Rocky Bay Equine Newsletter, November 2015
Giving Thanks

Veterinarians like to think of the Thanksgiving holiday as "hug your horse, dog, cat, alpaca, goat, sheep, turtle, iguana, etc. day."  A good time to remember that they're ours for now but not forever.  Reflecting on what we're thankful for is uplifting, humbling and good for the soul.  So, THANK YOU, thank you and thank you again; for letting us be a part of your healthcare team, for sharing your wonderful animals and for being the best bunch of clients any vet practice could hope for.   

Muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, danke, from all of us at Rocky Bay Equine
It's Parasite Awareness Month

We're all clear on this, no one gets more excited about poop than your veterinarian!  (unless of course it's Cori, Lauren or Jessie)     I know, I know.... we harp, we nag, we cajole about this subject, but if there was ONE THING that you could do to make your animals feel better, look better, perform better and be healthier you'd do it right?  

Did I mention that it's also cost effective?  A parasite free animal makes much better use of feed and is significantly less likely to colic.  To convince you that we really think this is important, we've come up with a SPECIAL OFFER for the month of November.... read on.

We know you've already got your animals on an anti-parasite protocol, but we don't know if it's really working unless we check once in a while.   We're asking you to get down and dirty, pick up a fresh road apple in a ziplock bag turned inside - out, flip it over seal it up, write your name and your horse's name on it and drop it off at RBE.  If you'll do that this month, we'll give you 10% off the cost of fecal parasite evaluation AND we'll put your name in the poop bucket for the Attaboy prize; a year's supply of dewormer for one horse .  Yippee!

Heck, we'll go one better.... if you can get the whole barn involved (minimum of 5 samples) we'll come out and retrieve your bagged and tagged samples at no charge, what could be better than that?!  You will need to schedule an appointment, so get organized and give us a call.  Your horses thank you!

This poop promotion proudly brought to you through the month of November, 2015 by Rocky Bay Equine, where parasites matter.  Don't delay, call the office to schedule a pick up (of 5 or more samples) or if you have any questions.   Smiley Face
Heads up!  some changes on course in the RBE office

Along with our new logo, we are updating our website and client communication capabilities.  This will require a (hopefully) short down time, but may possibly wreck a little havoc with email communications.  Email to the doctors and to the office will be down for at least a few hours and possibly up to 24 hours Nov. 5-6th and some emails may get lost in our transition to a new server.  If you have trouble contacting us via email please call the clinic.  These changes will ultimately give us a new website, improved integration of outreach and educational services and improved online capabilities, yippee!  We'll be thankful when it's done, in the meantime, thank you for your patience!  Call the clinic with any questions or concerns.  (253) 858-4529
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