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Enrolment 2021
It has been very difficult to enrol the students this year because of the lockdown. We were given some relaxation in early 2021 but it is not enough to complete all the admission process. Finally, we managed and the table shows the number of applicants and those admitted. The competition for places in our school is still very high with four children applying for every place we have to offer.

One very happy revelation for us this year, was the very high demand from girls wanting to join our pre-schools. We had to limit the number for each enrolment session, as we had crowds of girls with their parents wanting to get into early education. We hope this is a sign that parents are now recognising the value of education.

Also, you will note that the number of children wanting to go into higher education in class 9 is also high. Sadly, we only have two secondary schools and few other schools offer education at this level.
On a different note, can I remind sponsors about the mobile app, which is available and is much easier to use than having to login via our website. The app takes you directly to your personal home page, where you will see the children you are sponsoring and be able to navigate easily to see all the details/photos/profile of each child plus make amendments to your details. It is available to download from any App store. If you need help with this, just email, or ring 01904 341004.
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