News and Happenings at Operación San Andrés - Collique, Lima, Peru January 2020
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New Year's greetings from Operación San Andrés (OSA) to our friends and supporters around the world.  This newsletter includes interesting stories about OSA activities as the calendar and school year concluded in December.  You will also read about  OSA social worker, Charo Correa, and her effective ministry for women's empowerment and prevention of domestic violence. Summer is now underway in the Southern Hemisphere.  While public schools will not reconvene until mid-March, OSA's programs for educational, cultural, and spiritual enrichment continue during the summer.  As always, we appreciate your continued interest in and support of OSA.
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Operación San Andrés (OSA)
In this issue
Closing time with our educational enrichment program

December is a time to celebrate and give thanks for all things God gave us during the past year. We had a wonderful closing program with our children and their mothers where we took time to remember the outstanding activities of the years. We also said good-bye to four children, who finished our Educational Enrichment Program as they reached the end of primary school. Now they will become part of another similar program led by OSA's church, Light of Hope, where they will continue learning more about Jesus and receive support for their school classes. 

We will always remember Leonel, Daniela, Bianca y Lady. "I will always remember OSA as I learned many things here. I only ask you to continue supporting the remaining children, who will benefit a lot from the wonderful classes," Leonel stated.
Graduation of 14 women in the bakery program
Our project to prevent family violence includes 14 ladies who successfully finished the first stage of our bakery training program. These women worked hard throughout the year to learn how to prepare delicious pastries as many of them dream of building their own micro-business in the future. They have sold their products to different customers and have been saving that income for their future plans of improvement. Mrs. Emma tells us about her experience with this initiative: "Bakery sessions have helped me a lot to feel that I am useful and that I can help support my family. Now I am committed to continue learning more, to improve my abilities, and create new products. I have plans of having my own business at some point, and I know this dream will come true with the support of OSA."

Theater presentation with our children
More than 50 families enjoyed an outstanding theater presentation with the children who participate in OSA's Educational Enrichment Program.  They demonstrated all their accomplishments and progress throughout the year. Under the direction of Ricardo Lara, our theater teacher, about 60 children presented their dances, plays, songs, and speeches in front of their parents and relatives, who became very emotional seeing their little kids showing so much talent. The theater program is a wonderful strategy to develop communication abilities, improve self-esteem, build confidence, and increase social abilities in our children. "Look at Piero...When he came to OSA, he was so shy and introverted. He could not even speak in front of others. But now, I can see him acting and performing so lively. I have no words to give thanks to God and OSA for this wonderful change," Jacinta, grandmother of Piero, eight years old 
OSA Staff Member, Rosario "Charo" Correa, Shares Her Thoughts

Charo is the leader of the Talita Cumi project and the Healthy Family program that supplement OSA's Educational Enrichment Project. She has been working at OSA since 2009. She is a very organized and committed social worker, who has the responsibility of leading more than 70 women in their efforts to build stronger families in Collique.
Charo has been a Christian for about 30 years. She has been married for 35 years with her husband, and they have two adult sons. As for her hobbies, she likes to walk outdoors, listen to instrumental piano music and Italian lyric music. She dreams of traveling with her husband abroad, now that her adult children are about to build their own families.
Her goal as a person and professional is to teach all that she learned throughout her life to other women. She wants to help other people avoid painful experiences, similar to the ones she endured along her life. At OSA, Charo loves to help mothers and fathers build better relationships among themselves and with their children. "I would like to be remembered as someone who presented the love of Jesus to women in Collique," she verbalized. Charo Correa has become a spiritual guide to dozens of women as she shares the love of God through every action she performs through OSA projects.

Prayer Requests
  • For summer activities with our children during February and March
  • For new children that will join our Program in the first months of 2020
  • For those four children who completed OSA's Educational Enrichment Program in 2019
  • For wisdom of the OSA team as we plan for projects and programs in 2020 
Future Activities
  • Summer camp with our children and teenagers in late January
  • Vacation Bible School with our children and teenagers in February with Light of Hope Church
  • Mission trips by students from Baylor University to volunteer at OSA in March


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