Precision Agronomy Customers :
Precision Agronomy Solutions in collaboration with Paige Wireless has come together to bring to you our new LoRa Rain Buckets. These Rain Buckets use a LoRa frequency to transmit data compared to a cellular signal used by other companies. This allows us to deploy these Rain Buckets in more remote locations and at a lower cost to our growers!

We have these Rain Buckets in stock and ready to deploy into your fields. These are maintained by PAS and with a renewal cost of under $10 a month, much cheaper than other alternatives.
This is just the beginning for usage of LoRa technology in the Ag Industry. The uses for this technology are endless. We are starting with the rain buckets, but have prototypes for moisture probes, tank level sensors, and pressure sensors in the works.

For inquiries about our new LoRa Rain Buckets, please contact us at:

Curt Maloney- 308-380-5761
Matt Maloney- 308-380-1200
Nick Lammers- 308-380-0509
Above is a screenshot of how the data is displayed on the Page Wireless website. You can view your field among other fields and see the collective rain fall over various time values
We have sent recommendations out the last 3 weeks via the app. If you have not received any, notify us ASAP. Please make sure you always have the latest app installed.
As always, if you have any questions ask:

Probe Management Team
Nick Lammers 308-380-0509 / Matt Maloney 308-380-1200
Curt Maloney 308-380-5761/ Jenie Maloney 308-380-3900
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