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Past student helps current children
In our July 2020 newsletter we wrote about Sibu Ali, a past student who had done well for himself and now has several hairdressing salons. Recently he visited his home area and took time to also visit Guria school where he studied as a young boy. He was so impressed to see how the school had developed that he wanted to give some contribution to the school.
He decided that the best way he could show his gratitude to his old school was by conducting a hairdressing camp. He hired three local barbers and the equipment and they spent two days cutting almost every boy's and male teacher's hair in the whole school. He also gave some basic knowledge to the students about the art of hairdressing.
The school honoured Sibu Ali by presenting him with a certificate and the children also wrote thank you notes and greeting cards. Mukesh commented "that was a good lesson for current students as now they are motivated to do something for their school when they will be grown up". 
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