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August, 2016

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Immanuel's Back to School Sale
Saturday, August 13th, 9 am - 12 pm
Sunday, August 14th, 9 am - 12 pm
(between worship services)  

Gently used clean children's clothing available for $.25 per item (bring laundry basket, bags or a box to put items in), and school supplies. We welcome donations of gently used clean or new clothing and school supplies. Backpacks are an incredible gift as well. Any and all donations will go to benefit the children of the community who need these items for the upcoming school year!  If you are able to help, or have items to donate - please see Sarah.  Thank you!!



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Farewell to Immanuel Staff Members
We would like to extend a farewell and thank you to Zack Ortiz, who has served well as our Middle School Director. We wish you well, and pray that God will continue to bless you, as you have been a blessing to our Middle Schoolers.
We also thank Sue Gifford for her guidance in launching the Little Sprouts Daycare program here at Immanuel. We wish you success and happiness in your future endeavors as an in-home daycare provider.
New Daycare Director
We are excited to announce that we have hired a new Director/Administrator for Little Sprouts Early Learning Center. Tyler Leech, who was born and raised in Lake Geneva and brings many years of experience working with young children in a variety of childcare settings, will begin his work as Little Sprouts Director as of August 1st.
In the interim between Sue Gifford's departure and his arrival, Lynsey Fleck will be filling in as Director.
Lynsey is the Vice President of Immanuel Lutheran Church's Church Council. She has thirteen years of experience working with students in multiple grade levels and in multiple settings, including school, home, and community-based environments. She has worked in both Regular and Special Education and with two and three year olds in a Montessori setting. Lynsey has Bachelor's degrees in English and in Early Childhood Regular and Special Education. She also has a Master's Degree in Reading and works during the school year as a Literacy Coach/Reading Specialist at Star Center Elementary School. In addition to filling in for Tyler in the interim, Lynsey will be acting as a mentor for him during his first month as Director.
Middle School/Youth Ministry Update
We are currently considering some very exciting options that will help bridge all of our youth ministries together-from preschool to graduation. Sarah Beauregard, our Children's Ministry Director, and Holly Bromeland, our Just for Kids Director, are working in partnership with the Church Council and Sean and Sharon Payne, our High School Youth Directors, to design and implement more cohesive programs that will engage youth of all ages. We are very excited to announce these initiatives and begin rolling them out in the coming weeks!

New Staff Member
We welcome Rick Ruby, our AV Coordinator, to our staff here at Immanuel. Welcome to our Immanuel Team!

Music Ministry Update

We are waiting to hear back from John as to when he will return from his paternity leave. As a council, we are thrilled for him to have this time with his daughter and excited for his return. We have made extensive efforts to communicate with John in person and via phone and email, and we eagerly await return communication so we can give you, the congregation, and all of those who share their incredible musical talents with us a firm answer. In the interim, we are so grateful to Adam Smith, the Praise Team, and all of the musicians for providing us with excellent music each week.

