Lake Region Homeopathic/March 2020
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With the Corona Virus dominating the news and generating fear, Lake Region Homeopathic is sending out useful information, always with the idea of empowering people through education.

At the bottom of this newsletter there are very useful links for supplements shown to be effective during a flu, and links that demonstrate the effectiveness of homeopathy in epidemics and pandemics, and its efficacy in influenza. Keep reading to see what homeopathy can do in cases such as these, as information about homeopathy and its role in epidemics and pandemics rarely gets into the mainstream.

DISCLAIMER: If you suspect that you have the Corona virus (Covid 19), SEE YOUR DOCTOR. LRH strongly advises against treating yourself with homeopathic remedies, but to seek out a qualified homeopath, as individualized treatment is very important for the effectiveness of homeopathy. Different strains of influenza call for different homeopathic remedies and every flu season is different. Homeopathy can reduce the severity and time it takes to heal from influenza and its related conditions. This newsletter is for educational purposes only.

Corona Virus (CoVid 19)
One big problem for many people trying to get a handle on the news of this virus is what to believe. We are getting mixed messages as to the severity of this virus. So should we or should we not be concerned? ALL influenza is a reason for concern. Should we panic? No, the numbers so far do not give rise to the level of panic. It won't do anyone any good anyway to panic.

Finally, certain quarters have demanded some statistics from the CDC regarding any particular demographic being more severely affected and/or fatally affected. Who is dying from this virus and why? Are there other factors involved?

We have now learned that the elderly, immune compromised, and people with certain per-existing chronic conditions can be effected more severely and even fatally by this virus, depending as well on other factors; and that most people seem to be mildly or moderately affected with cold and flu-like symptoms, however uncomfortable and miserable they may feel, which can sometimes be pretty bad.

The information contained in this newsletter is information that can help EVERYONE protect themselves, strengthen their immune systems and learn about the homeopathic treatment of influenza and pneumonia, as well as the efficacy of homeopathy during other epidemics and pandemics as well. EVERYONE, even those who are younger and of a more vigorous constitution, would be well served to protect and strengthen their immune systems, especially during cold and flu season. This advise always proves to be beneficial.
A Few Facts First
  • FACT: Corona viruses are types of viruses that typically affect the respiratory tract of mammals, including humans. They are associated with the common cold, pneumonia and respiratory syndromes such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and (MERS) Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome, also a Corona virus.

  • FACT: Scientists see a link between SARS and CoVid 19 and are of the opinion that this is a SARS II virus (a mutation of the original SARS virus). Scientists are telling us that CoVid 19 contains60-70% of the same genetic material as SARS.

  • FACT: Scientists have found that corona viruses can infect bats, camels, mice, rats, dogs, cats, turkeys, horses, pigs and cattle.

  • FACT: CoVid 19 (One type of Corona virus) is a zoonotic disease (transferred from animal to human).

  • FACT: The Corona virus is responsible for 15-30% of common colds.

  • FACT: Influenza A and B viruses are the main cause of pneumonia in adults.

  • FACT: The main cause of viral pneumonia in infants is RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus).

  • FACT: Viral pneumonia is not as serious as bacterial pneumonia.

  • FACT: Bacterial pneumonia is an infection in your lungs caused by certain bacteria. The most common one is Streptococcus (pneumococcus), but other bacteria can cause it too.

  • FACT: Respiratory viruses are another common cause of pneumonia.

  • FACT: Symptoms of Corona virus can include: high fever, dry cough, shortness of breath, gastric issues, sore throat and runny nose at the onset. More advanced cases of this pneumonia (CoVid 19) will see swelling and fluid in the lungs, as well as organ failure.

  • FACT: At the present time, there is no vaccine or anti-viral drug available for CoVid 19. The virus is currently being treated symptomatically. Antibiotics are not effective for a virus.
So What Can We Do?
There are always the very practical things we can do to protect ourselves, such as washing our hands, and not touching our face, eyes, nose or mouth until we have washed our hands. Staying away from the "hot" areas of the world and away from large crowds. Limiting travel by plane, cruise ship or train, as these are enclosed spaces with air that is recycled air. The same with buildings with no open air windows, as they also rely on recycled air. Wear a mask if you are traveling or working in enclosed spaces with no open air windows. (Make sure it is an effective mask. Though, be aware that these particular masks are not 100% effective. Thin surgical masks are NOT effective). Hospitals and community living facilities are notorious for contagion in an outbreak of pneumonia. Be aware! Finally, keep your immune system at a high level.

Here are some very beneficial foods and supplements we can take to boost our immune systems:

  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-viral. During periods of infection, you may want to increase your Vitamin C. Read more.

