B'nai Israel Congregation
Wilmington, NC

Shabbat Shalom
Friday, July 23, 2021 ~ 14 Av
Shabbat Candle Lighting ~ 8:02 pm

Friday evening, July 23, 6:00 pm

Summer of Love Musical Shabbat

Meeting ID: 870 4502 6973
Passcode: 296299

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Saturday morning, July 24, 9:30 am

Shai Abisch will sponsor the Kiddush today.

Meeting ID: 840 5575 1022
Passcode: 296299

You may also listen by calling this telephone number for either service:

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These services will include the opportunity to say the
Mourner's Kaddish and to offer names for the
Mi Sheberach

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Shabbat Nachamu
Devarim (Deuteronomy)5:1 - 6:25 (Triennial 2)
Etz Hayim pages- 1015 - 1029
Haftarah - Yishayahu (Isaiah) 40:1 - 23
First Haftarah of Consolation
Etz Hayim pages- 1032-1036

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Would you like to borrow a Siddur?
*If you are local and attend our services exclusively on ZOOM, please email Rabbi Bender to borrow a siddur
Please help us by signing for a Siddur.
If you have taken one and not signed, please let Rabbi Bender
know immediately.
*If you are not local, please email Rabbi Bender for a link to the online version of the siddur or for information about purchasing a siddur for your home use. 
A message from our Rabbi ...

We are in a spiritual time of emotional upheaval. In an instant, we swing from mourning to celebration. We stand up out of the ashes of Tisha B’Av and dance in the fields of Tu B’Av (the 15th of Av, aka the Jewish Day of Love). On Tisha B’Av we cry for what could have been—the loss of the safety and security of being a united people in one state. On Tu B’Av we hope for what could be—the new romantic relationships that have not yet begun so that our people can continue to another generation.
This week that transition between Tisha B’Av and Tu B’Av was felt strongly. We lost a dear friend, Janice Specter Kingoff. She was a woman who lived in service of others, perhaps most especially ensuring the younger generation had a good education, although she certainly had an expansive resume. When we first met in her house during my interview week, she wanted to make sure that whatever my passions were, that the Jewish children were a priority. To that end I am sure she would be pleased that as we make preparations to lay her to rest, I am also working with a family for an upcoming bris to be held as a private ceremony. This week we will begin our mourning process for Janice. This week we also welcome a new life into the covenant.   
Ldor Va’Dor, from generation to generation. Our Jewish calendar gives us permission to feel the intensity of mourning alongside celebration. Both truths exist in any life cycle event. In death, we often celebrate life. In celebrating new life, we recognize that there are many losses even in that moment of joy.
This Friday, we will bury Janice. On Friday night, we will gather for a special musical Friday night service in honor of Tu B’Av. I invite us to embrace all of the emotions that might come up. All of them are a prayer. All of them bring us closer to the Divine.
May Janice’s memory be for a blessing, and may this be a peaceful and celebratory Shabbat where we reflect both on what was as well as what will be.
Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Chaya Bender
Yes, it’s that time. Time to step up and offer to take part in helping to keep Bnai Israel congregation running smoothly and effectively. 
At our Annual Meeting each November, we hold elections for all Officers. Those terms are for 1 year. We also elect members to fill seats on the Board of Directors. Board seats are typically for 2 years, but may be 1 year to fill a vacant position. All terms begin on January 1st. Our Officers include: President, 1st VP/House Chair, VP-at-Large, Secretary and Treasurer. We have 8 Board seats and, in some years, a seat for the Immediate Past President. 
Why should you consider being a part of the Board of Directors
We need your knowledge, experience and talents to help our synagogue best meet the needs of our members, continue to improve our day-to-day operations, and plan for the for the next few years. Plus, it’s a mitzvah!  
What qualifications do I need to serve
You must be a member in good standing. Officers usually have served on the Board of Directors and have experience on committees here or at other congregations. Board members may have experience on committees here or at other congre-gations and have a desire to increase their involvement in certain areas and/or bring new ideas for us to consider.
However, a strong desire to serve and a commitment to the success of Bnai Israel is the most important qualification. 
An ability to work well with others is very helpful! 

