"Christmas in November"
We were so blessed to have been chosen by Senate Spouses Foundation as the beneficiary of their program "Christmas in November". The kids were picked up from Gentle Hands for a Happy Meal at Jollibee before they went on a shopping-spree! To cap off the day, they were served snacks at Wendy's and each kid brought home a bag filled with clothes, shoes, slippers and more! Bless the hearts of those who continually shower our children with love and support!  
A family of my own
Just 9 years old. Cerebral Palsy. He can’t walk and he can’t care for himself.
His body just doesn’t work as it should.
There is nothing wrong with his mind, though.
He is as sharp as a tack and laughs with his head thrown back. Contagious.
He is carefree… despite being trapped in a very stubborn little body.
This child is joy.
16 years old. Two younger sisters.
Tall and beautiful. Strong and proud of who she is and what she has survived.
She is confident and knows she will succeed.
She is a mere shadow of the broken, frightened little waif she was just 4 years ago.
This child is peace.
12 years old. He wears thick glasses, he is almost blind.
He wears a hearing aid. Without it, he hears little.
He struggled to learn to read and struggles to do math.
But he can bake. And he can clean. He is so friendly and caring of others.
And he can dance like nobody’s business.
This child is laughter.
10 years old. Lost somehow, somewhere…. A long time ago.
With tears streaming down his face, he begs me to find his grandmother.
An impossible feat since we don’t know her name or even where he came from.
Every day, he deals with the monsters of his past…
Faces with no names… places he can see through the fog of a little boy’s memory.
But every day, he hugs me. He does his chores and he works hard on his school.
And his smile is unforgettable.
This child is hope.
They are only 4 of the over 100 children that live in my home. They are thankful, these children. Though they have little and though they have been through so much. They have accepted that they are loved and cared for and they believe that God has a plan for their lives. When you ask them what they want for Christmas… they think a while and say….  a family of my own .
There is not much I would ask for this Christmas… maybe some coffee and blue mascara. But honestly? I am thankful… so thankful and content to have a home full of joy, peace, laughter and hope.
At the time of year when we celebrate a baby born in a manger to an adopted family, a family willing to accept, love, and raise a child not even their own, I pray for others to be willing to do the same. That baby…. Changed the world. What would it take to move you to take a chance and love a precious child who just wants a family?  
In order for us to provide the holistic care that our children deserve, we need continuous
prayers and support from people like you.