Catholic Schools Week 2019

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STEM Activity :  Science Lab Dissections
STEM Activity:
Art Lessons - Portfolios

Congratulations to our Science Fair Winners:
Class of 2019
Diocese of Oakland Science Fair @ St. Joseph's of Alamada

Monday, February 11 
* 3:00 p.m. Art Club 4th-6th Grades ...extended care fees apply   (Room 4B)  
* 3:00 p.m. MUSE Band practice (Dominican Hall)
Tuesday, February 12  
* Pizza Sales (Lunch)
* 3:00 p.m. Guitar Class ...extended care fees apply
Wednesday, February 13 
* 3:00 p.m. Choir practice ...extended care fees apply (meet in Hall then proceed to Church)
Thursday, February 14    
Friday, February 15 
* 8:15 a.m. Faith Families
Monday, February 18 - Friday, February 22
* WINTER BREAK - No School, No Serendipity Club, Office Closed
February 27
* 7:30 a.m. Dr. Seuss Breakfast
Tuesday, March 5
* End of 2nd Trimester
Wednesday, March
* Ash Wednesday

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Congratulations to William Hayr,
creator of the winning design for our 2019 Fun Run T-Shirt!

HRS Science Fair
Overall - 8th Grade
1st Place
Evan Anderson 
Physical Science
Siphone Stories
2nd Place
Lexie Thomason & Matty Hourigan
Biological Science
Which Light Will Make a Plant Grow the Fastest?
3rd Place TIE 
Niko Rivera
Physical Science
How to Disinfect Contaminated Water
Anthony Potestio & Giancarlo Olveda
Physical Science
Temperature Effect on Glow Sticks
By Category - 8th Grade
Physical Science - TIE
Brock Lombardi
What is the Best Fabric for Water Resistant Clothing?
Sofia Villasenor
What Makes Ice Melt the Fastest?
Biological Science 
Jordan Ratchford & Isaiah Pino
Which Type of Wrapping Keeps Fruits and Vegetables Fresher Longer?
Mathematics/Computer Science
William Hayr
Protecting Your Network
Overall - 7th Grade
1st Place
Rachel Kimball
Physical Science
What's in Your Water?
2nd Place
Tyler Harper
Physical Science
Batter Up!
3rd Place
Noah Esteva
Physical Science
Does Color Affect the Melting Point of Ice Cubes?
By Category - 7th Grade
Physical Science
Nataly Vasquez & Cianna Cueba
Drop Ball
Biological Science
Alfredo Alvarez & Matthew Vargas
How Do Cut Flowers Last the Longest?
Mathematics/Computer Science
Julia Bremhorst & Audrey Campbell
What are the Odds of Winning a Carnival Game?
Most Impressive Interview
8th Grade
Tanner Luff & Kent Noble
Physical Science
Electrifying Electrolytes
7th Grade
Lars Johannsen & Andrew Bonifacio
Biological Science
Which is More Efficient? Hand Sanitizer or Soap and Water?
Most Creative Poster
7th Grade
Sebastian Ramirez
Physical Science
Roarin' Rockets
8th Grade
Malena Rivera
Physical Science
Do Disinfectant Sprays Really Work? 
HRS  Spelling Bee 2019

School Champion
Yuan Ricafort
Class 1A
Ruby duPont
Xander Pulver
Vincent Ramos, Jr.
Alondra Flores - alternate
Class 1B
Gianna Robinson
Julia Ivanne Sy
Rhyzza Yu
Nathan Josiah Cruz - alternate
Class 2A
Sophia Bernadette Amio
Madison Johnson
Alexander Lam
Jayden Eli Fadrigon - alternate
Class 2B
Arrabella Gochuico
Jonathan Huang
Lex Zachary Magpoc 
Julius Jayden Dacasin - alternate 
Class 3A
Benjamin Lee
Marco Lim
Jesus Zermeno
Adaiba Ozoh - alternate
Class 3B
Alvan Baakoi
Yzabella Octaviano
Jadence Tiong
Zane Santiago - alternate   
Class 4A
Branden Ancheta
Benjamin Hoady
Leila Salomero
Abigail Chumo - alternate
Class 4B
Mohammad Ali
Tamba Baakoi
Sean Kim
Aliyana Joy Guting - alternate
Class 5A
Chloe Beland
Alexis Hund-McCaslin
Liyah Nicole Magpoc
Angelica Gallardo - alternate
Class 5B
Brayden Knight
Natalie Mengesha
Brandon Sin
Vincent Dantes - alternate
Class 6A
Vanessa Castellon-Gutierrez
Rocco duPont
Kylie Wisely
Andrew Aldape - alternate
Class 6B
Christian Carey
Sofia Henderson
Arturo Rosas
Breanna Sanchez - alternate
Class 7A
Maria Alcocer Sotomayor
Julia Bremhorst
Lars Johannsen
Alyssa Wilright - alternate
Class 7B
Vincent Cano
William Lee
Anthony Salazar
Alfredo Alvarez - alternate
Class 8A
Alexander Como
Yuan Josh Ricafort
Nathanial Sigua
Kent Noble - alternate
Class 8B
William Hayr
Nathan Ng
Patrick Ouimet
Sarah Cosper - alternate  
HRS Geography Bee 2019
School Champion
Yuan Ricafort
Santino Castellanoz, Class 4A
Giuseppe Lavelle, Class 4B
Justin Uribarri, Class 5A
Emily Celli, Class 5B 
Kylie Wisely, Class 6A
Angel Carranza, Class 6B
Logan Simonsen, Class 7A
Natalia Hamade, Class 7B 
Yuan Ricafort, Class 8A
William Hayr, Class 8B