Welcome to the first rehearsal of the 2019-2020 Season

Parent Meeting
1:30 pm in the Community Room
The meeting will conclude with a presentation of the Italy Tour 2020 by the Encore Rep.
Registration packets for the tour will be available.

Rehearsal Schedule
Brass Ensemble starts next Sunday
Prelude 12:30 to 2:30 pm
Concert Orchestra 1:30 to 4:15 pm (rehearsal/sectionals) you need a stand
Principal Orchestra 1:30 to 4:30 pm (sectionals/rehearsal) you need a stand
Phil Strings & Phil Winds 2:45 to 4:45 pm
Phil Strings check out the NYS Conductor's Note page for a message from Mrs. Mac.

All Musicians, including members of Concert & Principal,
need to bring their own music stand.
Room assignments for rehearsals & sectionals will be posted on Sunday.

Tuition Collection
Your child(ren)'s invoice will be emailed to you later today.

Tuition will be collected at Sunday's rehearsal. Tuition is payable by check or credit card. Credit card payments will be accessed a 3% fee. Payments plans are available.

Tuition for the 2019-2020 season, which includes 4 tickets for the November and 4 tickets to the March Concert, is:
Principal: $900
Concert: $850
Phil Strings, Phil Winds & Prelude: $800
Families with more than one child in NYS purchase only one set of tickets $100.

Tickets for the Saturday, May 9, 2020 Concert with Midori will go on sale to NYS Families this fall.

Scholarship applications are due Sunday. Download the guidelines and application.
In the Atrium....during rehearsal

  • The boutique will be open from 12:15 to 3:30 pm. This is your opportunity to purchase NYS apparel and other merchandise.CDs from last season's concerts also available.
  • Snack Duty Sign-Up. Meet our NYS Snack Coordinators, Dana and Zeeshan, and select the rehearsal date that works best for you. Each family is asked to serve snack one time each season.
  • Parent Ensemble/Volunteer Coordinator, Alex Gittines, will be collect the Parent Volunteer forms and answer any question you may have.
  • Concert Attire - we have many gently used black suits, skirts etc. Before you purchase new concert attire, please see if we have something your child can wear. We also accept donations of concert attire your child has outgrown.
  • Lost and Found: we have items from last season you may have left behind. Also items you left at Tanglewood. If you are missing something we may have it.
Volunteer Corner
Thank you to the volunteers who kept auditions running on time!
Anna Bendisken, Beth Orwick, David Green, Sawako Ward, Parisa Arastu, Renee Codd, Ruth Balderrama, Helen Lemberg, Jane Lee, Alex Gittines, Michael Dorfsman, January Stewart, Christiane Byrnes, Ed Gittines, Sarath Damodor, Trammi Nguyen, Alexander Guadarrama, Matthew Guadarrama, John Seel, Daniel Xue and Anita Huq.
For questions or additional information, contact us at:

NYS Office Tel.: (203) 866-4100
Cell: (rehearsal hours) (203) 984-2658
Please do not reply to this email.