  • Glutathione: Glutathione is another powerful anti-oxidant. The great thing about Glutathione is that it can penetrate a cell membrane and get into the cell to destroy pathogens. Read more.

Note: Glutathione is expensive and you want to make sure if you are spending good money you are getting a good product, and one that can be utilized by your body. Try this site (there are many others):

These foods and supplements are only a few suggestions, but with good studies behind them. Of course, there are many, many more. Always do your research to know what to take and how much to take, as with vitamin C and other supplements, we may be talking about therapeutic levels during the time of influenza. If you are not sure for yourself, consult professional advise.

Always check with your doctor to make sure any supplement you decide to take is not contra-indicated with a medication you may be taking. Here is a link to check supplements and their contraindication with medications: Click here.

You can employ any of these suggestions for foods and supplements, always according to your comfort level with them.

Make sure you purchase optimal supplements, not supermarket brands. Make sure they are not manufactured in China. One of the things we have learned from the news is that we are dependent on China for a lot of our medical supplies. Many of our vitamins come from China too! You can research supplements on Amazon, as one of the great things about Amazon is all of the information that is posted on a product.

Practical Habits and Boosting Our Immune System

  • Vitamin D: Studies have shown that vitamin D3 is instrumental in fighting a flu. Read more. Also consider zinc, selenium and Grape Fruit Seed Extract during cold and flu season.

  • Elderberry: Tried and true Elderberry has been around for a very long time for good reason. It is great for viral and bacterial infections (colds, flu's, bronchitis and pneumonia). Read more.

  • Olive Leaf (Oleuropein). Olive leaf, also known as Oleuropein is a powerful anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. It is sometimes a little hard on your stomach, so if you feel you have a sensitive stomach, stick with the Elderberry. Read more.

  • Juicing with Celery: Celery is great for a wide variety of things, including the lungs and respiratory health! Read more.

  • Juicing with berries for their phytonutrients too. Berries contain reservatrol, a great anti-viral. Read more.

  • Oregano tea: This tea is packed with phytonutrients. However, f you are already taking homeopathic remedies, please note oregano is in the mint family and may antidote your remedy. Read more.

  • Probiotics: Remember your large intestines are your first defense against many pathogens. Having a good amount of healthy flora goes a long way. Read more.

  • More fruits and vegetables: Of course, eat more fruit and vegetables. They contain amazing phytonutrients that give our bodies what we need. Avoid the sugar and the fast foods and processed foods cooked with cheap, adulterated oils, especially during cold and flu season. They will cause more oxidative stress and increase inflammation! Two things you do not want. Diet is always important to our immune system. Eat right.

  • Oscillococcinum: Oscillococcinum is a homeopathic remedy shown to be somewhat effective in lessening the severity of a flu and the respiratory tract symptoms of a flu, if taken at the immediate onset of symptoms. If you are not in a position to consult with a homeopath, try Oscillococcinum. If you have a preexisting condition, always consult with your doctor. Read more. Read more.

This short list is to make you aware of what foods and supplements are available to fight a flu. It is also to call to your attention, regarding viruses such as CoVid 19, that boosting your immune system is exactly what your body needs to defend itself.

Hopefully, this virus will "burn out" soon as the Winter months are coming to a close, just as we have seen with other viruses such as MERS and SARS, but we are not there yet and this virus is still active. Take this useful information with you for this season and into all future seasons, as influenza and Corona will visit us again.

Homeopathy in Epidemics and Pandemics
Here is a very good article on how Cuba dealt with an epidemic of Leptosporosis that plagues this particular country during their high rainfall season.

The nosode of Leptosporosis (diseased tissue that is homeopathically prepared) was employed and very successful both to address people with the disease, as well as employing it as an effective prophylactic when given during an epidemic. Leptosporosis is a zoonotic disease.

* Please note that homeopathic remedies when employed in a particular epidemic are ONLY effective as a PROPHYLACTIC DURING the epidemic . You cannot take a homeopathic remedy this season and expect it to be effective next season. It does not work that way. (For one thing, viruses are notorious for their ability to mutate). Homeopathic remedies are, however, very effective against influenza, when administered according to good homeopathic principles. Always consult a qualified homeopath.

Here is a link for the history buffs: A compendium of epidemics and pandemics of the past. This particular link is not regarding homeopathy, but is being offered for the history of epidemics and pandemics. If you are the "squeamish" type, avoid this link. Keep in mind, we are at a far greater advantage living in a modern-day society than people were in the past. We do not want to generate fear, we want to keep things in perspective. Having context allows us to do that. Read more.
Here are some great links spotlighting the effectiveness of homeopathy during epidemics and pandemics and plagues.

"... A fascinating 113 page account of the most destructive influenza pandemic in history and how homeopaths, in city after city, and country after country were able to use this gentle, yet powerful medicine so effectively."