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An action programme to provide higher education for children in rural India
Applications for a place in a Mala school still well beyond our capacity
It is a while since we sent a newsletter, partly because of pressure of other work and partly because our staff in India are now posting a lot of material on Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube and many of our supporters prefer to use social media. Also, for sponsors, the Mala App and website login, which have details of the children they are sponsoring, are also updated regularly.
However, there are some analysis of our work that we feel would be of interest. In particular, how both children and parents appreciate quality education and how we still have far more applications than places. Even at pre-school level, which is for girls only, you will see from the table below that we had 135 applications for the 77 places we have in 5 pre-schools.

One of the most difficult jobs our staff in India have to carry out is to tell some of our students that they didn't pass for a place in the next year of education. The children are aware that the quality of education at Project Mala schools is hard to find in rural India without paying for it, so the dilemma these children must go through to find a school to continue their education is hard for them. We wish we could keep every pupil in Project Mala schools until they graduate at 18, but funds are limited and we have to make the difficult decision to offer places to those children who will benefit the most.
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