one or two services. It felt disheartening to them to reduce services. So we will start small and add worship services as we need to and celebrate those victories. 

We will continue to have the parking lot service at 8:30 for those who wish to worship outside. You may stay in your car or you may sit in lawn chairs by your car. The advantage to this service is you can sing.

The 10:00 service will continues to be live streamed and you can continue worshiping with us that way.

For those who are planning on coming to the in person worship service, here are some reminders.

  1. We can seat 50 persons. That number enables us to keep the social distancing recommendations of the CDC and the Health Department. The 40% occupancy limit set by the Governor would enable us to have more worshipers.
  2. Enter through the open narthex (South Doors) doors.
  3. Someone will take your name and keep track of our numbers like at the grocery store or Target/Walmart. 
  4. An usher will seat you
  5. Wear a mask while you worship, please. We have extras. We will have gloves if we want to wear them. Our insurance company asks us to discourage children from 0-8 from attending, under 18 required to remain with a guardian at all times.
  6. The service will be 30-35 minutes long.
  7. Smile and be patient with us. Each week will adapt to what we have learned.
Worship & Covid Updates
  • Following the CDC, DOH, State, and insurance recommendations, the nursery will remain closed and children 8 and under are asked to remain home and safe, and children/youth 9-17 are asked to remain with their parent or guardian at all times during the worship service and anywhere in the church facility, this includes the parking lot.

  • Due to social distancing and sanitary requirements, and under the advice of the Department of Health, Center for Disease Control, and insurance guidelines, we will not be hosting small groups, Bible Studies, ministries, outreach, or programming on the property of CUMC for the time being. When these guidelines change, we will be in contact with all Sunday School, ministry, outreach, and program leaders regarding a reopening plan.

8:30am Drive-In Worship, East Parking Lot
Join us for a Drive-In Worship Service in the East Parking Lot of CUMC.
You will be guided off of the University Entrance into a parking space. Please turn your radio to FM 88.1 and open your smart phone to our website or FaceBook page where you will find the Order of Service. Relax and enjoy this informal style of worship! Once the service concludes, you will be asked to exit out of the parking lot onto Copper. Please Note: No building/restroom access will be available and you will be asked to remain in your vehicle at all times.

10:00am Streaming Worship,
Join us for our On-Line Worship Service as we continue to explore the Scripture Lessons found in Genesis.
Children and Youth Ministries
  • Church 4 Kids Weekly Devotional is available to view on Sunday’s at 10:00am on on our website and FaceBook page, with a link to a YouTube Channel.

  • Youth are invited to join Pastor Kelly for a youth zoom meet-up every Sunday at 7:00pm. Please contact Pastor Kelly to be included in the zoom youth meet up at
Adult Ministries
Every Wednesday, Pastor Greg’s Bible Study takes place. The study will be on the Book of Acts.
Read Acts 7:1-8:3
Questions we will discuss

  1. What does Stephen do in front of the Jewish high priest, scribes, and elders?
  2. What high points in the sport of the Jewish people does Stephen bring out in 7:1-16?
  3. What main points of Moses’ life does Stephen emphasize? (7:17-53)
  4. How does Stephen suggest it was not him but the ancestors of the Jews who rejected Moses?
  5. What geographical areas are emphasized and why would this upset Stephen’s accusers?
  6. What challenges does Stephen bring to the way the Jews would have understood the central role and significance of the temple for Israel?
  7. What does Stephen accuse the Jewish leaders of in 7:51-53
  8. How are they similar in this way to their ancestors in the portrait he has painted earlier in the chapter?
  9. In Acts 7:54-8:3, how is Stephen’s death reminiscent of the death of Jesus?
  10. What was Saul’s part in the killing of Stephen and its aftermath? How do you respond to what Stephen saw as he faced death?
Third Space Ministries
  • Brewery Ministry weekly e-devotional is available every Monday. Contact Pastor Kelly to be included in this weekly devotional:

October 2021 Educational Opportunities
Footsteps of Paul Cruise
Join Pastor Kelly for the Educational Opportunities FootSteps of Paul Cruise, October 3-14th 2021 (Tour: GC21, Code C, ID 55108). You will arrive in Venice from Albuquerque on October 3rd, and then on to Katakolon, Santorini, Ephesus, Mykonos, Athens, and Corinth. A pre-tour to Florence and a post-tour to Venice is also available. Additional information and registration information can be found on or

Contact Pastor Kelly with questions or scholarship information
The Circuit Writers Ministry needs your help:
If your mailing address has changed in the past few months, please
contact Michelle at (505) 243-7834. If no one answers, please leave a
message with your correct mailing address. We are experiencing returned
mail with the note written on it “Not at this address”. We want to keep in
contact with you and continue to send cards.

