The Bodies of Indigents
By Ashlynn Rickord Werner
From the time Tewksbury Almshouse opened in 1854, it was legal in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for state institutions to sell the bodies of paupers to medical schools for research. In the early 1880s, there was a public outcry regarding the conditions of the Almshouse and the disposition of bodies. This led to Governor Butler’s famous investigation in 1883. 
Illustration: Harvard Medical Library in the Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine


In August, participants in Outbreak!2021, our public health experience for students, benefitted from an all-star cast of public health presenters. They were introduced to numerous professional tracks within the field of public health, opening their eyes and expanding their options as they move forward in their educational journeys.

We'd like to acknowledge and thank the following presenters from Outbreak!2021:

Dr. Alfred DeMaria, MD, Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Harold Cox, MSSW, Associate Dean, Boston University School of Public Health
Prof. David Hamer, MD, Boston University School of Public Health
Erin Kirchner, Essex Board of Health Administrator
Louis Fazen, MD, Sturbridge Board of Health
Leon Bethune, Boston Public Health Commission
Michael Curry, Esq., Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers
Prof. Angela Latter, Worcester State University
Donna White, RN, PhD, CNS, LADC I, PRN Associates
Jim O'Connell, President, Boston Health Care for the Homeless
Stacey Kokaram, BPHC Office of Public Health Preparedness
Nancy Clover, RN, COHN-S Occupational Health Connections
Amy Ewing, RN, Assistant Director of Public Health, Andover
Angela Kramer, RN, MS, Ludlow Board of Health
Prof. Michael Ulrich, JD, MPH, BUSPH Policy & Law
Kayleigh Sandhu/Juliana Jacoboski/Jordan Schultz/Sarah Scotland/Trisha Barungi/Debismitha Barua
Alana Gerald/Julie Coco/Christine Nguyen- Epidemiologists Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Katherine Domoto, MD, MBA, President, Board of Directors, Public Health Museum

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