From the earliest ages, time has been an important thing, regulating daylight activities and nighttime in-home tasks. The moon served as another way of telling time, this time with its phases. The phases often told seamen when the tides would be high and low, and also the farmer when it might be an auspicious time to plant new crops or to take them in. 

The seasons marked the time when certain weathers and temperatures could be expected. No one would plant during the winter when there was a chance of snow and freezing weather, just like no one would skip planting in the spring and early summer preparatory work to harvesting in the fall. If the times were not right for whatever activity was next, there might not be enough food and materials to keep the family and even the community in safety and plenty until it was time to plant and harvest again. Even without clocks, people learn to tell time by looking at the position of the sun, and later using a stick on the ground with numbers in specific places to tell them what time of day it was.

I have all sorts of time telling devices around me: from the clocks on my appliances; the watch on my wrist; my phone in my pocket; the iPad I am typing on. They are important reminders to get to the office on time, to click in a zoom meeting, or make an appointment. They keep me from “running late, late to an important date.”

But there are times I like to be without my time telling devices on my body. An early sunrise walk with Abigail to the park. Feeling the cool air of the morning and watching the sun rise over the Sandias.

Throughout the day each part of it has some blessing to it, like the light through the windows, or the fresh air, or the colors of the sky at dawn and dusk. All of them remind me that God is around and is in control. We have these signs and times during the day to give us pleasure and even joy, to remind us that we need to work on whatever God has set for us to do, and in the evening we can rest from those labors.

We have times of day when God reminds us to stop, breathe, look for the blessings, and enjoy what God is given us at that time. The whole thing was God’s plan from the beginning, so shouldn’t we be kind enough and observant enough to stop, take advantage of it, and add a little thank you from time to time during the day? It’s so easy to take a deep breath and send up a mental “Thank you,” all at the same time.
Following the CDC, DOH, State, and insurance recommendations, the nursery will remain closed and children 8 and under are asked to remain home and safe, and children/youth 9-17 are asked to remain with their parent or guardian at all times during the worship service and anywhere in the church facility.
Children and Youth Ministries
  • Children, youth and families are invited to join Pastor Kelly every weekday morning at 10:00am for a devotional and activity. We will post the daily video on our website and FaceBook page, with a link to a YouTube Channel.

  • Youth are invited to join Pastor Kelly for a youth zoom meet-up every Thursday at 9:00am. Please contact Pastor Kelly to be included in the zoom youth meet up at
Adult Ministries
Pastor Greg is hosting a zoom Bible study devotional and check in every Wednesday at 6 PM. Please contact Pastor Greg to be included on the zoom invite at
Third Space Ministries
Pastor Kelly is providing a weekly 3rd space devotional every Monday morning. Please contact Pastor Kelly to receive this third space devotional at .
September 2020 Educational Opportunities Journeys of Paul Cruise has been altered
Unfortunately, due to CoronaVirus and travel restrictions, the September 2020 Educational Opportunities Journeys of Paul Cruise has been altered. A fall 2021 Footsteps of Paul Cruise featuring guest speaker Rev. Susan Robb from Highland Park UMC in Dallas TX is currently being finalized. More information to be available soon. Please contact Pastor Kelly with questions.
This ministry helps keep members in contact with each other by writing notes to
someone in the congregation. If you would like to receive a note from a member of the Circuit Writers or be part of this ministry, please contact Cindy at

Thank you to all our dedicated Circuit Writers; Val Nye, Ellen Skrak, Nancy Roberts-Small, Sandy Garcia, Joy Hayes, Joyce Robertson, Patricia Parkinson, Virginia Nymeyer, Maria Irwin, Mariam Morgan-Smith, Katheryn Stephens, and Cindy Kennedy.
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June 21, 2020 Order of Service
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Treasured by God are the birds of the air. Treasured by God are we. Treasured and held, we are not alone on this journey. God hears our every cry and knows our every need


  • Call to Worship 
When we have been cast aside in the deserts of our lives, 
you open our eyes to life-giving water that sustains us in our need. 
When our future seems lost and others have taken our place of honor, 
you restore our hope and promise us an inheritance of our own. 
Who is like you among the gods? 
Who answers prayer in times of deepest need? 
We are here to worship you, 
O God, for you alone can save us. 

  • OPENING HYMN   My Faith Looks Up To Thee   452 UMH

  • Opening Prayer 
The Lord be with you
And also with you
Let us pray:
Eternal God, turn and be gracious to us, for the road is long and we are weary. We feel beaten down by the trials of life and need your strength to sustain us. Show us your favor, and offer us your blessing, that we may abide in faithfulness and not be put to shame. Comfort us, O God, and revive our souls. Grant us the endurance to take up our cross, and follow the difficult roads in life. Amen.

  • PRAYER RESPONSE    I’ve Got Peace Like a River (vs 1)    2145 TFWS     

  • Old Testament Lesson: Genesis 21:8-21

  • SCRIPTURE HYMN    It is Well With My Soul (vs 1,2,4)  377 UMH

  • Gospel Lesson: Matthew 10:24-39

  • ANTHEM    “Rivers of Living Water”    Karen Marrolli

  • Sermon   “A Painful Shortcut”

  • HYMN RESPONSE   Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee

  • Pastoral Prayer

  • Catalytic Generosity

  • DOXOLOGY   Praise God, From Whom All Blessings Flow   94 UMH

  • Hymn to Engage the World   God of Grace, and God of Glory  577 UMH

  • Blessing

  • Dismissal

  • MUSICAL BENEDICTION     “Song of Shalom”   Trad. Mexican

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  • Bank Draft – Contact your bank directly 
  • Recurring E-Giving Through Employee or United Way
For more information about the ministries of Central United Methodist Church,
email, call the church office at 243-7834
or check out our website at
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