This ministry helps keep members in contact with each other by writing notes to
someone in the congregation. If you would like to receive a note from a member of the Circuit Writers or be part of this ministry, please contact Cindy at
September 13, 2020
8:30am Drive-In Service

Welcoming Music


Call to Worship                 

Opening Hymn    We Are Marching in the Light of God

We are marching in the light of God, 
We are marching in the light of God (2x)
We are marching, marching we are marching, marching,
We are marching in the light of God. (2x)

Opening Prayer with Lord’s Prayer     

Scripture Reading   Matthew 18: 21-35      

Solo    “Put Peace Into Each Other’s Hands”   Kaan/St.Columbia


Central to Life          

Catalytic Generosity Minute   

Closing Hymn    Be Thou My Vision

Be thou my vision, O Lord of my heart.
Naught be all else to me, save that thou art.
Thou My best thought, by day or by night.
Waking or sleeping, thy presence my light.

High King of Heaven, my victory won
May I reach Heaven's joys, O bright Heav'n's Sun
Heart of my own heart, whate'er befall
Still be my Vision, O Ruler of all.



For at least the first few Sundays of our return to worship in our Sanctuary, those who stream or attend the service in person will notice one element missing: sung or spoken community responses. As Music Director, I would like to take this opportunity to both acknowledge the importance of congregational participation in worship and to explain why we will be starting off cautiously as we reenter sacred space.

There has been a great deal written and speculated about the possible role of aerosols in the spread of COVID-19. Unlike respiratory droplets which are generally accepted to fall to the ground within a short space, aerosols are smaller particles that can spread over larger distances and remain suspended in the air for longer periods. We produce these aerosols just by breathing, but we produce more through speaking or singing. The louder the collective noise, the more aerosols are produced, and these can tend to build up over time in indoor spaces. A single singer or speaker does not seem to pose a danger to others provided that they are positioned an adequate distance away, but there are lingering concerns about how much aerosol can be produced by multiple people singing or speaking at once. The science in this heretofore unexamined area is continuously evolving, and a number of first-of-their-kind studies are currently being done. Churches and Music Directors have been monitoring the progress of these studies for months and have chosen to respond in various ways. Many churches who have returned or plan to return to in-person worship are not allowing singing or spoken responses for the time being. Others are allowing a minimal amount of singing in masks. The good news is, these ongoing studies are very favorable to the practice of singing in masks and spaced a minimum of 6 feet apart to significantly reduce aerosol spread. Volume, not necessarily specific activity (singing vs. speaking) is emerging as the biggest factor in aerosol production. Suggestions for singing in groups also include keeping periods of singing down to 30 minutes, with outside being the safest venue and a large, well ventilated inside space with high ceilings as the next best. All of this information indicates that we should be able to quickly progress to singing short closing hymns at the end of our services. However, we all feel it best to err on the side of caution at the outset and introduce any congregational singing or responses after we have had a few weeks to assess our in-person worship practices, as well as to monitor the spread of the virus in our area. 

So, for at least the first few weeks, expect the music in our services to be delivered by keyboard instruments, soloists, and video. Please be patient with us as we navigate this next chapter in our worship lives with everyone’s safety in mind.
September 13, 2020
10:00am Order of Service





SCRIPTURE READING: Matthew 18: 21-35        

ANTHEM    “Make Me A Channel of Your Peace”    Sebastian Temple, arr. Barnard

SERMON    ‘New Math, the Gospel Way”       

CENTRAL TO LIFE           


SILENT PRAYER            



MUSICAL BENEDICTION      “Put Peace Into Each Other’s Hands” Kaan/St.Columbia

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