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May 6 | Issue 2020-28
China's Battle Against COVID-19 (28)
Facts & Updates
" Now at this critical and trying moment, China and the US must put aside all the differences, all the disagreements, just forget them, and join hands to confront our common enemy, the virus ." said Le Yucheng , Chinese Vice Foreign Minister, at a television interview with NBC News.

Le expounded on China's efforts and experience in fighting the COVID-19 and its relations with the US, and refuted the conspiracy theories about the origin of the virus and groundless accusation of China's handling of the epidemic. Here are some of his main points.
  • China has been open, transparent, with good faith, and truthful when it comes to the release of data...The numbers we have released point only to the effectiveness of China's response efforts. What they reflect is China's experience, not China's cover-ups.

  • It is widely confirmed by experts that COVID-19 is not from labs...and not artificially synthesized. We need to respect science and refrain from resorting to conspiracy theories.
  • One should not accuse China first and then run so-called international investigations just to make up the evidence. This is arbitrary investigation based on the presumption of guilt. That is what we firmly oppose.

  • COVID-19 was not caused by China. It is a natural disaster. China is a victim, not an accomplice to it. The unreasonable and legally unfounded demand for China's reparations is not different from blackmail. The intention is nothing but shifting blame to China for the inadequate response of someone else. Blame game finds little support, and ends up nowhere.

  • China has been open, transparent and responsible in its COVID-19 response. We did not cover up anything, and did not delay any efforts. We have already publicized the time line of how we have shared the information on COVID-19.

  • Whatever differences or disagreements between China and the US, they look pale when we consider the well-being of the Chinese and American peoples and their shared aspiration for a better future. China and the US are actually in a good position to help each other succeed and achieve greatness together.

  • The two sides should move forward in three areas and reject three ill-tendencies.
We need to step forward to :
  1. maintain frequent communication between our leaders as well as dialogue and coordination between the relevant departments on both sides;
  2. advance practical cooperation in all areas;
  3. promote international cooperation on COVID-19 at multilateral platforms.
We must reject :
  1. stigmatizing China and politicizing the virus issue;
  2. disruptions or damage to bilateral cooperation;
  3. a zero-sum game in the context of COVID-19.

Read transcript of the interview.
Chinese mainland reported 2 new confirmed COVID-19 cases ( both imported) and no death on May 5 (Beijing Time), bringing the total numbers to 82,883 & 4,633 respectively. As 339 patients remained under treatment, 77,911 patients had been cured and discharged from hospital. ( Detailed Report )

China has sent 15 batches of medical teams totaling 149 members including professionals in respiratory, infectious diseases, traditional Chinese medicine and nursing to 16 countries to assist the fight against COVID-19.
Announcement on Further Enhancing Quality Oversight for Exported Epidemic Prevention and Control Supplies
Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of Customs, and the State Administration for Market Regulation of China
In order to better support the international community’s joint response at this unusual moment towards a global public health crisis caused by the spreading COVID-19 pandemic, the measures to enhance quality oversight and step up export regulation for epidemic prevention and control supplies are announced as follows:

I. Enhancing quality oversight for exported non-surgical face masks. As of April 26, 2020, exported non-medical use face masks shall conform with the quality standards of China or other countries.

The Ministry of Commerce shall offer a list of validated non-medical use face mask manufacturers with certification or authorization from other countries (see for updates).

The State Administration for Market Regulation shall provide a list of disqualified non-medical use face masks and manufacturers found on the Chinese market (see for updates).

Exporting companies of non-medical use face masks shall submit a joint declaration of the exporter and the importer in writing or in electronic form together with customs declarations, as a confirmation that the products are compliant with the quality standards of China or other countries, and that the importer accepts the quality standards of the products purchased and does not use them for medical purposes.

The customs shall inspect and release products according to the list provided by the Ministry of Commerce; for products from manufacturers not included in the list of the State Administration of Market Regulation, the customs shall accept the declarations, and inspect and release the products.

The joint declaration of the exporter and the importer shall be submitted in writing or in electronic form together with the export customs declarations under purchasing contracts signed before April 26, 2020.

II. Stepping up export regulation for medical supplies.

As of April 26, 2020, exporting companies of SARS-CoV-2 testing reagents, medical face masks, medical protective suits, ventilators and infrared thermometers that have obtained certification or authorization from other countries shall submit a declaration in writing together with customs declarations, as a warranty that the products are compliant with the quality standards and safety requirements of the importing countries (regions).

The customs shall inspect and release products according to the list of manufacturers that have obtained certification or authorization from foreign countries (see for updates) offered by the Ministry of Commerce.

The above measures shall be adjusted as the pandemic progresses.

To download relevant forms, click here .
Video Clips: Unforgettable moments in COVID-19 fight
A newly published photo album titled 100 Photographers Focus on COVID-19 sheds light on some of the indelible moments in Chinese people's tenacious fight against the novel coronavirus.

Here we have a look some of the photos through this video, many of which captured on the front lines of fighting COVID-19. 

The album is compiled by China Daily and published by China Pictorial Press .