Precision Agronomy Customers:

  Probe installations should basically be completed by the end of next week. All your probes that we had locations for should be installed, unless there were special circumstances requiring us to wait.

A couple of notes from our installation teams. We have installed probes from Stapleton to Bradshaw, McCook to Geneva. As we inspected fields and drilled holes for the probes, we never found any fields that were dry. Most of those installations went into fields that literally had “muck” below 6”. With that in mind, and after looking at some initial data from the sensors, we do not think there are many, if any, fields that would need irrigation soon. Yes, it has been hot and windy, but that weather pattern is just pushing the roots down to go after that deep moisture. If we irrigate and wet up that top foot, those deep roots will not develop. Which means we will be irrigating and managing a shallow rooted crop all season. That situation creates all kinds of challenges. On top of that every time the pivot goes around money leaves your pocket. With commodity prices where they are, you cannot afford to spend money when you do not need to. So, please, hold off irrigating. If you have questions about a specific field give us a call and we will look at it.
 Our app is new this year. You will need to download the new “CropX” app from the Google Play Store, or Apple Store (see image on right). Your login will be the same as last year, which is usually your email address and the password cropmetrics (all lower case). If you had changed your password with the old app, it was changed back to cropmetrics. If you have trouble logging in, let us know. Your individual weekly field recommendations will be delivered via that app. So those of you with multiple sensors, will not get 30 different emails when we create specific field recommendations. You can just look at your app on your phone or tablet. There will be an option to look at it on your PC also, but for now a mobile device is best. Keep in mind the app is still in development so you will see additional enhancements as we go forward. We are in the process of establishing management lines so some of the fields may not have that all in yet, but you will at least be able to see your data.
We are including some screen shots that will walk you through how to get your graphs and other data on the app. Look those over, and again if you have any questions at all please call or stop in.

 In addition, Precision Agronomy is working with Paige Wireless in offering LoRa sensors. We are starting with LoRa rain buckets. The nice thing about these are that they do not need a cellular connection so can be placed anywhere in the network. The network still being built but right now anywhere within 30 miles of Wood River we should have good coverage. If you are interested in getting a LoRa rain bucket on a field (see picture) let us know. We will check coverage and get some prices for you.
For a step by step on how your new Crop X Adaptive Irrigation App works, download the Screen Shots below!

Probe Management Team
Nick Lammers 308-380-0509 / Matt Maloney 308-380-1200
Curt Maloney 308-380-5761/ Jenie Maloney 308-380-3900
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