News and Happenings at Operación San Andrés - Collique, Lima, Peru April 2018
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Summer has ended and the school year is just now starting in Peru.  Scroll down on this page to read about the programs for children and families at the OSA mission site in Collique, LIma, Peru during the summer months.  As always, we appreciate your continued interest in and support of Operación San Andrés.
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Our children have just finished a wide variety of activities in the OSA summer program. They have spent time in classes learning theater, dancing, handcrafts, and Christian education. They also improved their abilities in math and reading.
They also visited the zoo and had great fun learning about animals from the three Peruvian regions: coast, mountains, and forest.
"The trip to the zoo was awesome. I learned about lions and giraffes, which were very big. I also saw many other animals. I learned that I have to respect and take care of animals and not to feed them in the zoo as they have a special food to eat." Jorge, 7.
"My friends and I were so happy to visit the animals. We learned much about them and were so happy. It was so different to see them face to face rather than watch them on TV. I would like to go on a trip like this again as I can learn much about the history of our country and about animals that no longer exist." Leonel, 10.

To close summer time, our children and their mothers went to the movies together. Many of them went to watch a movie with their children for the first time. Mothers enjoyed having a time together with their kids and strengthening their emotional bonds with them.

Since last year, our project against family violence, Talita Cumi, has begun a business entrepreneurship program where women are being trained to develop new abilities to improve or create a business. This year, 12 of them are involved in a more specific and intensive training with a specialist, who is evaluating their business plan to help them implement it this year.
The Talita Cumi project also celebrated the International Women´s Day in March. There was a parade and a festival in conjunction with many other organizations in our area to raise awareness about the importance of eradicating violence against women. More than 600 people were reached through these activities, where we could give information about how to report cases of violence, improve family relationships, and prevent abuse against women and children. OSA directly reached 200 people through our facilitators. 

As part of the activities to prevent sexual abuse in the family, we had a time to watch a special movie with more than 80 women from the community, our church, and other people from OSA programs. They all gathered at Light of Hope church and watched "Family´s Secrets," a movie that speaks about sexual abuse in the family. Many participants were greatly impacted by what they watched and committed to report cases of sexual abuse and were also challenged to heal their wounds from sexual abuse during their childhoods.
To end summer activities with our mothers from the Education Project, they visited the beach to practice relaxation activities and enjoy free time together. They learned techniques to relieve stress, such as yoga, meditation, and Tai-Chi. Many of these women had not visited the beach for many years, as they are all the time working or taking care of their children  

Our church, Light of Hope, organized a VBS program for children in our community. More than 100 children were reached through this program. They played games, made handcrafts, and learned about Jesus and his plan for their lives. They also learned about the creation and how God made heaven and hearth.
"I enjoyed this time so much as I had time to play, make new friends and learn about Jesus. I know Jesus loves me and he has a plan for my life. Now I am motivated to continue coming to church to learn more and have many new friends." Alvaro, 9.
Our church members committed to participate by bringing snacks and drinks for our children. More than 12 youth from our church also voluntered to help with the program. They decorated the building, visited families, organized the program, and helped to take care of the kids during this week


Our children and teenagers enjoyed a wonderful time camping outside of the city. They learned much about how to commit their lives to Jesus and testify about His good deeds.  All participants were greatly impacted by the activities and made a commitment to continue serving God with their lives.

"I decided to forgive my parents who are currently separated. I have had many wounds in my heart but I finally decided to forgive." Anthony Junchaya, 14.
"Kristin is a youth that participated in OSA programs for a long time. She strayed from God´s way due to multiple family issues. But Thanks to God, during this camp she decided to commit her life to Jesus and never be apart from him." Tito Hurtado, Light of Hope church pastor.
New people have been added to our church after the camp. We have around 60 children and 40 youth who faithfully come to our weekly programs, hoping to learn more about Jesus and improve their personal lives.


-        The next medical and construction mission trip is scheduled for the week of April 23


-      For new children who are being added to our educational enrichment program

-      For next medical and construction mission trip in April


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