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Billboard Insider
By Kevin Klein
November 12, 2016
RENO, NV-Upending conventional media habits, the congressman from northern Nevada won re-election without TV ads or direct mail.

Instead, this winning candidate's media mix was dominated by online ads and digital billboards, with some radio.
 On November 8, U.S. Rep. Mark Amodei won a third term with a 21-point margin.

Amodei says "television is fragmented," making TV ads an inefficient method of voter contact.  Direct mail, he says, is a high-cost throw-away item.
In political battleground Nevada, broadcast slots were crowded with political ads for the presidential race, a highly competitive U.S. Senate contest, and other congressional match-ups.  The glut of TV ads - mostly negative - irritated some voters, said Amodei.

The candidate chose digital billboards because they:
  • Generated positive feedback for Amodei's campaign
  • Looked sharp and modern
  • Required no expense for production (printing and shipping), nor time for manual installation and removal of printed materials
Many congressional candidates rely on consultants to decide their message and media.  Candidate Amodei ran his campaign directly, including selection of the media mix.     
His top campaign-media expense was online advertising. A close second was digital billboards. And third was radio, delivering to voters sound, sight, persuasion, and constant exposure.

A campaign theme was "Amodei Delivers," a springboard for him to cite examples such as transferring some 10,000 acres from federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to local control.

When election returns came in November 8, Amodei knew that digital billboards had delivered for him.

Kinetic Wins 2016 Out-of-Home Media Plan
Screen Media Daily
By Staff Writer
November 29, 2016
Kinetic Receives Top Prize for General Mills Totino's "4/20 Holiday" Campaign

NEW YORK, NY - Kinetic was honored with the 2016 Out of Home (OOH) Media Plan of the Year award today by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America
(OAAA). The 2016 Out of Home Media Plan Awards were presented this afternoon at The AD Club of New York's 9th Annual Out of Home: NOW Conference in New York.
Kinetic received the top prize for its General Mills Totino's campaign, featured on multiple out-of-home formats in Denver, Colorado. Static and digital billboards were supported with a network of targeted, high-profile digital kiosks, bus shelters, wrapped trains, transit bus kings, and pedicabs throughout the Denver market.

Totino's OOH campaign positioned the product as the perfect snack option for the Denver market for this munchi-centric " 4/20 holiday ." a code-term that refers to the consumption of cannabis. Pairing data that showed Denver is the top traveled US destination leading into April 20, the team had the ultimate opportunity for high product visibility and measure the amplification on social media.

The team first identified key areas where the target audience focused its daily activities and then saturated the marketplace during optimal times to draw consumer attention. Strategic placements near retailers were selected. Creative tags reading "Better when baked," "Remember before you forget," and "Legal in every state.
Better in Colorado," were just a few examples of the engaging and humorous ad copy.
Totino's saw an 18 percent lift in year-over-year sales in Denver during the campaign and earned 58.20 million impressions on Facebook, 4.62 million impressions on Twitter, and 13.21 million impressions on Instagram.

"Consumers today desire a personal experience with a brand; they want to relate to a product," said Nancy Fletcher, OAAA president and CEO. "The General Mills Totino's campaign is a perfect example of how combining strategic out-of-home placement, messaging, and timing can create powerful results."

The Ratings-Driven Media Planning Award, which recognizes innovative use of Geopath OOH Ratings, was presented to MacDonald Media and Merlino Media for their Sparkling ICE campaign. Geopath OOH Ratings were used to develop a strategy that aimed to build product awareness across 10 top US markets. Using a strong assortment of OOH media, Geopath OOH Ratings helped the group evaluate inventory and determine the reach and frequency necessary to make an impact with the campaign's core demographic.

OAAA Chief Marketing Officer Stephen Freitas commented, "Geopath OOH Ratings are the OOH industry's official currency, offering accountability consistent with other advertising media. The Sparkling ICE campaign demonstrates how significant the audience measurement system is in creating an effective media plan with quantifiable results."

AdQuick Offers Online Solution for Buying Outdoor Ads
Sign & Digital Graphics
By Staff Writer
November 30, 2016

Los Angeles-based startup AdQuick announces the launch of its online marketplace for buying and selling outdoor and out-of-home (OOH) advertising.

The company says its platform is designed to disrupt the outdoor advertising space in the same way online travel agencies disrupted the the travel industry.

The company's website provides a platform for any individual or business to seamlessly execute self-service outdoor marketing campaigns. AdQuick's platform claims to allow for an integrated campaign management experience from discovery and campaign-building to execution and analytics. This full-circle technology encourages new types of businesses to enter the OOH marketing space.

The company says it discovered the need for a streamlined outdoor advertising process after working for companies including Amazon, Instacart, McKinseyand Yammer.

"During our rapid expansion at Instacart, we wanted to buy outdoor ads, but were bogged down in the cumbersome process that took weeks of time and dozens of emails to gather options for campaigns," says AdQuick founder and CEO Matt O'Connor. "In the end, advertising dollars were spent in digital marketing because this channel was easier to execute and measure. This shouldn't be the case."

AdQuick says it uses integrated, geo-based analytics to allow marketers to measure the impact of their outdoor advertising buy.

"Many companies claim to make buying outdoor similar to digital advertising, but AdQuick is the first to introduce fully self-service online booking and analytics-two of the core benefits of digital advertising." O'Connor says.

Historically, OOH has been one of the most difficult marketing channels to measure. To combat this, AdQuick has built integrated, geo-based analytics that marketers can use to measure the impact of their outdoor advertising buy.

While inventory is currently limited on AdQuick, the company says it is actively pursuing partnerships with more OOH companies to bring their locations online. In the interim, AdQuick's "campaign request" feature allows buyers to request inventory anywhere in the U.S. and receive options within 48 hours.

It Didn't Take Long for Coach Orgeron Billboards to Start Showing Up
Saturday Down South
By Jon Cooper
November 27, 2016

Well, that didn't take long.

What are the odds that Ed Orgeron slept any last night? He probably had 10 Red Bulls and hit every five-star prospect's door overnight.

Fresh off of being named the head coach at LSU Saturday morning, billboards are starting to pop up with Coach O on them, and it's a refreshing touch, isn't it?
It truly will be interesting and entertaining to watch Orgeron work his dream job.