We encourage that our Officers and Board members attend some services and events throughout the year.  
What is required if I am elected?  
You must continue to be a member in good standing. Officers meet once a month to discuss current issues, upcoming events, budget, membership and set an agenda for the Board meeting. The entire Board meets once a month to discuss issues and make a determination how to move forward.  Chairing or serving on committees is expected of all Board members.  
This year’s Nominating Committee members are Rena Goldwasser, Chair; Ruth Smith, Scott Johnston, Stan Prushik, and Richard Weisman. 
If you are interested, please contact Rena Goldwasser at
simplythebest53@yahoo.com or 860-490-0916 
You may also attend a Board meeting as a visitor to see how we conduct business.  
For more information on Officer & Board positions:
Good Shepherd Baby Donations

The congregation was able to provide everything on the "wish list" (including the crib, high chair and rocking chair). Thank you to all who donated items and cash, delivered the furniture, and shopped.
Yizkor 2021-2022
Book of Remembrance 2021
The B'nai Israel Men’s Club will once again be publishing a Book of Remembrance for use during the 2021-2022 Yizkor services starting with Yom Kippur on Sept 16, 2021. The cost for inclusion in the Yizkor Book is a donation of $10 per individual name memorialized. Deadline for inclusion in the booklet is Friday, September 3, 2021.

Please click the link provided and return the form shown below with a check made out to B’nai Israel Men’s Club to:
Welcome Back Cook Out
August 8, 2021 4:30 pm

Make your favorite side dish for the Welcome Back Cook Out. Several pareve side dishes are needed for the cook out, and we would love to sample your favorite dish. If you want to cook but don’t have a recipe, we can provide one.

Cooking will be in the shul kitchen Thursday and Friday,
August 5 & 6.

Let us know what day, time you would prefer and what dish you want to make. We can shop or reimburse you for the ingredients. Set up, clean up and serving help will also be needed on August 8.

Contact Laurel Westreich, laurelw5071@gmail.com,
or at 201-317-5071.
This Week
Thursday, July 22
Wednesday, July 28
Summer of Love Shabbat
Friday, July 23rd, 6:00 pm
Join us for a musical Friday night service in honor of Tu B'Av, otherwise known as Jewish Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, July 28th - B'nai Israel Baggers - CANCELLED - rescheduled for August 11, 10:30 am.
Sunday, August 1st, 10:30 am
Unveiling for Elaine Lathrop
B’nai Israel Cemetery
Following the unveiling, the family will host a brunch at the Tavern on 17th, 1611 Dusty Miller Lane, The Pointe. All are welcome & encouraged to attend to share their memories. 
August 4, 11 & 18, 7:00 pm
Wilmington Jewish Film Festival - 7:00 pm at The Pointe. Click here for more information
* * *
Sunday, August 8th, 4:30 pm WELCOME BACK COOK OUT at B'nai Israel. RSVP by August 1st.
* * *
Wednesday, August 11th, 10:30 am - B'nai Israel Baggers
* * *
Wednesday, August 18th, 1:00 pm ~ Sisterhood Book Club Meeting
* * *
Monday, September 6, Rosh Hashanah dinner
B’nai Israel Men’s Club

It is time to renew or join the Men’s Club for 2021-2022. Dues are $36.00. Make your check out to B’nai Israel Men’s Club and send it along with the form noted below:
Efraim Jaronowski
1163 Forest Hills Drive
Wilmington, NC 28403

For more information about the Men's Club please
contact Efraim Jaronowski at Zb42@att.net or 910-343-5789.

