Issue 3 | May 2019
Sorrowful Heart of Mary SSPX-MC

To Catholics Fighting For Tradition;

It is an added joy to this Sacred Paschaltide to bring the faithful of Australia, England, Wales and Ireland the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the true doctrine of the Catholic Church, as it was always taught, before Modernism infiltrated her sanctuaries and seminaries!

However, it seems some simple clarifications are necessary. Let it be clear, I come as a "grandson" priest of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, with the clear doctrinal stand of his Priestly Society of St. Pius X BEFORE the whole GREC scandal and compromises of 2012 (embodied in: " The General Chapter Statement" with "6 Conditions" for an Agreement with Modernist Rome, and the "Doctrinal Declaration of April 12, 2012"). The ongoing slide on doctrine, acceptance of the New Mass and New Sacraments as "legitimately promulgated", the recently bestowed "recognition" of Confessions, Marriages and Holy Orders by Modernist Rome, all reinforce that the Conciliar-SSPX is now just another Indult-appendage, coexisting as one of many options in the pluralism of the Conciliar Church. This is an implicit rejection of the Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Any Catholic is obliged to reject this "Operation Suicide" of the new direction of Menzingen and stay with the "Operation Survival" of Abp. Lefebvre, more pertinent now, than ever before! "...Obviously, we are against the Conciliar Church which is virtually schismatic, even if they deny it. In practice, it is a Church virtually excommunicated because it is a Modernist Church." (Abp. Lefebvre, "One Year After the Consecrations", July-August, 1989).

Let it be also clear, I am not advocating any of the varieties of sedevacatism, but simply stand where Abp. Lefebvre stood. The reigning Pope Francis, like the previous Conciliar Popes, is a scandal and is merely applying the logic of Vatican II with it's never ending evolution of dogma and ongoing destruction! We resist his Modernism and have a duty to disobey his orders to accept the Conciliar Errors and Reforms, just as Abp. Lefebvre did; just as St. Paul had to resist St. Peter, the first Pope, to his face.

I come with no political agenda, nor touting "my own apostolate", but simply come as a Catholic priest, as Abp. Lefebvre wanted his priests to do, responding to the call of the faithful, coming as ambassadors of Our Lord Jesus Christ and of His Holy Catholic Church, knowing She supplies jurisdiction for the sacraments due to the emergency crisis in the Church.

To be in the position of an "independent" priest is not my choice, is most unpleasant and I long to submit to a bishop. But please, help me find one who has not slid from the solid position of Abp. Lefebvre, that is, one who has not compromised with Modernist Rome, or on the New Mass or is not promoting New Mass "miracles", but simply holds the clear doctrinal line of Abp. Lefebve at all levels: on sedevacantism, Vatican II, Novus Ordo Mass, Indult/ Motu Proprio Masses, etc., etc. If you do find one, I will gladly throw myself at his feet!

In the same vein, it must be said, the rising movement of lay committees and lay-run websites, without guidance and supervision from a priest or bishop is most detestable to the mind of the Church. It has recently led to the promotion of error and heresies, diatribes of mockery, vulgarities and scandalous behavior, unprofessional journalism by slandering anyone, anytime, while publishing anonymous letters that provoke the basest sensationalism and most crude detractions. This is precisely why St. Pius X demanded censorship of publications and their supervision under the, then, trustworthy Catholic Bishops! (cf. Pascendi). It is necessary that apostolic laity publish good doctrine and promote the Catholic Faith and now, more than ever, the clear stand of Abp. Lefebvre! Unfortunately, however, the scarcity of sound doctrine in prelates in this post-Conciliar nightmare finds the laity somewhat leaderless, but let them, nevertheless, be guided at least by the doctrinal clarity and fraternal charity which shined in previous Catholic publications, when they were under the guidance of good Traditional-minded clergy. On one hand, "it is necessary for scandals to arise rather than the truth be silent," as St. Gregory said, but quite another to be a tabloid from the gutter and making a profit from it! (cf. Cathinfo!).

My reasons for leaving OLMC in Kentucky were made public, clear and still remain the same. I refuse to endanger the validity of the sacraments, and promote a dubious bishop. I hold exactly the same position of Abp. Lefebvre on the objective dubiousness of the New Rite of ordinations and episcopal consecrations. (See: for his own extensive explanations on this topic). Abp. Lefebvre was a far greater theologian than any this century, with experience on the mission fields. His position on all levels far outweigh any feather-weights of our time!

Due to the absurdity of our apocalyptic times and the acceleration of all evils, it is necessary to state positions and clarify any confusion. So, let us pull together as members of the Church Militant, pray and fight for her former glory, which will only return when the Pope dutifully obeys Our Lady of Fatima and Rome comes back to Catholic Tradition! 

 "So, when we raise the question of when there will be an Agreement with Rome, my answer is simple: When Rome again crowns Our Lord Jesus Christ. We cannot agree with those who dethrone Our Lord! The day they recognize Our Lord as King of all peoples and nations, it is not us who will join them, but they who will come back to the Catholic Church in which we remain." ( Abp. Lefebvre, "Fideliter", No. 68, March 1989).

Sincerely in Christ, Resurrected from the Tomb!

Fr. David Hewko
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