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Christmas challenge provides our first smartboards
We are very grateful to all our supporters who made the fundraising on the Christmas Challenge a success. We have now installed our first screen, which is being enjoyed by teachers and children alike.
Below Anne sets out the plans
It is quite exciting for teachers and children to have these new screens. They are particularly important now, after the children have been working from home for almost a year and have had little in the way of inspirational teaching. They have had to work largely from textbooks, with only occasional on-line lessons and whatever access to their teachers and teaching materials as they could manage with low quality mobile phones.
We intend to make the first interactive screens available to our senior pupils, which will bring their subjects to life with on-line science experiments. They will be able to explore a hypothesis virtually, and then see a demonstration of the experiment performed by a scientist on video. As our children’s experience of the world is limited, geography lessons will benefit considerably from this new technology, enabling them to see vivid photographs and videos of any part of the world, interactive visualisations of geological formations and exploration of social constructs, using charts and diagrams. There is a huge range of on-line teaching materials as well that our staff can use to enhance the students’ understanding of any subject, which we will make full use of. Learning spoken English will be greatly enhanced by the opportunity to listen and respond to examples of good English. 
Whilst we are initially installing these screens in our two secondary schools, we hope to soon have interactive screens in every school so that all the children can benefit from lessons which are illustrated by excellent video content. Our problem is that not all our schools have Wifi or even reliable electricity. The short (2 minute) film shows how quickly the teachers are putting the new screens to good use.
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