September 2017


1)  Starrett Promo

Starrett Precision Hand Tools are available on our New website but you can check out the current promotions here. 

2)  How is your 2017 safety record so far?
Can your company proudly announce no injuries or accidents? Or like the lazy days of summer has the workplace thoroughness gotten a little laxed?
3) Filling the Skill Gap 

The gap between the employees manufacturers need to keep growing and who they actually find to fill the positions is not a new problem. Companies can search for talent 
in a few different areas including the unemployed, the newly graduated or veterans. Discover why hiring a veteran might be good for your company in this Manufacturing Innovation Blog

4) Deburring & Surface Solutions

Xebec products utilize a unique, patented process to produce brushes, sticks and stones of solid ceramic fibers that simply outperform older technologies. Check out what Xebec offers, then call us. We proudly work with Xebec but the products are not available on our website at this time.


5) Continuing Education

We're proud to announce Korey D. will be taking the
Intro to Machining course offered by the Lorain County JVS this fall. 
At Paragon Supply Company we want to make sure we know which tools will work best for your application. When we're offered educational programs by companies, we take them. We also try to find other ways to further our knowledge base to make sure we offer the best solution possible to you. 
 6 )  Avoid Com posite 

When we get information that will help you make better and more cost-efficient tool choices, we like to pass it on. 


7) New Website 

If you haven't done so- CHECK IT OUT! Share with your colleagues and friends! Have us set up your account.
We want to make ordering as easy as possible. 
We're also mobile! Save it to your favorites on your phone. Everything at your fingertips from face mills to ....there's a lot, you have to see for yourself. If you can't find it we'll find it for you.  
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