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April 10 | Issue 2020-25
China's Battle Against COVID-19 (25)
Facts & Updates
China is working hard to meet surging demand of medical supplies both at home and abroad
As of the end of March, more than 100 countries and international organizations have ordered items including protective suits, face masks, thermometers, ventilators and medicines from China. China is actively expanding exports of medical supplies to help contain the global COVID-19 outbreak. China has not and will not restrict export of medical supplies .

China's daily production of disposable medical protective suits has exceeded 1.5 million , daily output of N95 masks has reached 3.4 million units .

China attaches great importance to the quality of export products . The Chinese authorities have introduced strict regulatory measures, requiring exporting enterprises to provide written or electronic statements when declaring to the customs that their exports have obtained the registration certificate for medical device from the State Food and Drug Administration of China and met the quality standards of the importing country or region .

Overseas buyers of medical products are suggested to purchase from Chinese suppliers whose products have been registered with Chinese regulators, verify product quality before bringing them into use, and strictly follow the operation procedures and scope of application.

Consul General Zhang Ping on Twitter Pleased to learn 20k masks donated to #LACity by Shanghai municipal government arrived last weekend. Local Chinese community groups & businesses also donated supplies to #LACounty . Chinese people stand in solidarity with American people in combating #COVID19 . Let's work together.
Video Clip: From Lockdown to Reopening: What Happened in Wuhan?
On April 8, Wuhan officially lifted extreme virus control measures and resumed outbound transportation. By this time, 76 days had passed since the city's lockdown on January 23. The outbreak of COVID-19 has left China's epicenter with millions of people isolated from the outside world. As the disease is being brought under control this spring, Wuhan is gradually returning to normal. Every person who has fought in the pandemic deserves to be forever remembered.