MISO for Miami
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Produced by Marcos Santana 
Eduardo Marturet - Conductor
Fernando Duprat - Executive Producer 
Boris Urrutia - Conceptual Editor 
Alberto Slezynger - Audio Mix 
Camilo Pino - Copywriter
Soloists: Isabella Castillo and Vero Perez 
Chorus: Encantus Voices and Ensemble
Choral Conductor: Maibel Troia 
Music: Dmitri Shostakovich
(arr. Tarcisio Barreto) - Waltz No. 2  

The Miami Symphony Orchestra believes that the actions we take today create the future. Despite difficulties, our board of directors has decided to honor full payment on the contractual commitments to its musicians for the 2019- 2020 season. 
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The Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO), now in its historic 31st season, is Miami's hometown professional symphony and a valuable contributor to Miami's cultural fabric. With 80 professional musicians selected from around the world, MISO represents the exceptional talent and diversity that mirrors South Florida's international and multicultural richness. With national and world premieres becoming more common, MISO is a source of growing local pride and support.

Founded in 1989 by the late Manuel Ochoa, since 2006 the baton has been in the hands of Eduardo Marturet, a Venezuelan composer and conductor acclaimed across three continents. During his 15 year tenure Maestro Marturet has taken MISO into the world-class professional symphony of Miami. He states that "ultimately MISO belongs to the community, and our job is to raise the artistic level each and every year. Because of our loyal fans and supporters, our future looks bright as the glow of the great city of Miami."