A Message from Rev. Paula+
Beloved Community,

Merry Christmas!  Our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day celebrations were such fun, with many of you and some new families and visitors joining us.  It is a beautiful gift to be a part of this parish family, especially when we get to shine in the ways that we are truly welcoming to all who enter our doors.  

Our welcome is such that two little guys, Fletcher and Oliver, here for the first time with their parents, James and Desiree, took part in our first-ever pop-pageant.  Having children actively involved in worship is one of my favorite things and a sign of vitality now and hope for the future.  It's hard to believe that together we have grown in the ways that we have in a little over a year.  I look forward to seeing where the Holy Spirit, "wild and free" as my former bishop says, leads us next.  I know wherever it is God will be with us and what we will live our faith well.

I hope to see you  here on Sunday for another special occasion: Leo Alexander's baptism!  If I don't, blessings for a safe, happy, and healthy new year.

Peace & Blessings,
Giving in Faith
As of December 22nd, we have 30 pledges totaling $117,090!  That number includes several new pledges, which is great news. There are still a few families who pledged previously who have not done so yet this year.  Good news is that it is not too late.  And for those of you who have not pledged previously but want to take this step to make a commitment to giving in faith, that good news extends to you, too.  You will be amazed at how intentional, proportional giving enlivens your relationship with God, while also supporting the many ministries of this Spirit-filled, vibrant parish.

We are grateful that some of you include year-end stock giving as part of your financial commitment to St. Stephen's.  Because of the way these gifts are received and managed, please alert Dave Van Houten ( bookkeeper@ststephensmillburn.org  or (973) 376-0699, ext. 33) to expect your gift.  This will ensure that it is accounted for properly.
Sunday School and Nursery Update
This Sunday, December 29th, both Linda and Greg will be away so there will be no nursery care or Sunday School.  We're having a baptism, which is a fun way to have all of the children in the parish involved in the liturgy, so please do come to church if you are in town.

A couple of parents asked about receiving the "Family Page" from the weekly lessons. Beginning in January, please look for a special Sunday School email each week.  In that email, which will be brief, will be the "Family Page" and occasional updates and news about the Sunday School.
Wednesday Worship Update
Beginning in February (because the first Wednesday in January is New Year's Day, a.k.a. Rev. Paula's Christmas celebration with her extended family), we will hold Wednesday worship ONCE A MONTH, on the FIRST WEDNESDAY AT NOON.  We will share in the Eucharistic celebration.  
Vestry Meeting at the Rectory
Bakery Bible Hour
Epiphany Open House at the Rectory
Finance Committee Meeting
Third Thursday Theater
Vestry Meeting
Youth Sunday
Reading with the Rector

Beckerath Organ 50th Anniversary 2019-2020 Recital Series
John Charles Schucker
Johann Vexo
December 29, 11:30am
January 3, 9 am
January 5, 11:30 am
January 15, 7:30 pm
January 16, 7 pm
January 19, 11:30 am
January 26, 10 am
January 26, 11:30 am

Sunday, February 23, 4 pm
Sunday, April 19, 4 pm

Liturgical Stewardship Schedule

December 29, 8:00 am

Reader & Chalicer:   Michelle Ellingham
Altar Guild:  Julia Dorn


December 29, 10:00 am

Readers:  Jean James, Ladi Owolabi
Chalicer:  Roger Riedel
Ushers:   Barbara Riedel, Kira Hanson
Altar Guild:  Julia Dorn
Coffee Hour:  Open

   January 5, 8:00 am

   Reader & Chalicer:  Carole Francis
   Altar Guild:  Carole Francis


January 5, 10:00 am

Readers:  Felder Dorn, Peter Wick
Chalicist:  John Soughan
Ushers:  Maryalice Chech, TBD
Altar Guild:  Theresa & John Scharff
Coffee Hour:  Epiphany Open House at the Rectory

This Week:  December 29

Next Week:  January 5

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Giving with Tithe.ly
Tithe.ly is a mobile-friendly app designed by a clergy person and used by thousands of congregations across the country.  With Tithe.ly, you can do one-time or recurring payments, as well as help with the nominal fee of using the service.  You can download the app from the App Store or Play Store, or you can do it online at tithe.ly/give. Enter St. Stephen's Church in the search menu and we should pop up.  You'll know it's  us if it says "St. Stephen's Church, Millburn, NJ 07041."

It's also possible to access Tithe.ly through our website - click on the "Give" button in the menu and you will be given the option to use Tithe.ly. 

Don't worry.  If you prefer to use a check or cash, that's fine.  If you are a Vanco user and want to keep it that way, that is good, too.
Office Hours and Contact Information

Office hours are Tuesday thru Friday, 10:00 am to 1:30 pm or by appointment.
Phone: 973.376.0668  
Fax: 973.376.4002
Website: ststephensmillburn.org
Main email: church@ststephensmillburn.org
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She is an occasional blogger at fromthestillness.