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June 2019
Why Do We Care?

The OAA is convinced beyond any doubt that widespread branding and marketing—not only of our organization but of of  the field of opticianry itself —is vital. The simple fact is that average consumers no longer know the difference between an optician and an optometrist, or even an  obstetrician  (yes, quite literally).

That means the very survival of our field depends on our collective effort to educate consumers regarding exactly WHO We Are and WHAT We Do.  

Because if they don't know who we are and what we do, they don't know how much they need us.

 From buttons to billboards, the OAA is continually seeking ways to expand t he public's knowledge of our field and why we as qualified opticians matter to their daily lives. 
The main goal of the OAA is to provide the means by which many individuals from across the country can band together with one unified voice . There really is  strength in numbers. Nowhere is the truth of this seen more clearly than in the case of branding and marketing.

Together, we can create and share one cohesive message that brings exponential awareness and positive change.
What Can You Do?
  • Wear Your ID: Make sure it uses the word "Optician."

  • Educate: Add the "Opticians: Helping America See" logo to your correspondence and business cards.

  • Chat It Up: Take every opportunity to tell your customers about your training, education and certifications.

  • Brag: Hang your licenses, diplomas and certificates where your customers can see them.

  • Join: Become a member of your state association and the OAA; there is power in your membership, and the impact of our collective voice depends on strength in numbers.

  • Share: Use social media to educate and to share all branding messages, images and information.

  • Host: Have a table at your next educational event to share branding with your members.

  • Teach: At least once a year, share the WHY of branding with your members in a presentation.

  • Utilize: Make frequent use of our branding tools in your social media interactions on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and SnapChat

  • Budget: Use some of your membership dollars towards branding: buttons, bags, reading cards, etc.

  • Tag Line: Add the "Opticians, Helping America See" logo to all your correspondence.

Tools For You
Meet Melissa Powers :
Branding Champion

" W hat is an Optician ? "

We explain our work to family, coworkers and friends — but do we tell them just how paramount our role really is in vision care ?

The answer to this question points directly to the dilemma we find ourselves in now: we don't . With the proliferation of online retailers, it’s critical for us as opticians to educate those around us.

By branding yourself , customers will be able to build a relationship of trust and knowledge that will keep them coming back. When we create a brand that is recognizable to the consumer, they learn the important role we as opticians (and you in particular) play in creating their eyewear.

Let patients know exactly what your title means .

Let your community know what differentiates optician services from opening a FedEx box and wearing glasses they ordered online.

The truth is, information and advertising is constantly vying for the attention of every consumer. Branding yourself in a way that educates the public on just how critical opticians are will not only assure that the field of opticianry remains relevant, it will fortify your relationship with customers as well.
Our wonderful OAA web page has many resources available:

  • Rock that Optician logo on your shirt or car window.
  • Have reading cards made that explain what we do.
  • Post videos on your social media account.

Anything that gets that conversation started with members of the general public is a win.

And... wear your name tag with pride . You are an optician !

THU. 20
Opticians Alliance of New York
2019 June Education Meeting
Milleridge Inn, Jericho

TUE. 16
Certified Opticians Association of Texas
Houston Area Meeting: ZEISS Vision

FRI. 9 — SUN. 11
Professional Opticians of Florida
2019 Summer Showcase (Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort)

September 18-21, 2019
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