June 2017
SRC* takes an all-inclusive, holistic approach to maintaining each client's dignity and quality of life. With the guidance of nurse case management, certified financial planning and elder law overview, each client's care needs, financial asset protection and legal issues are addressed and resolved
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Newsletter of Senior Resource Center, Inc.*
*Senior Resource Center, Inc.  (SRC) is not a law firm, but is affiliated with Falco & Associates, P.C.  SRC provides a legal overview of potential legal issues and may make a referral to Falco & Associates, P.C. or a law firm of the individual's choice if legal work is necessary.  Services provided by SRC are not legal services and the protections of the lawyer-client relationship do no exist with regards to these services.

*Senior Resource Center, Inc.  (SRC) and its employee are not registered investment advisors, nor do we offer or sell securities.

Client Profile: Bob McCarthy

A recent conversation between SRC CEO Anthony Falco and an SRC client (as told with client authorization), prompted the   following thoughts by Anthony...
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SRC's Commitment To  Nutrition, Health  And Wellness
Even More Evidence Has Linked Parkinson's Disease To Our
Gut Bacteria.

Researchers have found yet another reason to think the symptoms of Parkinson's...
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SRC's Recipe Of The Month

In furtherance of our commitment to Nutrion, Health and Wellness, see the following delicious, healthy, and easy to prepare meal with an overview of its nutritional value and benefit...
Low-Impact Sports For Seniors
As baby boomers retire and move into senior living, many communities are providing access to low-impact sports so that everyone can enjoy the health and social benefits that being a part of a team provides...