Call Process Update: Why are we taking such a long time for the call process?
The simplest answer is that we want to get it right. There are several reasons that we believe taking adequate time is in the interest of doing this right:
  • Pastor Rich has done this process with 24 congregations. The congregations he has worked with have taken adequate time in forming a call committee and placing a new Pastor. As a result, all of these congregations have placed a Pastor who has remained for a minimum of 8-10 years.
  • In both Interim Pastors' experience, when a new Pastor or Pastors has been placed quickly, that Pastor usually only remains with the congregation for 3 years or less.
  • In the past, the Synod recommended a quicker call process. With research over time, however, they found that quick call processes usually resulted in Pastoral placements that lasted only 3-5 years. Because of this, the Synod now recommends a longer call process, particularly in congregations where there has been the same leadership for an extended period of time (as we had with Pastors Mark and Mary Ann).
  • Pastor Rich and Pastor Martha are using the time before the call committee is formed to get to know the congregation and gain a deep understanding of what we as a community are happy with and want to keep at Immanuel and what we want to change. This will allow the call committee, and the entire call process, to be highly responsive and targeted to meet the specific needs of our faith community.
What Does It Take?
One of the most common questions when a pastor retires or leaves a church is: When do we get our new pastor? To me, the best answer is: When the Holy Spirit decides you are ready.   Frankly it takes time, and you have a lot of work to do first.   You need time to figure out what kind of a pastor you need next. (Hint: just like Pastors Mary Ann and Mark is not an option). What direction is the congregation going?   What are the priorities?   How many pastors do you need: one, two, three?   Should you have another clergy couple?   Co-pastors? Senior and Associate? Administrative and Program?   If you would Call new pastors before you have figured these things out, you will not be happy with the results.
Here is what we recommend.   This fall the Council will ask for volunteers to be a part of a Transition Team.   It will be the work of this team to hold meetings with the congregation to talk about these and many other questions.   THEN, when you have a better idea what kind of ministry and what kind of skills you are looking for, we will elect a Call Committee to begin the work of finding the right pastors for Immanuel.  
How long will all of this take? The Spirit will guide you. It may take a year, it may take longer. The point is to not take shortcuts just to get the job done. Pastor Martha and Pastor Rich are here to give you the luxury of time.   We will help you continue the work of mission and ministry you have here, however long it takes.
What does it take to find new pastors?   It takes time, it takes faith and prayer, and it takes your commitment to Immanuel and to the work that the Lord has placed before you in this place.
Contact Information for the Church Council
The church council and staff are eager to oversee and serve Immanuel during the call process. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us for prayer needs, spiritual guidance, help, information about the call process, and fellowship. We pledge to work hard with you and for you in the days ahead. We also promise to keep you well informed as we receive information. Contact Brenda if you need a Church Directories; Minutes of Council Meetings; Monthly Financial Statements.
Scot Hodkiewicz - President: 262-903-9663,
Lynsey Fleck - Vice President: 608-438-5625,
Johnalee Kawalec: 262-581-3042,
Jim Gaugert: 262-949-46-26,
Kristin Larkin: 414-491-1969,
Matt Dahlgren: 262-379-1069,
Jody Teske: 262-215-0714,
Frank Peiler: 815-678-2642,
Matt Schulz: 773-848-4487,
Heidi Schuessler: 262-745-1917,
Barb Kwiatkowski: 262-215-9614,
Doug Bartz: 414-339-7661,

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Serving in the Military

John Allison, Chris Bollwahn, Jimmy Flores, Robert Knowlton, Alex Novak, Brian Novak, Tim Sireno, Andy Sireno, Ben Swatek, Jacob Swatek, Daniel Tschida.
In Hospice Care
LaVerne Anderson, Ray Christian

Health and Strength
Eunice Abresch, Ken Argenbright, Baby Emma, Dave Backovitch, Tom Bernacchi, Chris Bevon, Jonathan Boales, Elise Bonni, Mike Brady, Marie Brown, Danielle Clutier, Christina Conboy, Craig Day, Vicki Egnew, George Elblein, Arthur Erickson, Pat Evans, Gary Faulkner, Ginny Freund, Trinity Galice, Gary Garvin, Bonnie Gilbertson, Kim Hammond, Carole Holbrook, Ken Hovland, Tony Huml, Don Inman, Ed Jansen, Bruce Johnson, Ryan Johnson, Katie, Carleen Keller, Bruce Kelly, Chad Kimmell, Mary Klein, Fred Larson, Ron Lavin, Stephanie Luengen, Nancy Lyon, Jean Madaus, Les Malsch, Ivy Marinello, Becky McAuliffe, Louise McGilvray, Bill McGregor, Craig Middleton, Randy Miller, Larry Moe, Carrie Novak, Bert Ortiz, Jeff Patek, Bob & Mary Ann Pearce, Denise Peck, Bea Riley, Deb Robers, Judy Rocker, Candy Roscoe, Maria Ruby, Stephanie Ruby, Susan Schinke, Mackenzie Schuler, Rick Schultz, Betty Schulz, Bill Smarslik, Whitney Sutton, Helen Teegen, Kaitlyn Vegter, Karen Wells, Aimee Yakes, Nannette Yakes, Carrie Yesko, Sophia Zematis.

+ Agnes Fry, aunt of Trish Fry-Misener, died in Christ on June 16th.
+ Rita Leahy, mother-in-law of Scott Vorpagel, died in Christ on June 22nd.
+ Harriet Aspenson DeLap , mother of Clair Aspenson, died in Christ on June 30th.
+ Everett Pearce, brother of Bob Pearce, died in Christ on July 2nd.
+ JoAnn Erickson , mother of Beth Ehlert and grandmother of Doug Ehlert, died in Christ on July 21st.