Caroline and Buddy Eisenstein
on the upcoming wedding of their
son Ben to Kim Ramos
on July 31 in Juneau, Alaska.  
Dear Friends,
The last time we were together in person was two years ago for our Summer Series. Since the pandemic, we transitioned to virtual screenings and we hope you were able to access and enjoy the various events. Now that meetings and activities are starting to open up again, we are ready to offer in-person screenings.
Our Summer Series will be held in person only on the first three Wednesdays in August, the 4th, 11th and 18th at The Pointe 14 Cinemas, 2223 Blockbuster Road, Wilmington.  The theatre is located near the intersection of Independence Boulevard and South 17th Street. All screenings will begin at 7:00 pm.
Tickets are available for purchase at the box office or through the The Pointe 14 Cinemas website. Ticket prices are $11.00 for General Admission and $8.00 for students with an ID and active military. A small convenience fee will be added to online purchases.
When ordering on The Pointe 14 Cinemas website, click the red box that says Showtimes and Tickets.  Click the Advance Tickets box at the top of the page, and scroll down to find the films: Asia, on August 4th, The Tobacconist on August 11th, and Persona Non Grata on August 18th. 
Click here for descriptions of the films.
We have limited sales to 150 tickets per film to allow for some social distance between groups; therefore, we recommend that you purchase your tickets in advance.
In keeping with our tradition of dessert receptions, we will be offering an ice cream treat after each film at a nearby restaurant.
ShulCloud Know-How
When searching for a name in the ShulCloud Membership Directory, select the letter you want to search under, then click on "Update View." This will take you to the alphabetical category you want to search.
If anyone has a window AC unit they are not using and are willing to donate, please contact Michelle Bannon at mdbannon@yahoo.com  or 706-832-3048.
Circle of Honor 2021
Scott & Carol Johnston
Theresa & Kenneth Densmore


Harold & Roberta Eichenholz
Neil & Heather Harris
Stanley & Barbara Prushik
Leigh & Walter Winter
Steve & Martha Stein
Carol & Todd Atwood
Rich Weisman & Michelle Bannon
Carolyn & Bruce Moskowitz
Dee & Murray Sherman
Judith Malman
Sharon & Steve Mechum
Sharon & Terry Dresbach
Rose & Alan Zimmer
Debbie Smith
Pam & Barry Weiss
Nancy Kraselsky
Prayers for the Sick
Sydel Gluck
Cindy Throne
Faye Sobol
Heather Harris
Shirley Levine
Ira Nathan Sachs
Adesha Edge
Kelly Cahill
Stella Pawliske
Chris Chambers
Ellen Emard
Bruce Engelson
Sherry Kenner
David Siegel
Birthdays This Week
July 23-29

Anita Liebeskind - 23 July
Billy Hirschen - 24 July
Jay Jacobson - 25 July
Alan Mandelstam - 26 July
Mike Medress - 29 July
Linda Levy - 29 July

Yahrzeits this Week
July 23-29
14-20 Av
Samuel J. Morris
Father of Jeanne Lecker

Barry Kenneth Popkin
Brother of Greg Popkin

Harold Brian Wilson
Brother of Kathleen Meyerson

Sam Hartman
Respectfully remembered

Hayes Hammerling
Cousin of Rabbi Bender

Ida Markowitz
Mother of Jack Markowitz

Irving Feit
Father of Gayle Ginsberg

Philip Rosenberg
Father of Warren Rosenberg

Goldie Levine
Grandmother of Steve Levine and
Sharon Mechum


If you would like to make a donation to B'nai Israel, please click on the link below and use the To make Donations or Payments tab.

Felice & Lloyd Zeldin
Rabbi's Discretionary Fund
In memory of George Posnack

Alan & Diane Gerberg
Capital Improvement Fund
In honor of Shai Abisch's birthday and new home

Walter & Leigh Winter
General Fund
In memory of Barbara Schwartz

Marvin & Esther Eisenstein
General Fund
In memory of Rae Greenberg

Carol & Todd Atwood
General Fund
In appreciation for B'nai Israel Congregation

Walter & Leigh Winter
General Fund
For the Kiddush on July 17

Rabbi Chaya Bender

Office Hours Monday thru Friday - 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Administrative Secretary, Kate Maclay