News and Happenings at Operación San Andrés - Collique, Lima, Peru May, 2017
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Scroll down on this page to read about the programs for children and families at the OSA mission site in Collique, LIma, Peru during the past several weeks.  As always, we appreciate your continued interest in and support of Operación San Andrés.
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During the summer time here in Peru, our children enjoyed great activities, which helped in their holistic development. We had math and communication classes, theater, cooking, handcrafts, as well as a visit to the museum. We also had a three week visit by a French vol unte er, Leile Choiniere, who taught some French classes to the children. They all had an enjoyable time of games and learning activities with Leile.
Alvaro, an 8 year old child shared with us: "The summer activity I liked the most was going to the museum. It was awesome because I could learn about the dinosaurs, whales, fossils, and other animals. I learned much about Peruvian history, I met the oldest shark in the world and the Titanosaurus that I had never seen before. It was so impressive to me!"

Johan (10 years old) also tells us: "I spent a great summer time with my friends. We enjoyed all activities, like cooking, theater and music. I also visited the m useum, where I learned about sea animals like sharks and a whale fossil. Food at OSA is also delicious. I love Peruvian grilled chicken. I would like to go to visit more places like the museum to learn more about our country and other countries in the world."
During summer time we organized an event to celebrate International Women's Day. We joined other local organizations to provide services and relevant information to women in the community. Government organizations and NGOs from Collique joined this initiative and brought their materials and services. Our leaders, who are mothers of children in the OSA academic enrichment program, prepared a theater presentation to represent how families are being affected by violence. These ladies worked hard during the rehearsal to overcome their shyness and insecurity and presented a great theatrical play in front of more than 100 people.

This special event included other services to assist women, like: counseling sessions, tests to prevent HPV, legal advice, etc. More than 400 people in the community came to this event and also enjoyed a full day of activities, learning how to become free from violence a nd oppression in their lives.
The Talita Cumi project trains more than 30 women every week to become leaders in their neighborhood for prevention of violence in the family, especially to other women and children. We are part of a larger network in Collique with more than 20 government and civic organizations that work together to eradicate this problem.

More than 50 new children came to our church to celebrate Summer Bible School with special activities, games, plays, and Bible lessons. For most of these children, this was their first time to learn about Jesus and His salvation plan for their lives.
Thirty-eight children and teenagers attended a Bible camp during the summer time too. They spent a week in a rural area near Lima, learned about God and renewed their commitment to follow Jesus in every area in their lives. We joined Bible Centered Ministries in Lima to organize this camp time, which was full of games, testimonies, and a special time at night with a campfire, where children and teens could make important decisions to change their lives.
Angel (9 years old) tells us: "It was a very fun experience. Many children go just for the games and to make new friends, but when you are there, you realize that you have also come to learn about Jesus and his teachings. I could learn much about Him through all the games and activities we had."
Sandy (18 years old) related that: "We had a great time in camp. It helped me to improve my relationship with God. The most important time for me was the campfire at night. I made three promises to God at that time. One of them was to testify to my friends about God and to serve Him with the career that I'm now studying for. I was also surprised to be named the best student in the camp by the camp leaders." 
During the first week of April, we were visited by a mission team with volunteers from 6 different states in the USA. We had medical support with three doctors, several nurses, and a pharmacy.  More than 270 patients were seen, 80 people had free blood tests to check different parameters in their health condition. All of them could receive appropriate and free medicine for their medical needs.
We also had a crew of 17 people that came to improve the living conditions of four families in Collique, through improving their houses. We used wood materials to build rooms to help people live in a better place. These families have a large number of family members and a very small place to live, so they had to share rooms with all the kids and adults. A new room for them means having their own privacy, a special place for the little ones, and also the avoidance of sicknesses caused by overcrowding.
Little kids at OSA house also enjoyed Bible School and special art and music activities
that were brought by our friends from the US. They painted, danced, jumped the rope and searched for Easter eggs during this time. They all learned about this American tradition of hunting for Easter eggs and were delighted by the competition to find the largest number of eggs for their class.

In March, almost 200 children began school classes at the Jose Galvito pre-school. Many three-year old kids came to school for the first time and missed their parents a lot during the  first week of classes, but then enjoyed a great time playing and learning, as well as their older friends.

OSA built a new classroom for these little kids, made of fiber panels donated by OSA friend Herb Walpole. We also provided school classroom materials and nutritive snacks for all kids in this pre-school.

Ada Romero, school principal tells us: "It couldn't be possible to provide a quality education to these children, without OSA support. The government doesn't give us all we need for education, but you have given us great educational materials,  and excellent food for our little ones, which helps them to be alert and well nourished. Thank you for the training provided to our teachers, as well. We have learned how to improve our teaching to children and how to foster support from their parents as well".
Jose Galvito Pre-school's good quality education is being noticed among the community now. In the past, parents didn't want their children to study there , because of the low quality education. Now they make a line to register their kids as they have noticed the good changes happening, thanks to the improvements made with OSA support and the more motivated school team.
Upcoming Events
  • Children´s birthday celebrations at OSA House -- April
  • Mother´s Day celebration with our kids -- May
  • Youth group visit from Rome, Georgia -- June 

Please, PRAY with us for
  • For new children that are being added to our academic enrichment program
  • For floods in Peru, that have affected potable water supply in Lima
  • For new families that are coming to our church
  • For new women that are being identified as victims of domestic violence in Collique 


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