Serving on the Mission Field


Zach  & Misa Harrod, Jenn and Jason Byers, Karen Flowers, Chris and Irene Okuna, Ginger Peterson


+ Congratulations to Malorie Binn and Tae Whang who exchanged wedding vows on June 25th.
+ Congratulations to Thomas Lawra and Makayla Westcott on their marriage on July 2nd.
+ Congratulations to Garrison Draper and Jennifer Gratzl who exchanged marriage vows on July 3rd.

Expecting a Child!
Haley Derrick, Christy Feller

+ Congratulations to John and Nicole Ivan on the birth of their daughter, Olivia Joy Ivan, born on June 24th, 5lbs, 15 oz, 19 ½ inches long.

+ Congratulations to Phillip and Emily Johnson on the baptism of their daughter Hazel Llyne Johnson on June 5th.
+ Congratulations to Jennifer Ott-Wislon and Brent Wilson on the baptism of their daughter Lillyan Mae Wilson on July 17th.

+ Congratulations to Matida Scout Snyder, Maryn Christine Jarvis, Kayden Britt Jarvis on receiving their First Communion on July 17th.
+ Congratulations to Jim and Grace Hanny on their50th Wedding Anniversary on June 18th. Congratulations on this very special milestone.

Praise Team: Rehearses Wednesdays, 7:30 PM
Praise Team rehearses at 7:30PM on Wednesdays. The team vibrantly leads contemporary worship songs each week at 9:45 & 11:07. We are incredibly grateful for their fabulous leadership and dedication! Attendance at rehearsals is required. Contact John Ivan at if you are interested in participating.
Prayer Requests
We appreciate all of your prayer requests each week! We want to continue praying for all individuals because we know how powerful prayer is in the lives of so many. It has been a struggle to keep the list up to date, so we have come up with a plan to keep the list current from month to month. On the first of the new month, we will restart the prayer list. If someone needs to stay on the list, just let Brenda know by using the worship card found in the weekly bulletin, calling the church office (262.248.4211), emailing Brenda at, or dropping off a note in the church office. We want your requests, so we can continue praying for those in need. Contact Brenda if you have any questions.
Weekly Worship Leaders
Dear Members of Immanuel, I guess I am addressing this mostly to the 1st service members as I don't know much about the other services. I really enjoy helping usher and serve communion. It makes me feel as I am giving back to the church and my service brings me closer to God. But there are some Sundays I would like to just sit and enjoy the reverence of the service. So please, if some of you would step-up and help out then all of us will only have to serve every couple months. Please talk this over with God and make the best choice. Friends in Christ, Joan Anderson
Worship Schedule Sign-up
Immanuel has an URGENT need for individuals to help with our Worship services on Sundays. Sign-up to help lead worship on Immanuel's website:  C lick on "Worship Sign Up" and choose the month and service you would like to help. The positions that need to be filled are highlighted in yellow.  Click in the box or by the number, and type your name.  When you exit, it automatically saves your name in that spot.  Anyone who clicks on the link will see the updated version. 
There is also a sign-up board in the Fellowship Hall to manually sign-up if you prefer to do it that way.   Or email me dates, times and the position you would like to fill.  Thank you, again, for your willingness to serve!  You are a gift!  Know you are loved! Evie Schulz, Ministry Coordinator
Assistance with Parking on Sundays
Assistance with parking is available on Sunday mornings. Inquire at the Welcome Center if valet parking would help you, and we will add you to the schedule.
Welcome Center Volunteers
Do you like to meet people? We are looking for some fun people to be on the Welcoming Team.  They set up coffee and water in the Welcome Center, greet and help connect visitors to members between services. Visitors to Immanuel always comment on how welcoming Immanuel is. We are incredibly grateful for your help! Contact Edith Draper at 248-1861 with any questions.
Coffee Hour
Beverages are available following the first service at the Welcome Center Counter in the Gathering Space.  Help yourself to information about Immanuel on the counter. 
Our Coffee Hour follows the first service in the Fellowship Hall. Join us for treats, beverages, and conversation.  It's a great way to meet new friends, and to share in fellowship with others.  All are welcome!!  Fellowship is a fundamental need for a thriving church. Many thanks to those who help serve for these two ministries!  We can always use more help. If you're interested in helping, we need you!!  Sign up on the Worship Card. Thanks!
Parking on Sundays and Special Services
Able bodied members are encouraged to park in the outer parking stalls or the Middle School Lot when they can, so visitors and seniors can be closer to the entrances. Many Thanks! It's a wonderful challenge to be short on parking spaces! Praise God, who gives the growth!!

