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Billboard Owner Sues County Over Road Realignment
Daily Gazette
By Stephen Williams
December 27, 2016
New York- A national outdoor advertising company is suing the county over its loss of a billboard as part of the county's realignment of Maple Avenue in Glenville.

Lamar Central Outdoor LLC, which has its regional offices in Latham, accuses the county of conducting bad faith negotiations, and is seeking $50,000 in compensation for loss of the billboard located near Stratton Air National Guard Base.

In a lawsuit filed last week in state Supreme Court in Schenectady, Lamar is asking a judge to declare that the county took the billboard without following proper legal procedures, and should pay the company $50,000 in compensation.

The two-sided billboard is on property the county is taking from Pan Am Railway as part of the road realignment.

County Attorney Chris Gardner said the county believes that the billboard lease was part of the land deal the county struck with Pan Am, so the county only had to notify Lamar that its lease was being terminated.

"When we bought the property from Pan Am, we were assigned the license agreement that they had with Pan Am, and that had a 30-day termination procedure for the railroad or its subsequent assignees, which is us," Gardner said.

The billboard is in the area where a $1.1 million federally funded project is realigning a 1,900-foot section of Maple Avenue. Planning has been underway since at least 2013.
Work on the project began last spring, is currently halted for the winter, and is scheduled to wrap up in 2017.

The realignment is eliminating a sharp hilltop curve located at the entrance to the Air National Guard Base. County officials said the project will improve road safety by eliminating the curve.

The county initially expected to use eminent domain to get the Pan Am land, but then struck a voluntary deal to buy 6.2 acres, including the billboard location, for $38,600. Lamar said in court papers that it wasn't a party to that deal, and received no notification about it.

Lamar has been leasing the land where the billboard is located since 2007. Between 11,000 and 12,500 vehicles per day pass the location, according to state Department of Transportation figures.

Lamar said that the county offered it $25,000 in November 2015 in compensation - an offer that it rejected.

Lamar instead sought $82,638 in compensation, and to have the county pay the costs of relocating the billboard in the same general area. The company said the county ignored those requests.

Subsequently, the county reached its agreement with Pan Am and acquired the land. Last Sept. 23, the county notified Lamar that its lease was being terminated without compensation.

Gardner said the county has been assured by the engineering firm that handled land acquisition that everything was done legally.

The case is tentatively slated for an initial hearing in February.

OOH Industry Poised for Prosperity and Growth in 2017
Screen Media Daily
By Staff Writer
December 22, 2016
Posterscope USA Shares Outlook and Predictions for Out-of-Home Industry in 2017

NEW YORK, NY - It's that time of year again. Yes, it's time for the annual onslaught of predictions and prognostications by industry pundits. Studies have shown that most predictions are often proven wrong over time, as the future is unknowable, but that has not stopped anyone from trying to make a few educated guesses about what might lay ahead.

Posterscope USA has taken a stab at it and published its key predictions for the year to come. The out-of-home agency believes that 2017 will be an evolutionary year for the medium that will lead to dramatic advancements in how OOH media is planned, purchased and consumed.

"The coming year will be defined by technology, availability of data and emphasis on digital," said Jeff Tan, Vice President of Strategy for Posterscope, "We see OOH moving from the advertising medium it is today to a viable communications channel rivaling any other when it comes to connecting brands with audiences in an intimate and highly personalized and customized way."

Here are Posterscope's 2017 predictions for the OOH industry:  
From Owned to Open Data:
The growing availability of data will continue to have a profound impact on how OOH campaigns are planned. But instead of being owned, data will become open and shareable, ultimately resulting in more effective and efficiently planned cross-channel campaigns. The evolution of data sharing will benefit all media types and allow OOH to move out of the silo and become more seamlessly integrated into broader digital strategies.  
Location, Social and Live Data: Advancements in live behavioral data tracking will allow OOH to be more predictive and understand where a specific audience is likely to be and what type of messaging will inspire a favorable and memorable interaction. By using affinity modeling of locations along with social and mobile data, agencies can better understand real-time behavior and allow brands to deliver more targeted messaging on a mass scale.

Relevance Not Optional: Today's consumer expects and demands to be fed content that has relevance and resonance. Serving the right content to the right audience is no longer optional. In the coming year, those in OOH who haven't already will come on board to this reality. By leveraging geo-based social data and real-time platforms, the delivery of dynamic, contextual content will become the norm, not just the highlight of a few award-winning campaigns.

Programmatic - From Theory to Wider Practice: Automation is moving into OOH in a big way. In the coming year, programmatic platforms that enable brands to deliver optimized, creative media in real-time will become commonplace across the industry, allowing OOH to offer the flexibility and agility as rival media channels.

Keeping up with the Tech: In recent years, progressive brands and agencies have experimented with a range of cool technologies - facial recognition, augmented reality, etc. The melding of the digital and physical worlds will yield new opportunities for brands to use OOH to engage and interact with niche audiences using connected devices, beacons and the like. As confidence in technology strengthens and costs come down, look for OOH to expand technology integration in the coming year.

Give Something Back: Research suggests that consumers are more likely to support a brand when they know that buying their product will produce a positive societal impact in return. CSR will therefore become standard operating procedure as brands fight for consumer loyalty and attention in the hyper-crowded OOH landscape. Expect brands to embrace branded social OOH campaigns that provide a service to the consumer, not just a one-way conversation.

"The transformational combination of data, automation and technology will enable OOH to continue to emerge as a lead option in any brand marketer's tool kit. It's never been a more exciting time for the out-of-home industry," added Tan.

Digital Signage Captures Death Star Plans with Rogue One Campaign
Digital Signage Today
By Bradley Cooper
December 22, 2016
Lucasfilm teamed up last month with O2, World Duty Free, Gillette and Kaspersky Lab to promote "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" in the UK and Europe, which opened in the UK on Dec. 15. The campaigns feature augmented reality deployments, DOOH campaigns and more, according to a press release.

O2, a telecommunications company, ran a campaign advertising its Priority app, which customers could use to enter a contest to win tickets to see a pre-release screening of the movie. Customers that purchased an O2 product could also enter to win one of five gifts including Rogue One tickets, a six-month DisneyLife subscription and more.

World Duty Free, a travel company, launched an experiential campaign at the Gatwick Airport in England. The company rolled out three separate displays: a Rogue One costume display, a 360-degree Star Wars virtual display and a media campaign on airport displays.

Gillette ran a European campaign called "Every Story Has a Face," which highlighted various lesser known characters in the Star Wars universe. The content shows how each character's face tells a certain story. The campaign also encouraged customers to purchase Star Wars gift packs that come with custom Star Wars designs on Gillette products.

Kaspersky Lab advertised its Kaspersky Total Security solution with a campaign that tied in with Rogue One's theme of security. The campaign, which rolled out in online, DOOH, social and mobile deployments, called on users to "Protect your data from the dark side."

"Our brand collaboration strategy for 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' ensures each campaign hits a different audience for the movie, whether that's young adults through the O2 Priority App, families at World Duty Free and Gatwick, or tech savvy consumers through Kaspersky," Anna Hill, CMO of Disney UK and Ireland, said in the release. "We've worked with like-minded brands to develop creative campaigns that work for their business objectives and leverage the strong relationships Star Wars stories have with so many people."