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October 2020 
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The fourth quarter of 2020 is upon us, and it is anticipated to be a continuation of volatility, challenges, and opportunities throughout the commercial equipment leasing and finance industry. The economy, Covid-19,  and the geo-political environment remain in a state of uncertainty. The U.S. economy, entrepreneurial spirit, and the commercial equipment leasing and finance industry always adjusts, innovates, and moves forward. Professionals and organizations in the industry are the conduit to help others grow and prosper. That mission never changes and there are always companies willing to invest in the future, to acquire equipment, and to be part of the recovery.  

Consistent superior service is the key to being a vital part of recovery, and many participants in the commercial equipment leasing and finance industry are fulfilling that requirement.

Over the last few months, Wheeler Business Consulting has been engaged in several larger projects to help clients obtain growth through expanding their efforts while remaining true to their original mission and vision. In other words, these clients are secure with the consistent and superior service they currently offer and are positioning to provide their services to a broader base and through new channels. These projects include:
  • Facilitating virtual sales meetings for groups up to 40 participants
  • Acquisitions of like-minded organizations
  • Buying available pools of assets with a focus on asset concentrations
  • Strategic planning to attract deeper partnerships and programed business
  • Measuring new data points to increase efficiencies within existing operational and sales teams 
  • Strategic meetings focused on the importance of having the "right" team in place to improve bottom-line results.
Strong participants in the industry are moving forward. They are aware of the challenges. They are being innovative. They are consistently offering superior service and gaining market share. Wheeler Business Consulting is helping its clients to participate in the recovery and to maximize their profitability.
Wheeler Business Consulting works with banks, independents, captives, origination companies, and investors in the equipment leasing and finance arena. We provide training, strategic planning, and acquisition services. Scott Wheeler is available to discuss your long-term strategy, to assist your staff to maximize outcomes, and to better position your organization in the market.

Wheeler Business Consulting has been engaged by a name-recognized participant in the industry to purchase portfolios in various equipment and industry niches. If your company is looking to rebalance its internal portfolio and/or sell a portion of, or its entire portfolio, contact Scott at 

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Scott A. Wheeler CLFP
Wheeler Business Consulting LLC
Phone: 410-877-0428
Email: scott@wheelerbusinessconsulting.com

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