New Member Discovery Class
A New Member Discovery Class will  be held on Sunday, August 14th at 12:30 p.m. Join us for lunch, an overview of God's plan of Salvation, and learn about ministry opportunities at Immanuel. Child care is available. Please sign up on your worship card.

Men's Friday Small Group Bible Study
A Men's Small Group Bible Study meets on Friday from 6:45 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. at Immanuel Lutheran Church. All Are Welcome!
Saturday Morning Bible Study
The Saturday Morning Bible Study meets on Saturday, August 13th at 10:00 a.m. at Jill Rosenthal's home, W3300 Hunt Ridge Drive, Elkhorn.
The study is fashioned after the book, "After God's Own Heart" Contact Jill for directions at 262-248-7491.

Sunday Morning Bible Study
Sunday Morning Bible Study has taken time off this summer but will start up in the fall. Stay tuned for details of our next Adult Bible Study topic. Contact Trish Fry-Misener at 262-949-2480.


Sunday Morning Nursery Staff

A nursery is provided during worship for children 4 and under to the left of the Sanctuary. Children over 5 years are encouraged to join their families during worship. Little treats are available on the coffee bar counter. Grab a "busy bag" for your pre-schooler at the entrance to the worship space, and
return it to the stand when the service is finished.
Sunday School Teachers
We are looking for adults and high school students who are willing to teach Sunday School for this Fall Quarter. Rally Day is September 11th. We would like children to be able to meet their teacher that day. Our hope is for team teachers for each grade level, so teachers always have a partner in case they are sick or absent. It's also possible to teach only twice a month if you prefer. Please sign up on the Worship Card, or call Sarah at 248-4211. Thanks! Stay tuned for details about our first Sunday School Teacher meeting!
Sunday School

Sunday School will resume on September 11th with the Rally Day Kick-Off! Sunday School is from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Bring your children to our classrooms. Preschool (3 and 4 year olds that are potty trained), kindergarten and first grade classes are near the church office to the right of the sanctuary. Second through fifth grade classrooms are to the left of the sanctuary, just off the fellowship hall.
If you want to teach, give our Children's Ministry Director, Sarah Beauregard, a call at 248-4211. We welcome donations of juice or snacks!
Back to School Sale (Clothes and Supplies for Kids)
The Back to School Sale is August 13th from 9-12 and Sunday August 14th in between services at Immanuel. Gently used clean children's clothing available for $.25 per item (bring laundry basket, bags or a box to put items in), and school supplies. We welcome donations of gently used clean or new clothing and school supplies. Backpacks are an incredible gift as well. Any and all donations will go to benefit the children of the community who need these items for the upcoming school year!  If you are able to help, or have items to donate - please see Sarah.  Thank you!!
Just For Kids Summer Program
The Just For Kids 2016 Summer Program is in full swing, 6:00 am - 6:00 pm, for children ages 7-11. There is a $25 registration fee and the cost is $30 per day. This program will include themed week curriculum, games, crafts, snacks and various activities. We ask that the family provides the lunch for your child. This is a wonderful safe-haven for children while you are at work. Contact Holly at for more information.
Our last day of the Just For Kids Summer Program is August 31st.
Just For Kids
JFK is gearing up for the school year! Our JFK After School Ministry for elementary school kids is each school day from 6:00-8:15 a.m., and 4:00- 6:00 p.m. Contact Holly at 262-949-6227 for more information.
Little Sprouts Day Care News
Little Sprouts Learning Center is open from 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., for children 6 weeks through 4 K. Daycare is full. Lunch is provided before or after school for 4-K students, as well as transportation to and from school. Contact our Daycare Director, Tyler Leech, 262-248-4211 or Lynsey Fleck at 608-438-5625

3:16 Middle School Youth Group Summer Schedule
Summer is starting to wind down but we have a couple events planned for the middle school students. For more information, please contact the church at
3:16 Middle School Youth Group Lock-ins
We have two lock-ins planned for this summer. The first lock-in will be July 29th from 8pm-8am at Sugar Creek in Elkhorn. The second will be August 26th at Sugar Creek in Elkhorn from 8pm-7am. Both will have multiple churches involved and as always bring your friends! Please call the church office if your student is interested in going!

