A Message from Rev. Paula+
Beloved Community,

Thirty-three years ago, when Ronnie and I were living in Virginia, my brother, Brian, and I decided to spend an afternoon with our then two-year-old niece at an apple orchard near my hometown of Worcester, Mass.  Neither Brian nor I had children but we had a beautiful niece, my goddaughter, Kimberly, thanks to our sister, Bethe.  Little did we know that last minute outing during a long weekend home from Virginia would become one of our family's favorite traditions.  Every year since then, Brian and I, and some combination of our family, and occasionally family friends, have gone apple picking at that same orchard.  The orchard has grown.  The family has grown just as much.  Brian and I have children.  He has three grandchildren. Kimberly has children, three of Bethe's five grandchildren. We said good-bye to our brother, Mark, a little over two years ago.  So much has changed and, yet, so much is the same.  I was acutely aware of that this past Sunday when 24 of us met at the orchard and spent a warm, sunny autumn afternoon picking apples, playing in the play ground, visiting the petting zoo, and enjoying a few tasty treats.

I've been thinking about us - you and me - as we approach our one year anniversary.  So much has changed, hasn't it?  For me it's a new parish, new diocese, new province.  It's also a new home, new town, new state.  For you, it's a new priest, who comes with a grown family.  It's a few changes in the liturgy and bigger changes in the office, both in terms of location and people, because we have a new parish administrator, too.  We are developing new relationships within the local faith community, and that means some changes in our ministries. And yet so much is the same.   We are just as welcoming as you were before we met.  We are as deeply faithful and outward looking as you were before we met.  We remain committed to the ministries that make our hearts sing (or drum, as the case may be). We continue to be the place where love begets love because we know who and whose we are.

For my family and for us, what has changed are those things that are a part of living life.  What hasn't changed is the essence of who we are, people who choose to live and love well, people who somehow understand that change happens, sometimes in ways we like and invite, sometimes in ways that we'd rather not have to face.  Living and loving well are gifts of grace that continually open our eyes, ears, and hearts to new possibilities, to new ways of being.  And that, my friends, is a wonderful way to live our faith.

Peace & Blessings,
Giving in Faith
Our financial pledge campaign is underway.  Letters are on the table in the church.  If you are in church this week, please take your letter.  If you do not see a letter addressed to you, please take one of the packets that are not in an envelope. If you do not receive a letter, please let Doreen or Rev. Paula know.  "Commitment Sunday," the day we bless the pledges we receive, will be Sunday, November 10th.
Sunday School Update
We offered the job to a wonderful candidate and he accepted!  We'll send a special edition of the newsletter with all the details once we've finalized the paperwork.  His first Sunday will be October 27th.  Rev. Paula will be working with him until December 1st, when Sunday School will move to 9:45.  It would be wonderful to see as many families as possible during the challenging 9:00 hour so that he will have a well supported introduction to the parish and a good orientation to the position. 
Wednesday Prayer 
Please note:  
There will be no Wednesday Prayer this week, October 23rd.  Rev. Paula will be at Clergy Conference from Monday afternoon until Wednesday afternoon.  
On Wednesday, October 30th at 12 noon, we will celebrate the Holy Eucharist.  

This  Sunday, October 20, is the day of our cemetery tour!  Free walking tours will leave the cemetery gate at 451 Millburn Avenue (across from Millburn High School) at approximately  15-minute intervals between 2 and 4 PM.  

All parishioners, family and friends will want to see the impersonators bring to life the fascinating cemetery residents whose gravesites will be visited. 

(Raindate is Sunday, October 27)

Please join us the first Friday of each month, from 9 to 10 am at Splurge Bakery in Millburn for this monthly adult Bible Study group together with our friends from Christ Church in Short Hills and Congregation B'Nai Jeshurun. 

Our next gathering will take place November 1st.  All are welcome!


Our Beckerath Organ is celebrating
its 50th Anniversary this recital season!  

Please save these Sunday dates at 4 PM for the upcoming 2019-2020 recital series:  

November 10 - Paul-Martin Maki

February 23 - John Charles Schucker

April 19 - Johann Vexo

The next book discussion with Rev. Paula will be  Sunday, November 3 at 11:30am. November's book selection is  Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion by Greg Boyle.  Join us!

Advent Retreat !

Registration forms are available in church or from the parish office. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Rev. Paula at rector@ststephensmillburn.org.

Come Join The Choir !
St. Stephen's has a long history of offering our children the opportunity to sing and make music with a worship context. This year, the children's choir will rehearse most Sundays from 11:30am-12noon and is open to children ages 5+.

Throughout the year there will be opportunities to sing during the 10am service, as well as other special occasions such as the Family Christmas Eve service.

If you would like your child(ren) to join this group, or you have any questions, please contact St. Stephen's Music Director, Kim Williams, a.k.a. "Miss Kim" at kimwilliams59@mac.com.

Giving with Tithe.ly
Tithe.ly is a mobile-friendly app designed by a clergy person and used by thousands of congregations across the country.  With Tithe.ly, you can do one-time or recurring payments, as well as help with the nominal fee of using the service.  You can download the app from the App Store or Play Store, or you can do it online at tithe.ly/give. Enter St. Stephen's Church in the search menu and we should pop up.  You'll know it's  us if you see:

It's also possible to access Tithe.ly through our website - click on the "Give" button in the menu and you will be given the option to use Tithe.ly. 

Don't worry.  If you prefer to use a check or cash, that's fine.  If you are a Vanco user and want to keep it that way, that is good, too.
Third Thursday Theater
Historic Cemetery Tour
Finance Committee Meeting
Bakery Bible Hour
Reading with the Rector
Beckerath Organ Recital
October 17, 7pm
October 20, 2-4pm
October 23, 7:30pm
November 1, 9-10am
November 3, 11:30am
November 10, 4pm


This Week:  October 20, 8:00 am

Reader & Chalicer:   Allison Walker
Altar Guild:  Maria Nazareth


This Week:  October 20, 10:00 am

Readers:  Kathy Conway, Barbara Riedel
Chalicist:  Roger Riedel
Ushers:  Tim and Kathy Conway
Altar Guild:  John & Theresa Scharff
Coffee Hour:  Kira Hanson & Jean James

   Next Week:  October 27, 8 am

   Reader & Chalicer:  Nancy Sieffert
   Altar Guild:  Nancy Sieffert


       Next Week:  October 27, 10 am

Readers:   Shaun Landers, Barbara Churchill 
       Chalicist:   Roger Riedel
       Ushers:    Shaun and Lisa Landers
       Altar Guild:  Jean James
Coffee Hour:  Open
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