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Health and Happiness

Hawayo Takata used to say in her classes that Reiki will give you health, happiness, and success.  When I first was diagnosed with breast cancer, I wondered about this promise.  Now that the cancer has gone to my leg bone and small spots in other places in my body, I again wondered how I could feel so good and still my body is giving me urgent messages.  
Then I realized that it was not my physical body but my emotional body that was asking for attention.  From then on, I have been letting the Reiki "clean out" my emotional closets.  The result is joy and more peace than I have had in my life.  And this is just the beginning!  
She also used to say, "Have no expectations."  I am learning about expectations and what these mean to me and to others.  Reiki is always teaching me about my way of living and always leading me to a more "complete whole."  
Phyllis Furumoto
Phyllis Furumoto
June 15 


Eyes of Gratitude

I have been challenged lately by something Richard Rohr wrote.  He asserts that all life is gratuitous, gift, grace.  His exposition of this is compelling.  As I have been with it, I am brought back to how Hawayo Takata lived and taught.  For her, gratitude seemed to be the pivotal point of her life's embodiment of Reiki.


Why is it a challenge to see "all life is gratuitous?"  Think about it. 


If I open to the absolute quality of "all life,"  it scares me.  And what is the fear?  The fear is a shift of attitude and perspective that is so different from where I live that the sheer quantity of potential change it calls from me seems overwhelming. 


What would my internal life look and feel like?  No fear, worry, anxiety.  Graceful, calm acceptance of whatever unfolds in my life, my family, community, the world.  And this is just the beginning.  Then there is how I respond and interact with everything that is and that happens. 


When I am infused with gratitude, my heart is stretched open and what comes from me is kind, thoughtful, loving, inclusive, uniting. 


Looking in this way, I see that the Reiki Principles have been pointing this direction all the time.  No worry or anger, showing honor, being honest, which leads to and/or is the effect of "Showing gratitude to every living thing."


I am now exploring "every living thing" not as static, but also process, the movement of every living thing.  And I ask myself, is this the perfection of human life that is and has always been the urging and calling of this simple practice we call Reiki?  

Paul Mitchell


Paul Mitchell

July 5 

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Reiki Family Gathering

at Kenyon Ranch, Tubac, AZ

December 22-27, 2013


Reiki home 

You are invited to join members of the Reiki family to celebrate the spirit of new life.  In the darkest nights of winter, the beginnings of new life are starting to stir. This is a time of contemplation, resting in the ease of family, and celebrating life.  If you are called, come join us!



December 22-27 2013

Arrival on or before December 22

Departure before 10:00 am December 27


Cost for the Celebration:  $560 per person.  

Children under 12:  $300 

Children under 5:  no cost

This includes the room/bed for 5 nights, food expense (we're cooking!), kitchen/building use fee, bank charges, and expense for decorations and organization.  


The fee does not include transportation to and from the Ranch, child care, and special food needs such as gluten-free bread.  


For Information: Contact Joyce at or 1-520-465-3212.


Registration will be done on line through a Constant Contact email that will be sent to you in the next two weeks.  


What will we do together during this time?

What ever we want!


Ideas that have been mentioned by those planning on coming.........

* Daily Hands on Reiki treatments (Of course!)

* Shopping in Tubac, an artist village a mile away

* Participating in a Sweat Lodge ceremony lead by Ed Aguilar, the medicine man who is associated with the Ranch

* Walking the labyrinth together  Reiki Home  

* Good movies shown in the lodge 

*  Time at the Saquaro National Park in Tucson

*  Tumacacori Mission for candlelight walk on the 24th


*  Live music for Dancing!

*  Music/Percussion improvisational sessions

*  Joining in Circle Dances together

*  Create a sacred space for ourselves

*  Simply hanging out and having good talks with each other!


For those who wish to stay on at the Ranch and celebrate the New Year........

There is a New Year's Program offered by Barbara Findeisen from December 28-January 2.  Contact Joyce for more information.  

Where is Reiki Going?  What is the future of Reiki?  What will happen if my great grandchildren would like to have Reiki?

These questions often are asked in large student gatherings.  In the past, I had only one answer to give.  "I don't know."  In the last three years Reiki has lead me to another answer to these questions.  This has come through the inspired vision put forward by a group of Reiki students and masters called Reiki Home.  

Now if people ask me....What is Reiki Home?  My answer is:  "I don't know."  If someone asks: "Where is this Reiki Home taking us?"  Then I have an answer.  

When Hawayo Takata offered Reiki in her First Degree Classes, we learned hand positions, the amazing possible effects of Reiki, and the precepts.  For all these years, this is what Reiki has grown from ......and has grown up to a global community.  Some of the students ask:  What is next?  My answer was "I don't know."
Now I do know.  I am discovering other layers of "effect" that Reiki offers us as individual students and as a global community. These layers
were there all the time.  What I am being asked to "see" and to "experience" and to "grow" is the substantial field of conscious energy that is massing now.  The ability to work and live within these fields stimulates our beings to expand into an understanding that is beyond our "normal" way of thinking and making decisions.  To be faithful to the practice and to be faithful to ourselves, the expansion is not about changing the form, but shifting where we are in a known universe to the unknown. 

The unknown is not "I don't know" but "I am going somewhere that is known as home."  

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