High School Youth Group
The High Youth Group will meet up in the fall so stay tuned for dates and times.

Help Needed to Spread Woodchips on Immanuel Flowerbeds

Woodchips were delivered on July23rd. We are looking for lots of help to spread the woodchips on the flowerbeds to help keep the moisture in the ground and the weeds in check so our beautiful plants can survive the summer. We plan to have organized workdays on Saturday, July 30th and Sunday, July 31st. Stay tuned for more details or call the church at 248-4211 if you can help or want to get the times for the work days. Individuals helping with this project are encouraged to bring work gloves, wheel barrows, shovels, rakes when spreading the woodchips.

Immanuel Prayer Team

Matthew 18: 19-20 says, "Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in Heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them."

Anyone interested in gathering for prayer is invited to join us in praying for our world, our country and our church.  In the past, we have had special prayer teams when Immanuel was involved in land and building programs, seeking God's leading.  This is a very important time in our church life so we want to pray for God's hand to be lead our council, our interim pastors, our staff and the whole congregation.
Times of Prayer - All Are Welcome! 
*Sundays at 9:45 am (this summer) in church library - for those who are not at worship.
Sundays at 12:15 pm at the altar rail after the 11:07 am service
Monday evenings at 7:00 pm - starting July 25th - church library
*This summer, the prayer team will meet at 9:45 am since there is no adult education hour.
People will be praying at these times, in these places.  So if anyone feels led to seek special prayer times, to pray through the rough roads we sometimes travel - please join us!
Any questions, call the church office or call or text Judy Guy at 262-210-9342.
Immanuel Annual Quilt Raffle
Immanuel's Annual Quilt Raffle is September 11 th, 18 th, and 25 th. Quilts will be on display in the Welcome Center between worship services. Please consider donating $1 per ticket, $5 for 6 tickets or $20 for the length of your wingspan. All proceeds go to the Graduate / Baptism Quilt Ministry.

Adult Special Olympics Fundraiser
The Walworth County Special Olympics Fundraiser is Tuesday, August 16th from 4:30-8:30 pm at Champs Sports Bar, 747 West Main Street, Lake Geneva. Tickets are $8 per person which includes all you can eat pulled pork, rolls, cole slaw, baked beans and apple sauce. There is a cash bar.
Betsy Aguirre will sell tickets in between services on Sunday prior to the fundraiser. Contact Betty at
248-3034 with any questions.

Shepherding Ministry Team

Over the next several weeks, members from the Shepherding Ministry team will be reaching out to various long-time congregants seeking volunteers to connect with new members for a short period of time. They will mentor new members to help them assimilate into our church family, meet other members, and discover the many wonderful programs and ministries Immanuel has to offer.  This will be an exciting opportunity to share our blessings and experiences.   Please prayerfully consider becoming a shepherd.  We welcome anyone interested to contact Evie at church or email

Call for Weeding at Immanuel
Would you like to lower your blood pressure? Confirmed research documents that hand-grip exercises lower blood pressure. Lose five or more pounds this summer? Gripping, twisting and pulling; bending squatting, lunging and hoeing motion can make pounds disappear. A couple of hours per week will improve the looks of Immanuel's grounds and improve your health. Call Eunice at 2626-248-2687 if you want to help reduce the dandelion population this year.
Community Connection Meal - August 18th, 5:15-6:30pm
A big thank you to all our volunteers and cooks who made our July Community Meal a terrific success! The next Community Meal is Thursday, August 18th at 5:15 pm. Remember these are free meals to those in our community who might be hungry, lonely or need fellowship. August donations of macaroni and cans of sliced pineapples can be dropped off in the Community Meal Shopping cart in the entry. Fresh produce is always welcomed just call number below. For folks who would like to make a monetary donation, envelopes are available from the Piggy Pot in the cart. Just put your donation envelope in the offering plate during church.
Some members want to help but are not able to work Thursday night meal. Here's an opportunity! We are now doing prep work for our meals the 3 rd Tuesday of the month and can use your help.
Mark your calendars: The Community Connection Rummage Sale will be October 7 th, 8 th, and 9 th.
Volunteers are needed for sorting, setting up, working the days of sale and of course clean up. Watch for rummage sale inserts in the Sunday Bulletins. Anyone who wants to be involved in this vital ministry call Jill Rosenthal at 262-949-2569.
Immanuel's Blood Center of Wisconsin Blood Drive

