January 2018
SRC* takes an all-inclusive, holistic approach to maintaining each client's dignity and quality of life. With the guidance of nurse case management, certified financial planning and elder law overview, each client's care needs, financial asset protection and legal issues are addressed and resolved
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Newsletter of Senior Resource Center, Inc.*
*Senior Resource Center, Inc.  (SRC) is not a law firm, but is affiliated with Falco & Associates, P.C.  SRC provides a legal overview of potential legal issues and may make a referral to Falco & Associates, P.C. or a law firm of the individual's choice if legal work is necessary.  Services provided by SRC are not legal services and the protections of the lawyer-client relationship do no exist with regards to these services.

*Senior Resource Center, Inc.  (SRC) and its employee are not registered investment advisors, nor do we offer or sell securities.

Message From Anthony S. Falco
President SRC

Welcome to 2018(!).  Can you believe how "time flies"? 
I remember being a senior in high school in 1981 and saying "in the year 2000 I will be 37 years old!"  Where did the time go?  Let's work together on a full estate and health and wellness plan as "time flies"...
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The Number Of American Alzheimer's Patients Will More Than Double By 2060

By 2060, about 15 million American citizens will have Alzheimer's dementia or mild cognitive impairment, according to a new study. The current number of Americans who suffer from these conditions is 6.08 million...
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SRC's Commitment To  Nutrition, Health  And Wellness
'Pursuing Your Passion Can 
Improve Your Health'
Many aging baby boomers in North America are in pursuit of the fountain of youth. We are constantly searching for the next big thing to help us stay healthy, vibrant and young and we jump from fad to fad to remain in good health and ward off the merciless hands of time.
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SRC's Recipe Of The Month
'Easy, fun, tasty, nutrituous 
Super Bowl snacks'

Here are a few recipes that you and your family and friends can enjoy during the "Superbowl" that not only are delicious but good for you as well. These easy to prepare recipes incorporate the healthy fats and ingredients necessary for healthy brain and cognitive function...

Tips to Avoid Outliving Your 
Retirement Income

You've worked hard your entire life to get ready for retirement and the last thing you want to do is outlive your retirement income.Tips to Avoid Outliving Your Retirement Income
13 New Year's Resolutions
 for Caregivers
It's human to want a fresh start. Even though I know that December 31 of one year is rarely that different from January 1 of the next, I greet each New Year's Day as a new beginning. I can't explain it, but the first day of January always gives me a psychological boost...