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Balmukund excels after joining Mala School
It is always a pleasure to write about children who make good use of the education we provide, to the benefit of themselves and their families. This story is about Balmukund, who applied to Project Mala to join our secondary school, having studied at village primary and middle schools.
In the entrance test Balmukund performed very badly in all the subjects except maths. However, an IQ test revealed that he was very intelligent. Mukesh called him for an interview, after which he was offered a place, as Mukesh felt that he had potential and would improve with better teaching.
You can see from the graph that Mukesh was right. Balmukund increased his marks dramatically in his two years with us. He not only improved his standard but also won the award for the most creative student in science and stood fourth in the UP Board class ten exam.

Mukesh commented Balmukund is dedicated and studies very long hours to improve himself. During exam preparation he used to study 16 hours a day. Mukesh recalls him saying "you asked me not to stand at bottom and I always kept it in my mind".
Balmukund clearly has the ability to go on and study at a high level, perhaps taking science or maths at a really good university. However, he comes from a very poor family, and it is not surprising that they feel that he should take this opportunity to go straight into an engineering diploma course. He has now joined a Government polytechnic at Ghaziabad near Delhi, where he will take a diploma in electronics, to become a junior engineer.

We send Balmukund our very best wishes to achieve his ambition, which through hard work he will surely do.
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