The Blood Center of Wisconsin Drive is Tuesday, August 30, 2016 from 2:00-7:00 p.m.
here at Immanuel Lutheran Church. Make an appointment with Ken Field at 262-374-1795 or visit the Blood Center link:

Join our Sunday Morning Coffee - Fellowship Hour Team(s)

Fellowship Hour Team Still Needed for the 5th Sunday! Thanks to the Thursday evening small group, we now have the alternate third week covered, but still in need of a team for the 5th week. This happens only one more time this year in October.  This would be perfect for another small group...please prayerfully consider this ministry.  We always have a great turn out and it is a wonderful opportunity to connect with each other and to meet new people. Let Evie Schulz know if you are willing to serve.
Side By Side Fundraiser

Many thanks to all the Immanuel folks who came out and supported Side by Side's fundraising dinner at Simple in June! With your help, we are able to care for those in need in our community! Mark your calendars for the next event: 
Friday, September 30th for a FISH DINNER at Simple! Seatings at 5, 6, and 7pm. Tickets will go on sale the 3 Sundays before the event, or contact Steve or Judy Guy for more information:
Side By Side Screening
Side By Side screening is the 3rd Tuesday of each month, August 16 th, at 7:00 the First Congregational UCC Church, 715 Wisconsin Street, Lake Geneva. Funds are available for rental assistance and utilities - for those living in the Lake Geneva School District. Bring a copy of the bill. Side By Side is a collaborative ministry between area churches and civic groups.
Journey Through Grief Group Support Group

A grief support group, The Journey Through the Wilderness of Grief, is being offered to members of Immanuel, their relatives and friends, who have lost a loved one, family member/friend.  This group
meets on Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. in the office conference room.  The group will set meeting times the first night, but ordinarily will run for 1 1/2  hours and 6-8 session depending on the needs of the participants.  If you wish to enroll, please let Evie know via email or Brenda at the church office.
Care Team Development
If you are interested in helping deepen the level of caregiving and compassion at Immanuel, contact one of the leaders below.We will develop Care Teams to provide additional support and care to members: i.e., visiting the homebound, those in nursing homes, and the hospitalized; sharing the sacrament of holy communion with them; and providing support for their families. Leadership Team: Susan Hughes, Vickie Dodge, Steve Guy, Kristen Larkin, Marilyn Heiden, Jeannie Patchin & Kathie Swanson.
St. Vincent De Paul (Milwaukee) Soup Kitchen
Several items are always needed at the Milwaukee Soup Kitchen. Specific items are men's pants, jackets, socks, underwear. Toiletries, the small sizes, are also needed. Many thanks to all who have contributed to this great need! Most sincerely, Bob Rosenthal.
Blood Pressure Checks
Blood pressure checks after the 1 st service on the 3 nd Sunday of each month in the church office.
Meals on Wheels Volunteers Needed
We are looking for substitutes to help
with Meals on Wheels
every 5 weeks. We will train you and work with your schedule. Call Pauline Malsch at 262-215-3121.
AA Meetings
Women's AA Meeting - Sun., 4:00 p.m. in the lower level of church.
Debtors Anonymous (DA)
meets Mondays at 7:30 p.m. in the lower level. Is your life unmanageable because of debt?   Are you sick of bouncing checks, paying late fees, & having creditors hound you? Is your marriage, or are other relationships in constant strife due to debt? DA Statement of purpose:
to stop incurring unsecured debt one day at a time. Come join us & break free of crushing debt! Call Chris at 630-640-1024.
Weight Watchers Meeting
Weight Watchers - Mondays at 9:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. in the Youth Room. Leader: Deb Olkives, 262-496-9965,; Weight Watchers Hotline 1-866-204-2885.
WC Food Pantry
The WC Food Pantry, Wednesdays from 1:00-5:00 PM, and Saturdays from 10:00 AM-2:00 PM, at 205 East Commerce Court, Elkhorn, 262-723-4488. They are in desperate need of bar soap and razors.
The Lake Geneva Food Pantry
The Lake Geneva Food Pantry, Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9:00 - 11:30 AM at First Congregational Church, 715 Wisconsin Street. 262-248-2337.

