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Winter Weathered Skin

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The Truth About Hair Loss
An Interview with Dr. Stephen Ho

You're not alone. Up to 60 percent of women experience hair loss at some point. There are options! Dr. Stephen Ho of AboutSkin Dermatology explains in Colorado Health & Wellness magazine. Click here to read the full article.

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How Destructive Is Smog To Your Skin? 
Smog consists of a combination of tiny particles of dust and soot; pollutants including nitrogen dioxide, lead, and carbon monoxide. While the ozone layer in stratosphere helps to protect us from damaging UV rays, ground-level ozone can turn the sun's rays into dangerous free radicals that send the body's cells haywire. Scientists have discovered links between free radicals and diseases like Parkinson's, and have identified how free radicals can harm skin's resilience and age us more quickly.

Pollutants, which are so tiny that they easily penetrate your epidermis, make it more difficult for your skin to maintain healthy oxygen levels, increasing wrinkling and loss of elasticity. Pollutants can also cause rashes and acne breakouts in sensitive skin. The older you are, the more damaging these pollutants can be. Healthy skin cells can lose their ability to break down pollutants -- which can alter skin's chemistry --which can lead to serious medical conditions such as skin cancer.


Sunscreen is a crucial protective layer that will not only block UV rays, but help maintain your skin's natural barrier. Laser treatments can help in repair of sun and environmental damage (such as the 1540 non-ablative fractional laser). Skin care products work synergisticly with lasers to fight free radicals. Choose topicals containing antioxidants and/or growth factors to help combat the effects of pollution. AboutSkin carries many sunscreen & antioxidant options and provides complimentary product consultations. 


Cancer Does Not Discriminate

What do Elizabeth Taylor, Regis Philbin and John McCain have in common? 


All were diagnosed with skin cancer. Hugh Jackman joined their ranks with his November diagnosis of basal cell on his nose. "Please don't be foolish like me," Jackman shared on instagram. "Get yourself checked. And USE sunscreen!!!"


The list goes on to include former President Bill Clinton, CNN newsman Anderson Cooper, retired NFL player Troy Aikman, and actress Cybill Shepherd who successfully treated one of the deadliest forms of skin cancer, melanoma, on her back.


Not all celebrities have been so lucky. Singer Eva Caddisy, singer and performer Bob Marley, as well as the keyboard player for Bruce Springsteen's E Street band, Danny Federici, have all died from their skin cancer. Be sure to get your skin checked by a Board Certified Dermatologist (yearly or every 6 months if you've had a history of skin cancer). 


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