A Message from Rev. Paula+
Beloved Community,

This past Sunday we entered our seventh month of ministry together. I don't know about you, but this milestone brings with it so many thoughts, so many hopes, and such profound gratitude.  In some ways, I am acutely aware of still being new as there is still so much to learn about St. Stephen's and the larger community.  In other ways, the parish and the rectory feel like home in that warm and wonderfully settled way that belies the short time since we moved in.  The "work" feels both familiar and new in an exciting and life-affirming way.  And I love getting to know you and discerning our future together.

As I think and pray about entering the next phase of our life together, I am mindful that we have so much to build upon and such beautiful, faith-filled energy to continue to explore  how God's Holy Spirit is working in and through us as we live our faith as the Church on Main Street, where love begets love.  We are moving from the pace of the program year into the more relaxed season of summer, which seems a gift.  We'll continue to worship together. (We'll be here every Sunday at 8:00 and 10:00 am. Hint, hint.) We'll read together and watch movies together.  We'll continue to love and take care of each other as we always do. We'll also spend what I think may be one of the best weeks of our year with the Drumming Camp.  I can't wait to be a part of this hallmark ministry!

And, believe it or not, Doreen and I, along with your lay leadership, have already started working hard behind the scenes to get things ready for the fall.  You may be surprised by how much behind-the-scenes work there is in a parish this size. There's lots to be done and some of it will require your help.  You can expect to hear from us from time to time as we do things like update our member database, which is not a lot of fun but is necessary for a number of reasons.  So...when you do hear from us, please know that we are reaching out because we need you to help us to get ready for what happens next.

Peace & Blessings,
In Memory of Rev. Cork Tarplee
Rev. Cork Tarplee was a gift to all of us who knew him, for as long as we had him.  If you would like to make a donation in memory of Rev. Cork Tarplee, please make checks out to St. Stephen's Church and on the memo line, write Cork.  The money collected will be sent to RAIN, an Essex County non-profit, to help gay teenagers.  RAIN stands for Reaching Adolescents In Need and they provide emergency shelter for them.  If you would like to know more,  click here.  Any questions, please see or call Maryalice Chech, 973-951-7154.

A New Way to Give to St. Stephen's!
We know that for many of us the days of writing checks and carrying cash are over.  And still we rely on your financial stewardship to support the mission and ministries of the parish.  To make it easier for you to fulfill your pledge or to make additional gifts to St. Stephen's, we have added Tithe.ly to the ways you can give.  

Tithe.ly is a mobile-friendly app designed by a clergy person and used by thousands of congregations across the country.  With Tithe.ly, you can do one-time or recurring payments, as well as help with the nominal fee of using the service.  You can download the app from the App Store or Play Store, or you can do it online at tithe.ly/give. Enter St. Stephen's Church in the search menu and we should pop up.  You'll know it's  us if you see:

It's also possible to access Tithe.ly through our website - click on the "Give" button in the menu and you will be given the option to use Tithe.ly. 

Don't worry.  If you prefer to use a check or cash, that's fine.  If you are a Vanco user and want to keep it that way, that is good, too.

REMINDER: We are hosting Christine's Kitchen this Saturday, June 1, 2019 at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, 315 Main Street, West Orange, NJ.  

Volunteers and their donations have been confirmed.  If you have any questions, or would still like to volunteer, please contact deryck.rugbeer@ubs.com. Thank you!

Reading with the Rector 
Join Rev. Paula on the  first Sunday of each month for this new book club series. All selections are available from Cokesbury, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. The group will meet after coffee hour in the Common Room. Visit our website calendar for meeting dates and book selections. 

This month's book is Take This Bread: A Radical Conversion by Sara Miles and will meet today, Sunday, June 2 at 11:30 am.

July's selection will be Welcome to the Wisdom of the World and Its Meaning for You  by Joan Chittister and will meet on Sunday, July 7 at 11:30 am.

Third Thursday Theater
June's movie screening and discussion will take place on June 20 at 7:00pm in the Common Room and will feature the documentary Under the Bridge: The Criminalization of Homelessness. 

"Raw, emotionally charged and heartbreaking are just a few words to describe a documentary showing what happens when a Midwest city sweeps a homeless camp. "Under the Bridge: The Criminalization of Homelessness" takes viewers to Davidson Street Bridge homeless camp in Indianapolis, Indiana, where the relationship between city leaders, law enforcement and people living on the street was tense. According to the filmmakers, the camp was organized, well-maintained and had a loyal community of supporters. But campers were pressured to leave when developers beco me interested in the property." (realchangenews.org)

According to Director Don Sawyer, this film tells a ll sides of the story without being biased. It plays out and people make their ow n conclusions.
Pre-School Committee Meeting

Christine's Kitchen (at Holy Trinity)

Choir Appreciation Day

Reading with the Rector

Drumming Workshop

Vestry Meeting

Finance Committee Meeting

Third Thursday Theater
Thursday, May 30, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Saturday, June 1, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Sunday, June 2, 10:00 am

Sunday, June 2, 11:30 am

Tuesday, June 11, 7:00 pm

Sunday, June 16, 11:30 am

Wednesday, June 19, 7:30 pm

Thursday, June 20, 7:00 pm


   This Week: June 2, 8:00 am

   Reader & Chalicer:  Carole Francis
   Altar Guild: Carole Francis


       This Week: June 2, 10:00 am

Readers:  Felder Dorn, Theresa  Scharff, Barbara Riedel
       Chalicist: John Scharff
       Ushers:  Roger Riedel, Steve 
       Altar Guild:  Theresa and John
       Coffee Hour: Open

Next Week: June 9, 8:00 am

Reader & Chalicer:  Allison Walker
Altar Guild:  Carole Francis

Next Week: June 9, 10:00 am

Readers:  Fran Taber, Barbara Riedel, Barbara Churchill
Chalicist:  Sheelagh Clarke
Ushers:  Barbara and Roger Riedel
Altar Guild:  Julia Dorn
Coffee Hour:  Open

This Week:  June 2nd

Next Week:  June 9th
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