NC Irrigation Contractors' Licensing Board Newsletter
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July 2014
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Announcing the NEW Restricted Limited Plumbing License
Changing Board Members
Calendar Changes
P.O. Box 41421
Raleigh, NC 27629-1421
919-872-1598 (fax)
John Marmorato, Board Chair
Lindsey Griffin, Vice Chair
Michael Currin, Treasurer
Ron Price, Secretary
Tina Simpson, Board Counsel
Dave Collins
David Williams
Dr. Ronald Sneed
Charles Allen
Maeneen Klein
Board Administrators
Barbara Geiger
Lisa Deubler
Individual Licensees - 984
Licensed Corporations - 588

The Board has processed 793 complaints, including advertising, unlicensed practice, minimum standard violations and supervision violations since its inception.
677 of those cases have been closed.
Of those complaints 63 have been against licensees for minimum standard violations.
70 cases have resulted in settlement agreements.
16 cases have resulted in a hearing.
Legal counsel has processed 6 injunctions.
There are over 50 cases being processed by Board Counsel and 37 cases in the process of being investigated or reviewed for severity.
If you are interested in submitting a complaint about a violation of NC General Statute �89G, please go to the Board website  Complaints may be submitted electronically or you may print a form, fill it out and submit it to the Board by email:, fax: (919) 872-1598 or mail: 
PO Box 41421
Raleigh, NC  27629 
Don't get caught renting your license!

It is a violation of NC General Statute � 89G to allow an unlicensed contractor to use your license number.  There must be a sub-contract agreement and the licensee  or a  full time employee of the licensee must perform the irrigation services.

Have you heard about the NEW Restricted Limited Plumbing Contractor License??


Applications and additional information is now available through the State Board of Examiners of Plumbing, Heating and Fire Sprinkler Contractors at or by calling the Board's officer at 919-875-3612.


The deadline to be grandfathered is August 31, 2014


This new legislation allows Licensed NC Irrigation Contractors, without a plumbing license, to obtain a Restricted Limited Plumbing Contractor License in order to perform, contract, install repair or replace:

(1) exterior building sewer piping

(2) exterior water service piping two inch diameter or less.

(3) exterior backflow preventers connected to water service piping two inches in diameter or less

(4) water filtration systems or components of water filtration systems that filter, treat, condition or remove impurities from potable water by means of a fine physical barrier or membrane, a chemical process or a biological process, and which are installed on a water distribution line or water service piping


One of the qualifications for grandfathering is to have Backflow Certification.  Individuals needing certification prior to the August 31, 2014 deadline may go to the Board website at under continuing education to search for upcoming courses.  These courses are approved for a full ten hours. completing this year's CEU requirements for both irrigation and business education.


Backflow certification courses not listed on the Board website must be submitted for approval to the NC Irrigation Contractors' Licensing Board by completing a continuing education application found on the Board website at

Changing of the Guard 
On September 30, 2014, the term of Board Members; Maeneen Klein, the Board's only public member; David Williams, acting Secretary through November 2013; Dave Collins, acting Treasurer through November 2013 and Dr. Ronald Sneed, Board Chair through November 2013, will come to an end. All  have served on the Board since its inception on October 1, 2008 and have been instrumental in the development of Board policies, the development of minimum standards and best management practices.  Their accomplishments over the past six years are too many to list.  What is important to know is that each of these individuals have been a vital part of the Board and the unique perspective that each brought to the table will be missed.
The Board would like to welcome Dr. Garry Grabow, Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist in the Department Of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at NC State University. Dr. Grabow will be taking Dr. Ronald Sneed's position as the member appointed by the University of North Carolina system.
Although the Board has not received confirmation for the additional replacements, there is every confidence that this new group of individuals will provide outstanding qualities that will allow the Board to continue to evolve.
Calendar Changes


In October of 2008 the NC Irrigation Contractors' Licensing Board began meeting on a weekly basis.  Eventually the Board began to meet every other week and finally once a month. In May of 2014, the Board made the very difficult decision to meet on a quarterly basis.
In most cases, the change in the Board's meeting schedule does not affect the licensees, with one important exception, continuing education approval. BE REMINDED, if you are going to take a course that has not been pre-approved it is your responsibility to submit the continuing education application found on the Board website. The application must first be reviewed and approved by the Continuing Education Committee and then by the Board.  If an individual is counting on those credits for renewal, then the timing can become critical towardthe end of the year.
Go to the Board website at to check dates for the Continuing Education Advisory Committee Meeting and the meetings of the Board.
Important Reminders
  • All licenses expire 12/31/14 and must be renewed by midnight in order to avoid a late fee.
  • Complete 10 hours of continuing education before 12/31/14.
  • Surety Bonds must be kept up to date to avoid paying a reinstatement fee.
  • Be sure to contact the Board in writing with any change in contact information, especially email addresses.