Newsletter - July 26, 2019
Welcome to Dromgoole's inaugural Monthly Newsletter!

Each month, this newsletter will contain a calendar of upcoming events and releases, a feature article about fountain pen current events, announcements of special deals and promotions , and more!

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Calendar of Events
Today through Jul 31: Sheldon Summer Sale
  • 30% OFF select items in-store. We've doubled the number of items on our regular 30% off table. Come by and see!

Today through Aug 11: Back to School Sale on Leuchtturm1917 and Blackwing!

Aug 1-4: D.C. Pen Show

Aug 10 OR Aug 17: AP Limited Editions Event with Anuj Poddar (Exact date TBA)

Aug 23-25: San Francisco Pen Show

Aug 14: Instagram Live Q&A with THE Michael Dromgoole (Time TBA)
New Products Pipeline
Coming Soon!
Here you can see the products that will be released in the upcoming months.

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Monteverde Sweet Life Ink Line
Visconti Voyager 30
Lamy 2000 Limited Edition Blue
Feature Article
Each Monthly Newsletter will be accompanied by an article that examines topics affecting the fountain pen community and industry.

This month's article is from writer, Dromgoole's regular and friend,
Michelle Sandlin.
Dromgoole’s: Because Writing is My Passion
Guest Writer
Michelle Sandlin
Michelle and her English Bulldog, Max, who reminds us of someone else we know...
I was more than a little bit honored when Dromgoole’s invited me to write something for the premiere issue of their newsletter. I knew immediately that it needed to be about my personal relationship and experience with the store, which goes back nearly two decades. I also knew that it had to be about the unique culture of the store, and the many loyal customers who shop there on a regular basis. At the same time, it needed to speak to the incredible family behind the store’s success and vision, and that’s the Dromgoole family themselves. 

Simply put, this is a story about passion. For me, it’s about the passion and love that I have for the implements that I use every day in my personal and professional life. For the Dromgooles, it’s about the passion that they have for their store, their products, and their customers.
These are all invaluable assets for my craft, as they inspire me and stimulate my creativity on a daily basis. The fountain pen, ink, and paper are as equally as essential to me as a writer, as a paint brush, paint, and canvas are to an artist.

Fortunately for me, I happen to live in Houston, Texas, within a 20-minute drive of Rice Village. That’s where Dromgoole’s is located. And over the years, I have amassed quite a collection of pens, as well as all of the accessories that go along with it. But, I have never been alone in any of my purchases. At Dromgoole’s, it is always a team effort, so I love being able to call on the knowledgeable and thoughtful assistance of Larry, Christine and Michael Dromgoole. They get me excited and happy about every single purchase I make.

That’s the thing about passion: it is extremely contagious. That shared passion and love for everything related to pens, paper, and ink is one of the first things that you will notice once you have spent any amount of time in the store. There is a special culture there that is palpable. It emanates from the Dromgooles, their employees, and the customers who enjoy coming to the store, hanging out, and sharing their love of fountain pens with the other patrons. Many times, I have purchased a particular pen, ink or other product based on another customer’s recommendation.
Since culture is something that is best experienced through your own personal immersion, I encourage you to go to the store and check it out for yourself. Trust me, it’s like comfort food for the creative soul.

So, if you’re in Houston, take a stroll down Rice Boulevard in Rice Village and stop by Dromgoole’s to see what the fuss is all about. If you’re not in Houston, no problem. Visit the website to shop online and enjoy the same customer service and experience that Dromgoole’s is known for. The great folks at Dromgoole’s are always happy to help you!
Back-to-School Supplies
Some say that the TWSBI Eco is the perfect note-taking pen. And with the imporoved ergonomics of the Eco-T's triangular grip, the great ink capacity of the piston filler mechanism, and the cheerful coral color, this pen will take you from lectures to essay tests to doodling in the margins with your favorite ink.
Back to School Sale
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*Excluding Limited Edition Volumes
2515 Rice Boulevard
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