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May, 28, 2015
Do you remember how fantastic you felt after your last Reflexology Treatment?  Well, I am here to remind you.  Relaxed, Refreshed and Rejuvenated!  Right!  You can have that feeling again.  I promise! 
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Busy Life, been neglecting your health, stressed and tense, anxious, headaches, in pain, persistent health problems?


Reflexology is a non-invasive holistic therapy that involves applying pressure to feet and hands and concentrates on re-balancing the body to achieve homeostasis - this is when the body is balanced internally.


By opening up the body's energy channels, any imbalances can be corrected and any blockages within the body can be released.


Reflexology treats a wide range of disorders...and can help people suffering from: Stress and tension - Arthritis - Asthma - Migraine - IBS - High Blood Pressure - PMS - Poor circulation - Pregnancy symptoms/discomfort - Insomnia - Back Pain - Diabetes - Sore Feet.... and many more.


"The Sole Whisperer"
Stacie Peters,