Newsletter/2020-04 Feb. 8, 2020
China's Battle Against 2019-nCov (4)
Consul General Zhang Ping on Twitter :
"I briefed the media today (Feb.7) about China's most comprehensive and strict measures on the prevention and control of #2019-nCoV epidemic, and its open, transparent and responsible approach in working closely with the international community."

Read some quotes from CG Zhang's remarks.

Facts & Updates
As of midnight Feb 7 (Beijing Time), the number of confirmed cases of 2019-nCov rose to 34,546 in Chinese mainland, including 722 deaths and 2,050 patients discharged from hospital after recovery.

1,600 beds for Leishenshan Hospital to be delivered in Wuhan
@ChineseConsulateLA : CG Zhang Ping hosts press briefing on 2019-nCov outbreak Click to read Zhang's opening remarks
"Acting with a high sense of responsibility to people's health, the Chinese government has taken the most comprehensive and strict prevention and control measures, many of which have far exceeded what WHO and International Health Regulations required."

"We have adopted an open, transparent and highly responsible approach, notifying the WHO and other countries of the epidemic, and sharing the genome sequence of the coronavirus in a timely manner."
"Virus knows no borders so do its prevention and control measures...infectious diseases are common challenges facing the international community. No country can stay immune on its own...only with the concerted efforts of the international community can we defeat the virus and safeguard the health of all mankind."

"It is gratifying to see...there is an outpouring of empathy and support to the Chinese people from friends of all walks of life in our consular district ."
"We understand the reasonable and necessary quarantine measures taken by some countries in response to the epidemic. On the other hand, we also believe that it is necessary to follow WHO’s recommendations, make rational and science-based response to the current situation and not overreact."

"While we care deeply about our country and people, we are also doing what we can to ensure the well-being of Chinese nationals in our consular district. "
"We need to guard against the spread of xenophobia and racial profiling or discrimination against Chinese people or even Asians. ...these acts and rhetoric and those ill intended attacks on China’s social system and groundless accusation against Chinese government are disturbing. It reflects some people's deep-rooted ideological and racial stereotypes, which we firmly oppose."   
  • Keep distance with people when talking.
  • Wash hands after touching cellphones or elevator buttons, or after using cash.
  • Receiving delivered packages at home is not dangerous.
  • Sun exposure, taking hot bath or using air conditioning cannot kill the virus.
  • Higher-concentration alcohol may not be more effective.
  • Woolen fabric does not retain virus longer.
  • Not everyone needs to wear a N95 mask.
  • No specific medicine recommended to prevent or treat the virus.

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