New Immanuel Lawn Signs
The new Immanuel lawn signs are finally here! Pick-up your Immanuel lawn signs at church for placement in your yard.
Electronic Giving
Throughout the year, if you can't make it to church we encourage you to automate your regular donations. Immanuel relies on the consistent financial support of the congregation and electronic giving offers an easy way to give on a recurring basis. Visit or contact the church office for more information. We have authorization forms in the church office. We thank you for your continued support!
Weekly Giving Envelopes
We are always thankful for your gifts of offering. Thank you for using your giving envelopes! The giving envelopes add efficiency to the counting process on Sundays by eliminating the need to look up names and envelope numbers. Thank you for your generosity. If you would like to give on-line, please see the Electronic Giving article above.

+ Dear Church members, the family of Lorraine Petersen would like to thank its members for allowing us to use your church for her funeral. Our parents were members of this church for a long time. We would also like to thank the people who served the luncheon after the funeral. The food was delicious and we felt very well taken care of. We are so appreciative that people are willing to give up part of their holiday for us. Jan & John DeVos & Judy * Dan Grimmer
+ Dear Immanuel Quilters, Thank you for the beautiful quilt. Thank you for all the time that you put into making it and all the other beautiful quilts. My quilt will be going off to college with me. Love, Megan Batz
+ The women quilters of Immanuel, What a beautiful quilt created for our little Hazel's Baptism. You made her day so special. We are so appreciative of your generosity & gift of your talent! Thank you so much. We will cherish her quilt forever. Love, Phil, Emily and Hazel Johnson
+ Thank you to all who have been helping with the weeding here at Immanuel. We appreciate your time and willingness to dig in the dirt.
Let's continue to stay ahead of the weeds!

+ Dear friends of Immanuel, We are so blessed to live in such a lovely place but we are still so surrounded by people in need! Many, many thanks for your partnership in caring for those in need in our midst. We are still seeing 125-150 families per month, made up of anywhere from 230-330 adults and 111-154 children each month. Our new emphasis this summer is to provide special food products for those children not getting the free or reduced breakfasts and lunches at school during the school year. Thank you for your tremendous support of our mission to feed our neighbors! Sincerely, Lake Geneva Food Pantry staff
+ Dear quilters, I cannot tell you how much I love my quilt! I've had a lot of trepidation about going to college; especially going so far away. I'm happy to say that your beautiful quilt will comfort me in the turbulent / exciting times ahead. Thank you again! Mitchell Barnett
+ A note of thanks to all the prayer shawl / quilting ladies that make the prayer shawls. I received mine a couple of weeks ago and took it with me to my first breast cancer chemo treatment. Sitting with my prayer shawl draped over me made me feel the love and caring coming from Immanuel Lutheran. And it was much admired by the kind staff of the Vince Lombardi cancer center at Lakeland. I've got many more sessions to go and my prayer shawl will come with me to everyone. Thank you again, and especially Kathy who made mine, for using your sewing skills and talents in helping others, like me in getting through a blimp in the road with comfort and love. My love to all, Vena Bodine
+ Dear Quilt Committee members, Thank you all so much for the incredible quilt! I know it will bring me much comfort when I go off to Carroll University this fall. Having my quilt will not only comfort me when I am homesick but also remind me of God's unfailing love and that He is always with me. Thank you for all the time and hard work you have put into creating such a special gift for me! I will cherish it forever! Thank you again so much, Christina Kanelos
+ Thank you to Adam Smith, Kathy Middleton, Jim Russell, Mike Van Dyke, Tom Jooss, Dan Schmidt and members of the Praise Team for your leadership in our music ministry. We also thank the AV team for your attention to detail and facilitating the cohesive sound of the Praise Team.
+ A big thank you to the High School Mission Team Members for sharing their experience in New Orleans with us on July 24th. We pray you have been changed through these amazing opportunities to help others in need.
+ Dear Quilting Ladies! It is so good of you to make these beautiful quilts for special occasions. I always enjoyed seeing the newly baptized babies being wrapped in theirs. Now I have one that I'll cherish for the rest of my life. Thank you so much! Bernie Smedley


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