Currently, one of the three books I’m reading right now is The Gratitude Diaries by Janice Kaplan. I only started it this morning. The preface begins with this story:

Given that I am working on a new project about gratitude, I should have woken up on this early April morning to sunny skies, singing birds, and friends gathered in my living room singing “Kumbaya.”

Instead, everything that could go wrong did. But somehow,

I kept seeing rays of sunshine. To start, my old Volvo wouldn’t spark and jumper cables had no effect. The neighbor who came over to help saved the day by driving me to the train station, twenty minutes away.

I got to the city and stepped onto the rainy, windy sidewalk just as a bus raced through a huge puddle and sent a thick stream of muddy water all over me. “Yuuck!” I screamed, though my language might have been a bit more colorful. A few passersby clucked in sympathy, but I didn’t want to go to my important meeting looking like a survivor from a Tough Mudder race. My favorite J.Crew was just a few blocks away, so I dashed over, quickly bought a bold-print skirt, and changed in the fitting room. I got to my meeting on time, but the CEO I had come to see had a fake tan and extremely overmoussed hair. He texted while I talked and managed to look up only at the end. “Hey, you look hot in that skirt,” he said.

Since I was pitching a project, not cruising, I should have been furious. But instead, I laughed and told myself I’d been saved from working with a man who spent more on hair products than I did.

I went to have coffee with my best friend, Susan, whom I have known since we met in summer camp at age eight. She is intensely loyal, fiercely critical, and relentlessly blunt. “You must be miserable,” she said when I outlined my day. “Not really. I’m trying to be positive.”

“How can you be positive about a dead car?” I took a deep breath. I could do this. “The car was fourteen years old and had 150,000 miles on it. I never expected it to last this long. More important was that I have a nice neighbor who came to help.” “Yeah, that was good,” Susan admitted. “How about getting soaked on the sidewalk?” “Look at the funny side. The idiot CEO complimented my skirt. And think how lucky I am that I could buy a new outfit without breaking the bank. “

Susan asked her what her secret was. The author wrote on a napkin “3 Things I’m Thankful for Today.” Susan stared at her. The author crossed out the word “Three” and replaced it with “one.”

It has been difficult these past five months to be positive and grateful with everything going on. One of the things I have rediscovered is how much I love to read - fiction, non-fiction, challenging works, and fluff books. So I am grateful that Covid-19 reintroduced me to my love of reading for fun. Also, I am grateful to the Albuquerque Public Library for having e-books available. I currently have six books on hold waiting my turn to read them.

So it got me thinking this morning. What three one thing are you grateful for today?
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Worship & Covid Updates
  • Central will be pushing back its reopening date until September 13. This is not an easy decision to make. All of us want to be able to gather again in worship. But the current trends does not make that possible. New Mexico is on an upward trend with new cases. The current scientific thinking is that the virus is most likely spread by aerosols - talking, singing, coughing.  The last survey indicated over 50% of you were going to livestream the 10:00 service and not come to in person worship. So, after discussion with other colleagues and the program staff, we believe that waiting until September is the best option for the safety of everyone involved. Many of you are disappointed. So am I. We are living in a new and different time for many of us.

  • Following the CDC, DOH, State, and insurance recommendations, the nursery will remain closed and children 8 and under are asked to remain home and safe, and children/youth 9-17 are asked to remain with their parent or guardian at all times during the worship service and anywhere in the church facility.

  • Due to social distancing and sanitary requirements, and under the advice of the Department of Health, Center for Disease Control, and insurance guidelines, we will not be hosting small groups, Bible Studies, ministries, outreach, or programming on the property of CUMC for the time being. When these guidelines change, we will be in contact with all Sunday School, ministry, outreach, and program leaders regarding a reopening plan.
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July 26, 2020
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Call to Worship (Ps 105)  

Hymn of Praise    O Worship the King (vs 1,3,5)    73 UMH

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Scripture Reading: Genesis 29:15-28

Anthem    “I Will Trust in the Lord”   Spiritual 

Sermon “Sibling Rivalry, Pt 2”

Catalytic Generosity

Offering Prayer

Doxology    Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow    94 UMH

Hymn to Engage the World    Lord of All Hopefulness (vs 1,4)   2197 TFWS 



Musical Benediction    “Not So in Haste, My Heart”   Austrian Melody

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